Chapter 1:

"Come on Spence, it is your only night off this week! Please, please, please go out with me?" Ashley pleaded.

Spencer watched as Ashley pouted on her knees in front of her. It had been a crazy week at work. She just started filming a new show this week and everything was hectic. All Spencer wanted to do was relax after a week like this one.

"Ash, I don't know, I'm really exhausted. I just want to relax on my day off." Spencer replied.

"We won't even have to stay out that long, just enough time for me to pick up a girl. I haven't had sex in foreverrrrr!" Ashley pleaded.

Spencer rolled her eyes, "Ash it's been two days! How much sex could you possibly need? Aren't you getting sore?"

Ashley grinned and responded "A. Two days is a life time when it comes to sex. B. You can never put a limit on how sex you can have. And C. Ashley Davies never gets sore."

Spencer had no choice but to laugh at her friend's response. "Whatever Ash, I still don't want to go out tonight."

"Well what if I found a hot girl for you too? I know it's been god knows how long since you had some pussy. That's why you are so uptight all the time; you really need to loosen up. Sex is a good relaxer. Trust me." Ashley said convincingly.

Spencer shook her head as she smiled at Ashley. "It's been 2 months Ash. And unlike you, I only sleep with people that I'm dating."

"How about you try a one night stand? You may like it. And I know that since you started this new show, you won't have time for a relationship, so one night stands will do you justice. Trust me Spence. Try it one time and I'm pretty sure that you will like it, but if you don't I will never bug you about it again." Ashley pleaded.

Spencer thought it over. She knew that she would not have time for a relationship with her new work project that just began. Ashley was right; it has been a long time since she had had sex, and she could really use some right about now. Spencer has been stressing about work and sex could take her mind off of it.

"Ok fine Ash, I'll go out tonight. And that is only because I could use the sex." Spencer said as she stood up and headed to the bathroom.

"Yay! Have I told you that you are the best roomie ever?"

Spencer laughs and says "Yah but you're lucky you're my best friend and I want to get some or I wouldn't be going out tonight."

They showered and dressed for their night out.

"Hey Ash are you ready yet?" Spencer yelled across the hall.

"Give me just a minute!" Ashley yelled back. A few minutes later Ashley walked out and found Spencer on the couch finishing her make up.

"Finally Ash, I don't understand why it takes you so long to get ready." Spencer said as she put down the mascara and looks up at Ashley.

Her eyes follow the length of Ashley's body as she admires what she is wearing. Ashley has on a white halter top that shows her red lacey bra, white shorts that could almost pass for underwear, and red high heels. Her hair is up in a messy bun and a few stands fall freely. Spencer is speechless.

"Spence you can't rush perfection. And besides I have to look good for the ladies." She said. "Oh and by the way Spence, if you were not my best friend I would totally tap that, you are looking hot!"

Spencer was wearing a black strapless dress that hugged her body and only reached her mid-thigh. Her black heels made her toned legs look even better.

Spencer blushed and replied "Thank you Ash, but you look amazing!" Ashley spun around so Spencer could see the rest of her outfit.

"Ok are you ready to go?" Ashley asked.

"Yea let me grab my purse and we can leave." Spencer said.

Spencer's POV

I grab my purse and we walk out to Ashley's Black Porsche. She starts the car and puts it in drive and goes off to the club. We always go to this club; it's called "The Spot." Since we always go to The Spot we get in pretty fast, because the bouncer knows us. We have our seats that we sit at every time, and we order our drinks. I always get Long Island Iced Tea my favorite, and Ashley always orders a Sex On The Beach. We get to our seats and drink our drinks.

"Oh my gosh there are so many sexy ladies here tonight!" Ashley says as she almost drinks all her drink down.

I look around and then say "Yah I know I already see some that I'd like to do!"

Ashley laughs then gets up and grabs my hand pulling me to the dance floor. S&M by Rihanna was playing. We go out to the dance floor and start dancing on each other. Ashley is all over me and grinding up on me and it's kind of hot. I got behind her and she started dancing on me. We were dancing like this for a minute or so when someone started pulling me away from Ashley. I look over and this hot chick with brown hair and a blue dress. I look at Ashley and she gives me a wink and I smile and follow the girl.

