16 Years Later

Ashley's POV

"Ashley! Wake up please, we have to get ready!" Spencer says as I still lay there putting off as much time as I can. It's 9:30 and I usually hate waking up this early unless I absolutely have to.

Today is Isabella's and Jason's birthday party. They are turning 14. Wow that makes me feel like I am old. But I still look hot for a 44 year old.

"It's the twin's birthday today, and if we don't get up now we will be behind on everything." Spencer said while shaking me, but I still didn't move. Suddenly she stopped shaking me and I felt her move off the bed.

"Ashley if you don't get up right now, you can just forget sex for a week!"

That got me up fast. I looked at her and she had a smirk on her face. "You're evil." I say as I get up and head to the bathroom. Before I get in there I hear her say "Yes, but that did get you up." Whatever, she will get what's coming to her later. I hop in the shower and take about a 20 minute shower.

When I get out I get all dried out and walk into my walk in closet. I pick out a purple top and some cute blue jeans. I go back into the bathroom and curl my hair and put some make up on. I look at myself in the mirror. I may be getting old, but I know how to look hot.

I walk downstairs and see Spencer putting up decorations. She has a green strapless dress on. She looks so hot. She is hanging them up and I'm just looking at her sexy legs. This makes me think of the day we had the party for Spencer when she finished shooting her first show. She was with Madison and I was with Brooke. We have come a long way, and I like the way everything turned out. I'm happily married with two beautiful children.

"Ashley! Can you please help me and stop staring at me." Spencer says knocking me out of my thoughts.

"No I won't stop staring at you because you are sexy! And I will help you after I have my coffee." I say going over to the coffee pot to start it.

"Well hurry up and have your coffee, Belle and Jason will be here in an hour and I want to have everything done."

"If we need more time, we can always tell Arthur to keep them a little bit longer." I say taking a sip of my amazing coffee.

"Yah but I want to get it done as soon as possible, so hurry up." She says getting off the chair.

"What else needs to be done?"

"I need to put the chips and food out. Then some ice needs to be put in the coolers for the drinks. I also have to pick up the cake. And I still have food that needs to be put together. Then I-" I kissed her so she would slow down.

"Babe slow down for a minute. Just calm down, we will get everything done in time for the party."

She sighs. "I know, I just want everything to be perfect."

"And it will be because I will help you. So just take a few deep breaths and calm down."

"I would go crazy without you. I love you, baby."

I smile. "I love you too Spence." I kiss her, but before it get's too heated she pushes me away.

"I would love to continue that but we have a lot to do, so let's start."

I laugh. "I guess. What do you want me to do first?"

"Can you go pick up the cake? The receipt is in purse."

I give her one last kiss. "Ok I will be back in twenty minutes. Anything else while I'm out?"

"Ummm oh can you get two big bags of ice?"

"Ok I'll be back soon. Try not to go crazy before I get back." I say teasingly.

"I'll try not to. Be safe and hurry back."

"I will. Bye babe." I grab the receipt and my keys, and leave.

I go by the store and picked up the cake and the ice. I get back home and get the stuff and walk into the house. The food was out, all the decorations were up and I see Spencer in the kitchen preparing food.

"Hey baby, I'm back." I say. I put the cake in the fridge.

"I'm glad your back." she says as she is making her famous coleslaw, it is so good!

I go outside and put the ice in the coolers. When I was about to walk in the house I get a call. I look at the caller ID and seen that it was Brooke. I still talk to her and Madison. We have been pretty close with them ever since we went to that awkward dinner where Chloe, Chelsea's daughter was born. Wow that was a long time ago too. Damn am I getting old, this sucks. Then a few years after that, they got married. I was actually one of Brooke's bridesmaids and Spencer was one of Madison's bridesmaids. I answer the phone.


"Hey, what are you up to?"

"Just getting ready for the twin's birthday party. Why what's up?"

"Well we were bored and have nothing to do today. But since you're busy I'll let you go."

"Well if you're bored, you guys can come to the party. It's going to be Spencer's family, Kyla and Aiden, AJ, and some of the twins friends. We are going to have a cookout and we are going swimming."

