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Please Read: A complete revision of my previous fanfic called- "The Only One", so if anyone has read that this will be similar. Though, be warned there is no beta reader for this story-for some reason I can get one to stay long enough...be prepared.

Summary: There were consequences for leaving a young child alone, and now only years later are the effects coming clear... The Black Organization is watching, and the clock is ticking as everything falls into chaos. Features both Kaitou Kid and Lupin the Third. No Pairings.

Warning: Darker themes,angst, and hints of child neglect-you have been warned.




Not for the first time, Shinichi watched as his parents ran off.

It was midnight, and although school had been out for last week for the beginning of the summer holidays, Kudou Shinichi found himself wishing it return again. Much like the previous years when summer vacation arrived, both his parents rushed off places. His father, Kudou Yuusaku a world famous novelist was off again escaping his editor, probably hiding out in some remote part of the city trying (and failing to finish his manuscript in time). His mother, Kudou Yukiko, a retired actress was hardly any better running off after her missing husband barely sparing a second to tell Shinichi to lock the door, before vanishing out the door leaving him alone in the house doorway, alone, and lonely.

It had been eleven hours since their hasty departure, and although his mother had called, reminding him once again to lock the door, Shinichi couldn't help but be disappointed.

There on the calender on the door, the words "Family Picnic" were marked brightly in black ink...

Where are you?

Shinichi looked away. His eyes focused on the ground, letting no tears fall from his glassy eyes. He glared at the book he held within his hands. It was a copy of the Night Baron series his father had written...something he wanted his father to read to him on their family picnic...and yet he knew better-should known it wasn't going to happen.

I knew they wouldn't come back.

And slowly Shinichi released the book, letting it fall to the ground next him making no move to pick it up. He knew he shouldn't be disappointed. This what always happened. His father would leave him, and then his mother would follow, leaving him alone.

It never failed and yet, why?


He didn't know, couldn't understand, so there he stood watching the door, hours on end watching and waiting for his parents to come home, so they could be family. So he wouldn't be alone! He stand there hoping that maybe, today his parents would walk through the door, and smile... Was that so hard?

But they never did...

She would look at him with a pleading look in her eyes. "We go later, Shinichi. I promise." She said moving to the door.

Her words eched long after she left in the silence house.

"I promise."

And in the end, later never came...and the promise broke.

And eventually they left...

xxxxx End of Chapter xxxx

Author's Note: A little bit of a perspective from a younger Shinichi about how his parents forgot him. It not that they don't care, but it's rather they're too wrapped in their own lives to pay much attention to their only child, and sadly it was started the problem in the first place. I'd like some feedback from the readers so I can get an idea if this fanfic even makes sense, and if anyone even thinks its okay.

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