Okay, I won't be posting any more chapters of Dark Season to FFN. The questionable rules about what characters are allowed don't exactly mesh well with troll quirks; it's already eaten Nepeta's angle brackets and later on I have an OC troll who uses the swirly 'at' A, Canren precedes his comments with tildes for waves, when Equius is talking it won't like his arrows, and the list goes on. So since FFN is ridiculous this fic isn't happening here anymore.

It will be happening at Archive of Our Own, or AO3, which is infinitely less irritating than FFN. The site is simply archiveofourown (dot) org

My username is YamiTami and you can find my page at archiveofourown (dot) org (slash) users (slash) YamiTami

Sorry for the inconvenience but since FFN is hell bent on alienating us I'm going to be moving all my stuff over there. Won't be deleting this account or anything but I don't think I'll be doing any more updating on this site.