"That would be a fun day just hanging out. When does it start?"

"Well everyone will start getting here around 12."

"Alright, we'll be there at 12:30." she laughs in the phone.

"Yah both of you are known for never being on time."

"Whatever, you and Spencer are worse."

"Ok well anyways, I'll see you in a little bit."

"Ok bye Ashley."

I hang up the phone and walk inside. "Hey Spence, I invited Brooke and Madison. I hope you don't mind."

She looks at me and says "No I don't mind, the more the merrier!"

I laugh and wrap my arm around her waist "I love you."

"I love you too babe. Can you believe that our babies are 14 today?"

"You know, I never even pictured myself having kids until you came into my life."

"Technically you didn't have the kids, I had to hold them for 9 long ass months."

"And I had to put up with your mood swings and midnight cravings. One minute you were horny and all over me and the next you were yelling at me telling me to get out."

She laughs. " That seems like it was just yesterday. I'm glad I went through all of that with you."

I kiss her. "I couldn't picture myself with anyone else. I love our family."

She grabbed the back of my neck and brought my head closer to her. When our lips touched, I was lost. It felt like the first time we kissed. I picked her up and lifted her on top of the counter while still kissing her.

"Really guys, everyday I have to catch you making out like teenagers."

I guess we didn't even notice the door open. I backed off of Spencer and helped her off of the counter.

After fixing herself she smiles. "Hey kids, did you have fun with grandpa?" Spencer asks.

"Yea, I love IHOP!" Jason exclaims as everyone laughs.

"I could tell, you went through four stacks of pancakes." Isabella says.

"That boy can really eat." Arthur says smiling.

"Yea we know. He isn't allowed to go grocery shopping anymore." I reply.

"Hey it's not fair, you can't make fun of me, I'm the birthday boy." He pouts and his big blue eyes drop.

Spencer goes up to him and wrap him in a hug. "Aww happy birthday Jase. You can eat as much as you want today."

He sticks his tongue out at everyone else and smirks. "At least someone cares."

Isabella smacks him upside his head. "Stop being a baby."

"Be nice Belle, stop hitting your brother." I scold her.

She is just like me in so many ways. We are tough but we have a soft side. Somehow she looks like me even though biologically she is Spencer's. When we were looking for a sperm donor, Spencer wanted someone that most resembled me so that our kids would look somewhat like me. So that is how Isabella ended up as a brunette with brown eyes. Jason on the other hand is just like Spencer. He has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He is really sweet and sensitive, but also very caring. He will make a girl happy someday like his mom has made me.

"I can't help it, if he is a little wus." She teased.

I wrap my arms around her and kiss her all over her face. "Are you just jealous that you aren't getting any love?"

"Mom put me down, please!" She screams.

"Fine fine." I let her go.

"You two need to go put your swimsuits on because everyone will be coming soon." Spencer says to the kids and they leave.

"Do you girls need help with anything?" Arthur asks.

"Well you could start up the grill and cook the burgers and hot dogs. I know how much you love cooking and I know how much I love your cooking." I smile at him.

"Are you guys just using me for my cooking?" He asks.

"Never, we love you being here also!" Spencer says.

He laughs and takes the tray of burgers then heads out to the grill.

"The twins are getting so big." I say to Spencer.

"Yea I know, they are already 14." Before I could reply there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." I say as I walk to the door.

I open the door and let them in. "Kyla, Aiden, hi." I hug them. "Hey AJ you are getting so big, how old are you now, 30?"

He laughs. "No Auntie Ashley, I'm only 12." I hug him.

"I know, but you are getting so big. The kids are still getting ready but you can go out back to the pool or wait for them."

"Ok I'll go outside and wait."

"Be careful sweetie." Kyla yells.

"I will mom, I'm not a baby." He rolls his eyes and leaves.

"How are you guys doing?" I ask them walking into the kitchen where Spencer was on her phone.

"We're pretty good, can't complain." Aiden says.

"Hey Kyla, and Aiden!" Spencer says hugging them.

"Hey Spencer, you haven't killed anyone have you?" Kyla asks.

