of course he knew how she slept

he could never get over the fact that she was stronger than him.

He could never get over the fact that she was stronger than him. Whenever it came to bringing the buckets from the well to the bath, or carrying books, she was stronger than him (although he was still successful in wresting the books away from her, even if carrying them did hurt his arms the next day). She'd always say that a young lord like him shouldn't be making much effort, and that the muscles that Soon Dol worked hard for shouldn't be strained.

(His expression was the one that had the strained look when Soon Dol, just a few ways behind his mistress, started nodding profusely. When the brat had learned that the pretty boy scholar was a girl and was going to be his new mistress, he would never stop staring at Yoon Hee. And while Sun Joon knew that he was just making sure that his master's then fiancée was a girl, jealousy, an emotion he really, truly abhorred, would always rear its ugly face. And what did it say about him that he was even jealous of Soon Dol?)

Well, when that was the problem he could always look for a solution.

He enlisted the help of Soon Dol.

Needless to say, his loud-mouthed servant had frozen in shock to learn what his master wanted him to do. When he had revived, though, they got to work, which was difficult. He had endurance from training from archery, but housework was a different thing altogether. Suffice it to say that he was exhausted that he wasn't even able to apply the teachings he learned from the little red book that night. He didn't fail to see the amused smirk in her face, though. He was too tired to think anything else. Soon Dol, that blabbermouth, was the last thing that crossed his mind before he drifted into a dreamless sleep, muscles aching.

A week later, he finally finished learning how to clean and do housework. He had grinned at her triumphantly, and she had smiled at him so brightly that he couldn't stop the urge to kiss her and carry her (with his newfound strength) to their bedroom.

(An entire month later, though, he tired of the monotonous routine that they called cleaning, and slacked off, which earned him another talking to by his professor-wife, who certainly knew how to lecture, and had to be quieted down, as always, by a kiss.)