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"Where are we going again?" Iggy asked. The flock was all shivering from the cold bite of the wind as we flew over the ocean.

"Anywhere away from those Erasers. Hopefully someplace warm," I replied. We had just escaped another one of those annoying attacks. You know. The one where we almost get killed by psychos with sharp teeth. Yeah, one of those.

"Max? Can we land at that little island?" Angel pointed to said island. It looked peaceful enough. Not too many lights.

I looked around at the rest of the flock's tired faces. When was the last time we actually slept? I shrugged, "Sure, why not."

They looked relived to finally rest. The wind whipped everyone's overgrown hair around as we dived to a nice looking beach on the island.

It was empty, except for a few pieces of garbage blowing on the sand. Total jumped down from Iggy's arms and stretched his legs. "Finally, I'm tired."

"Ok, everyone go to sleep. I'll take first —."

Fang interrupted me, "I'll take first watch. You rest. You need it."

I crossed my arms but he just raised one eyebrow. Angel tugged my sleeve, "Come one Max. Even heroes need their rest." She smiled weakly.

Nudge was all ready starting to fall asleep. She looked so peaceful when she slept, if you ignored the long red scratches and dark bruises. I bet I looked worse. I turned back to Fang, "OK. But only for a little bit, then it's my shift."

And with that, everyone went to sleep. Total curled up with Angel like always, and I stayed half awake, still buzzed from the adrenaline. Fang sat next to me, alert for anything. It almost made me feel safe. Almost.

The room in the Phantomhive Mansion rang with delicate soft sound of music; a few missed or wrong notes came up occasionally. Sebastian sighed, "Try again, from the beginning."

"I have been playing the same tune since morning. I am growing tired of it—"

A loud squeal was heard before Elizabeth barged in attacking Ciel in a hug. "CEIL! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!"

She didn't let go until she noticed Sebastian was there. "Sebastian!"

Sebastian bowed. "Lady Elizabeth, I did not hear you arrive. We just finished with music practice," he said. Ciel smirked. "That's right." He thought to himself.

"Can we go into town? I heard a new shop had opened up! Please Ciel! It'll be so much fun! You need a break from so much work! PLEASE CIEL!"

The young Earl sighed before nodding shortly. Elizabeth clapped her hands while she continued yelling in excitement, "We'll have such a great time!"

"Sebastian, prepare the carriage."

Sebastian bowed, "Yes, my lord." Then left to do as he was told.

Ciel starred at the window until he saw his butler return to the front with the carriage. "Shall we go, Elizabeth?"

"I told you already! Call me Lizzy!" she said before letting Ciel escort her to the door. Sebastian held the door open for them and helped them into the carriage before sitting inside with them. With one final glance to the mansion, they rode away.

"Is something wrong, Sebastian?"

The butler smiled, "No, milady." The lie was accepted quickly by Elizabeth but it couldn't fool Ciel. He gave his butler a stern look before continuing to stare out the window.

Back at the mansion, the blonde gardener had just knocked another tree down. It was the 4th splintered trunk that lay in the garden that day. "Oh, Sebastian's going to kill me! I'm in so much trouble."

He walked quickly around to see if there was anything that might hide the damage he'd done. "Maybe he won't notice. There are lots of trees here and—"Crack. Finny stopped talking and looked down to his shoe. A pair of broken glasses sat crushed under his foot. Cautiously, he picked it up starring. It was different than the other pairs of glasses he'd seen people wear.

He looked around to see if the person that dropped them were close by. No one was around other than the birds chirping in the trees. He cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, "Hello! Anyone loose a pair of glasses?"

He walked around, looking for any sign of people. Could they have been intruders? It was Likely. "Hello?" Finny called out again.

At the far side of the garden he could have sworn there was something poking out of the bushes. He walked slowing towards. The closer he got the more it looked like fingers, but something about them seemed wrong.

He ripped one bushes away "Are you alright-" he wasn't prepared for what he saw. There, what looked like a person, stared back at him with dead eyes. But it didn't seem entirely human. It looked deformed, a few of it's fingers had claws and scales covered it's neck. The eyes were the worse. One was milky white, the other badly swollen. Still it stared out, a pleading eye as though wondering why this happened.

Finny gasped and fell back. He should alert the young master. Quickly, he ran back inside to look for Ciel.

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