Ch. 6

Max's P.O.V.

First things first, I felt like I'd gone through a wood chipper. My head felt like it was used as a basket ball and my arm felt worse than everything else. The only good thing was I woke up with all my flock still well and alive.

"Max! Max! You're okay!"

"We were so worried!"

"Are you hurt?"

Not the best thing to listen to with a headache. I tried to ignore that and let them give me a hug. "Uh… watch my arm!" Gasman nearly crushed it in his bear hug.

That got everybody's attention. "What happened to it?" Iggy asked when he brought some food over.

"Nothing! Just a bit sprained I think. Now how about telling me where the heck we are."

Angel poked my left arm gently, watching me winced slightly. I eyed the bandages and Nudge brought them to me.

"We don't know, but the town we were just at was all weird looking. Like a movie set with some top hats and people looking like that history book! Remember that book you threw at a car we thought Erasers were in! On the cover it sorta looked like that. You think they're movie stars?" The excitement in Nudge's eye was obvious if you didn't already see her jumping in her seat.

I continued to wrap my arm, only listening to part of what she said. Movie set? Well movie sets tended to have tables full of food.

Grabbing the bag, Angel begged to go. I couldn't just say no to- I have to say something. "Fang?"

He glared at me for putting him on the spot. I smirked back. I thought he would say no but we all remember how Angel got Total.

One pair of bambi eyes later we snuck into the town. It looked crowded with happy buyers going from store to store. Nudge was right, they looked weird.

The thing that got me nervous was it didn't look like a movie set. There were no video cameras, no directors, and (sadly) no large tables with food for actors.

Angel tugged at my sleeve, and let her voice into my head. Max, I think this is how they live.

Well that makes hiding in the crowd much harder. I huddled the flock back into hiding. "New plan, we have to look more like them. Anyone have ideas how to get clothes?"

Iggy looked up, "Wait, how much different are they?"

"Like something Jeb might've worn when he was a toddler, and still partly not insane and evil." Fang muttered.

Gazzy looked shock, "Is Jeb really that old?"

I shrugged. Nudge looked at every store, "We can just… borrow some from that store."

After a mini argument and complaint of style later we ran out from the back of a clothing store. The owner yelling curse words I never knew existed. We searched for water in the woods to wash up better so we didn't look like zombies out of a grave.

When we 'borrowed' the clothes, we didn't have much time to check it other than guessing the size. I completely regret it now. When I walked back from behind a tree, I felt my face red from embarrassment.

I had been the last to change so everyone was already wiping tears from laughing so much at each other. I guess they still had room for a few more laughs. Fang only smirked silently but he stopped as soon as I started laughing at him. For once, he wasn't in completely black. Instead, he wore some green shorts with a dark blue shirt that I had picked up in a hurry.

"You're not exactly in uniform either," he responded.

I looked down at my long tan skirt, "Well if you're that jealous of it we can always trade. I think this would match your eyes much better anyways."

Gazzy tried not to laugh so much in the image of Fang wearing a skirt. Angel walked to Fang and picked up his overgrown bangs to see his eyes better. "I don't know. Maybe a yellow dress like mine would match better."

Fang rolled his eyes at all of us when we burst into yet another round of laughter. I stopped to catch my breath. The sky was already starting to go dark and the trees got quieter. My stomach grumbled as a reminder that food was still waiting. "Okay, I'm gonna go find some food. Fang stay and watch. If anyone comes, then ditch this place."

"I'll come with you," said Iggy. I nodded and we snuck into town again. Thankfully it was less crowded than before. All the shops were starting to close for the day and the place started to get darker.

Perfect, now no one will see us. I picked up what was left of my skirt and hurried to a trash can next to same bakery. I had ripped the bottom off earlier. Never realized how hard it is to run with that thing tripping you every few feet.

"There's nothing good here." Iggy grumbled, picking at the bits of old moldy food. I wrinkled my nose at it. Not that desperate yet. In the dark window display sat an extremely tempting chocolate cake. My stomach complained loudly with just one at it.

I bit my lip at the thought. "Iggy… you up for picking some locks?"

He smiled and took out his lock picking kit. "Always."

I lead him to the door where he quickly started working in case someone spotted us. It took about a minute to open. "You call that a lock?"

"Congrats, now come on. We can celebrate later."

With one hand on the wall, Iggy walked in. I stared at the cake. No matter how good it looked, taking the one from the window would be too obvious. I moved to the back of the store where more half finished ones were stored. I picked up a large, plain cake. It wasn't too heavy to pick with just one arm but I didn't think it would last that long with the flock. Maybe just one more.

That was what I thought until I came across the cookies. Two cakes and a bag of chocolate chip cookies could last us tomorrow if we ate slowly. "Iggy hold these." I whispered, handing him the cakes. I saved the cloth I'd torn from my skirt earlier and used it to tie some cookies up. "Ok, let's go."

"That looks so good! Where'd you get it all? Can I have some of the vanilla cake first?" Nudge asked when she saw us come back with our arms fill of pastries.

"Let's try to save the other one for tomorrow. I don't want to go back there anytime soon."

Angel took out some of our empty cans, "We can use them like plates or bowls."

That was a pretty good idea. I scooped up a piece for Angel first. Total complained, "Don't forget me. I like cake too."

There weren't enough cans so Angel picked out bits of her cake to let Total eat out of her hand. We all ate using our fingers but the cake was still gone in a matter of minutes.

It must've been midnight by now. "I think we should try to get some sleep now," I yawned.

Gazzy licked his fingers, "Just one more piece?"

"Save some for tomorrow." He pouted but went to sleep next to his sister who cuddled up with Total. I smiled at the scene. "Who wants to take first watch?"

"I can." Iggy hand his hands in his pockets with that look he usually has when…

I sighed, "Give me the bomb."

"Aw come one."



He handed it over and I put it back inside our backpack. It was going to be a long day tomorrow. I yawned one more time before I went to sleep.

"Young master, it is time to get up now," said Sebastian while he opened the curtains to let the sun shine in, "We have a busy day ahead of us."