She leans in and says into my ear "You are sexy!"

I smile and start dancing on her. The next thing I know E.T. by Katy Perry comes on "This is my favorite song!" I start dancing a lot more excitedly and grinding on her and she does the same. We dance for the whole song, I lean in and say to her "Let's go get a drink and take a little break." She looks at me and nods.

I take her hand and lead her to our seats. It's a lot quieter so I can talk to her. We get to our seats and she orders a Strawberry Daiquiri.

"So what's your name?" I say to her.

"Amy what about yours?" she says.

"Mine is Spencer"

She looks at me then grins and says "Wow I've never heard a girl having that name before it's really cute."

"Well thank you I haven't heard it for a girl before either."

"How old are you?"

"I'm 25 and you?"

"I'm 27 I usually don't go for younger girls" she says then winks.

I laugh and say "Well I don't usually go for older girls but I'll make an exception" We both laugh and it's quiet for a minute until I say something. "Do you want a shot of Tequila?"

"Yeah that sounds good right about now."

I order two shots of Tequila. I look out in the crowd and look for Ashley and see if she found a girl or not, I don't doubt it because she always seems to pick up girls everywhere we go. I finally find her and she is dancing with two other girls she is in the middle and both girls are grinding on her. I knew I wouldn't leave her out there alone. We get our shots and drink them then she orders another Strawberry Daiquiri. I'm feeling really good now and getting kind of horny too. I always get horny when I drink.

"So you wanna get out of here?" I say.

Amy grins and says "I thought you'd never ask, let's go"

"Awesome, I have to go find my friend then we can go." I say happily.

Ashley's POV

When Spencer leaves I look to my right and these two really sexy girls grinding on each other. I was immediately turned on. One was a redhead wearing a pink top that showed enough cleavage to show off her double d's and black skinny jeans. The other was a blonde with green eyes. She was wearing a purple dress that made her ass stick out with black heels. I danced my way over to them.

"Hey ladies, mind if I join?"

They looked at me then at each other and grinned. They pulled me towards them and began to grind on me. Fucking hot!

We started dancing to ET. I glanced over at Spencer as she was dancing with some hot girl. Spencer better get some tonight. I turned my attention back to the hotties I was with. They surrounded me, the redhead in the front of me and the blonde on my back. I was grinding into the blonde as the redhead was grinding on me. I was so turned on.

A few songs later, I look for Spencer on the dance floor, but she is nowhere to be found. I was getting tired.

"Hey, I'm going to get a drink, wanna come?"

"Yea sure let's go!" The blonde said enthusiastically.

We made our way to the bar. I ordered water and two shots for the girls.

"So what's your name?" The blonde asked.

"Ashley, yours?" I respond.

"I'm Nicki and this fine ass redhead is Kat." The blonde said.

"Nice to meet you." I say.

They take their shots. Too bad I have to drive or I would be right there with them.

"Ashley you are so fucking hot!" Kat said and then blushed. Aw how cute.

"Thanks Kat, you are mighty fine yourself. That's the first time I heard you talk tonight." I replied.

"She is shy at first, but I think she is a little drunk now so she's loosing up." Nicki says.

I felt a tap on my arm and saw Spencer standing there with the sexy brunette from early.

I smile and say "So Spence who is your new friend?"

She blushes and says "Her name is Amy. What about your two friends?"

"The blonde is Nicki and the redhead is Kat." I say with a grin.

"Cool. So are you ready to go?" Spencer asked me with a wink.

I turn to Nicki and Kat "Wanna go back to my place? I promise to make it worth your while." I say with a wink.

Kat looks a little unsure, and then Nicki turned to her and said "Are you down?'

Kat looked at me, I smiled at her. She then nodded and smiled back.

"Alright then it's settled. Let's get going." Spencer said as she rushed towards the door. She must be really horny.