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Chapter 17: Dad in the Picture

A few days went by after the Attack. The attack all around the castle and how Yota defeated it. This gave Yota a more fame problem, because more girls were chasing him and since he'd run out of Stink Pelts, because Hugo used most of them to slow down the monster that tried to kill Yota. So he made an order to George for more, sending him about 2 gallons of it.

He began to worry more about the Golden Dragon. He knew Seki, Sasaki, and Sasaki were trying to steal it. He was obvious that the monster was a distraction, so Yuuto could try to find it. He knew that a battle would have to come for the Golden Dragon. He would need help.

He had an idea a dueling club. He read about Wizard's duels. If he formed a Dueling Club, it would help against Yuuto. It would out number him with Sasaki and Seki, against an army. It would make a Strategic Advantage, but he would need permission. He can't mention about the Golden Dragon, he would have to make to make another reason.

One day, he decided to have a talk to Professor McGonagall about forming a Dueling Club. After his classes, he went to find Professor McGonagall's office. But there was a problem; he didn't know where Professor's McGonagall's office was. So he decided to search all floors. When he got to the 3rd floor, he saw Professor Longbottom.

"Mr. Matsumoto is there something I can help you with?" he asked.

"I was looking Professor McGonagall's Office, Professor." Yota answered.

"I see, and may I ask why?" Longbottom asked.

"I was wondering if I can form a Dueling Club.", Yota answered and he answered the reason why, which Yota knew Longbottom would ask, "Because since that attack by that monster on me, I thought that it would be best to prepare the students. If anything like that like that monster happen again, the Students would be prepared."

"That's not a bad idea; I'll talk to Professor McGonagall about it. I'll send you a message to you in a couple of days. Now, why don't you go outside and get some fresh air. Ok. You must have had a long day today." Longbottom said.

"Yes, sir. Oh, and Professor? Can you make sure, that only the teacher's that can be most trusted only know about the Club if it's ok? Only a teacher could have that monster that tried to kill me, in the school on Halloween?" Yota said.

"Sure, no problem. I completely understand. Any teacher's you don't want to know?" Longbottom asked.

"Well, Professor Seki and Mr. Sasaki. Because how Mr. Sasaki cans look him known's about the Monster? And what was he doing in the Grounds, during the feast? It seemed odd, don't you think?" Yota pointed out.

"Your right, I will let Professor McGonagall know about it. I will investigate this. Is there anything else you wish to tell me, Mr. Matsumoto?" Longbottom asked Yota, sensing something that Yota also knows.

"No, sir. If I did I'd tell you. I'd better be going, Professor. Thanks." Yota lied.

"Very well, be careful." Longbottom said.

"Yes, Professor." Yota said, as he left the 3rd floor.

When he got to Grounds he saw Lily talking to some of her friends. Whatever they were talking about, they were laughing and giggling about it. Then Lily saw Yota and walked up to him. She was blushing, while looking at him. Then Yota smiled at her. Then while no one was looking, they kissed lightly for a few seconds. They blushed.

"So, how did your day go?" Yota asked.

"Good, you?" she replied.

"Awesome. I talked to Professor Longbottom about forming a Dueling Club, he said he will talked to Professor McGonagall about it, and send me a message in a couple of days.", Yota answered.

"Great, why we need a Dueling Club?" Lily asked.

"For the battle for the Golden Dragon and incase anymore of Yuuto's Monster's attack Hogwarts again. We have to be Prepared", Yota answered.

"That's a great idea; you want to head over to Hagrid's?"


They walked to Hagrid's Hut, and knocked on his door. When Hagrid opened the door, Yota and Lily saw him with a Crossbow. When Hagrid realized it was Yota and Lily, then he put the crossbow away.

"Let me guess, since the monster attack the school. You got that incase another one came and tried attacked you." Yota said, realizing why Hagrid had the Crossbow.

"Yea, that's right. Come in, make a pot of tea, and got something for you, Yota." Hagrid said.

They went in, and Hagrid gave them each a cup of Tea. While they were drinking it, Hagrid grabbed what looked like 4, 18in by 24in, painted frames. They were stacked on top of each other. Yota looked at the Top one, and saw Hogwarts on the background, by he couldn't see his dad on the picture.

"Hagrid, I thought my dad was so post to be in the pictures?" Yota asked.

"Son, Wizarding world picture's are different from Muggle picture's.", a different voice answered.

"Who said that?" Yota asked.

He realized that the voice came from one of the frames. So Yota pulled out the 3 top frames and set them aside. Then saw the 4th frame that had Hogwarts on the back ground, but it had a man that was tall, black hair like Yota's, brown eyes ( Hiroya had those), and looked it was not standing still like a normal Muggle picture. Then Yota remember that picture's in the Wizarding World can move and talk. Then Yota realized who the man was.

"Dad?" Yota said, looking like he was about to cry.

"Yes, it's me, son. Look at you, you've grown so much." his dad/ Gordon, while smiling.

"I missed you, dad." Yota said.

"I missed you, too. Son", Gordon said, then he looked at Lily, "so, who that girl over there, she your girlfriend. I must say she's a looker."

Then Lily blushed.

"Yes, secretly. Don't tell mom or anybody. Please." Yota whispered.

"Ok. I won 't, but don't you think that you two are too young to be dating." Gordon whispered.

"No, there are some things I'm not too young for some things." Yota said , in whisper.

"Well, you may need the talk sooner than Hiroya then. I'll tell you later today, before you go to bed. And I'll tell your buddies as well." Gordon smiling.

Then Yota blushed and felt embarrassed at the same time. Lily giggled; she knew Hugo would be embarrassed. This would be a great prank.

"So, what's your name, young lady?" Gordon asked, looking at Lily.

"Lily Potter.", she answered.

"Who's your parent's?"

"Harry and Ginny Potter."

"I always knew they would get to together. So, Yota how's your mother?" Gordon asked, looking at Yota.

"Good, she's doing well. She got a house at Grodic's Hollow; she also got at the Ministry." Yota answered.

"Good, what about Hiroya?" Gordon asked.

"He's good; he got a job at Right Trading and is getting married." Yota answered.

"Awesome. What her name? Is she pretty?" Gordon asked.

"Hitomi. Yes, she's pretty." Yota answered.

"I can't wait for the wedding. Am I invited?" Gordon asked.

"Of course you're invited, that's the reason I got a picture of you. One for me, one for mom, nor for Hiroya and one for Harry." Yota answered.

"Well, I see why one for Harry. In case you get in trouble, like that monster fiasco a few days ago." Gordon added.

"Let me guess Hagrid told you." Yota said.

"You bet, scared the shit out of me. When I heard." Gordon said.

"Yota, it's getting late. We have to go." Lily said.

"Ok. Bye Hagrid", Yota said as he grabbed the frames.

"Bye, Yota and Lily. Be careful." Hagrid said.

They left to the Common room; Yota had placed the Gordon in the Boy's Dormitory.

"Hey Yota, what's that painting?" Hugo asked.

"Guys, the man in the Painting are my father." Yota answered.

All the boys in the Dormitory dropped their jaws.

"Hello, I see you all are surprise. I know you' all want to a lot of things about me, but I have to give Yota a talk, but you're welcome to join. If you like to.", Gordon said.

Some of them did, while he was giving them the talk, they felt embarrassed about the talk about dangers of Sex. Some of them went into shock. Yota can tell that his Father was having fun, even though Yota was also embarrassed.

After about an hour of the talk, everyone went to bed still little embarrassed about the talk.