"What do you mean killed anyone?" Spencer asks in confusion.

"Well I know how you get when you have to set up something. You get all 'Oh my gosh I have to have everything perfect' mood and have your mood swings." Kyla says.

"Wow, I'm that bad?" Spencer says as we all laugh and nod our heads.

"But we all still love you."

"Hey Aunt Kyla, and Uncle Aiden." Isabella and Jason say in unison.

"Hey! Happy birthday you two!" Kyla and Aiden say.

"Come over here and give your Auntie a big hug!" she says as they both walk over to her and hug her.

"Where's AJ?" Jason says.

"He is outside, probably in the pool already." Aiden says.

"Alright, hey mom our friends should be over anytime soon." Isabella says.

"Ok, that's fine. I'll let them know to go out back when they get here." I say as they run outside.

"Hey Aiden my dad is out by the grill if you want to go help him." Spencer says.

"Alright sweet, I love cooking with your dad." he says. He gives Kyla a kiss and walks outside to the grill.

"I forgot the presents in the car. Ash come help me." Kyla says.

"Ok let's go."

We walk outside to her car and she opens the trunk. I look in the trunk and notice that they are shopping bags from her store. The kids are going to go nuts.

"Kyla you didn't?"

She laughs. "I did, now help me."

I grabbed the black bags and she grabbed the gold ones. We walked in the house and went over to the present table.

"The purple covered table are for Belle's gifts and the blue one is for Jason's." Spencer announces when she sees us.

"Ok Ash put those bags on the blue table." I did as I was told and as soon as I finished the doorbell rang again.

"I'll get it!" I yell and walk to the door. I open it and smile. "Hey Glen, Hi Debbie, how are you? Where are the little ones?" I move so that they can come in.

"We are good, Alicia and Casey are getting the gifts from the car." Debbie replied.

"Ok cool, Arthur is grilling if you want to go hang with the guy. There are drinks in the coolers and everyone else is out back in the pool." I say walking them outside.

"When is Clay going to be here?" Glen asks.

"He said he'll be here shortly." Spencer says.

We walk back into the living room and I see Alicia and Casey come in the door. "Hey girls! How are you two?" I say walking over to hug them.

"We are good, where do we put these gifts?" Alicia asks holding them up.

"I'll just take them, the rest of the kids are outside in the pool. Did you bring your bathing suits?"

"Yah we already have them on under our clothes." Casey says as they run outside.

I put the gifts on the tables. And once again the doorbell rings.

"I'll get it again!" I say walking to the door. "You know, I should just stand here and wait for people to get here." I laugh and open the door.

"Hey Mrs. Davies, how are you?" I smile and open the door wider.

"Hey Kate, I'm good. How are you? Come in."

"I'm good, where is Isabella?"

"She and the other kids are out back in the pool. You can drop the gift off on Belle's table and head back there." I say pointing to the purple table and then pointing where the pool is.

When I go to shut the door Jason's friend Garret walks up. "Hey Garret, I'm glad you were able to make it. You can put the gift on Jason's table and head back to the pool where Jason is at."

"Ok, thank you Mrs. Davies." he says running to the towards the table then to the pool. Gosh there is so many people here today, too many to keep a track of.

After that a few more of the twins friends came, Clay, Chelsea and Chloe came. And finally Madison and Brooke came.

The adults stayed under the patio in the backyard and talked while the kids swam and played in the pool.

Everyone was eating, talking, laughing, and overall just having a good time.

I look over at Spencer and she seems to be in a conversation with Brooke about something that must be really funny because she is laughing incessantly. I love that laugh, whenever she laughs I can't help but smile no matter what mood I'm in.

I walk over to her and whisper in her ear. "This party is amazing. All of that worrying you did was for nothing."

She giggles. "I know I know, you tell me that every time. It's getting late, do you want to bring out the cake now?"

"Yea I will bring it out, you gather the kids." I kiss her cheek and head to the kitchen.

After taking the cake out and grabbing some candles, I head back outside and set them on one of the tables.

"Babe, all the kids are here, except Belle and Kate." Spencer says to me.

"Do you want to come with me to go look in the house?" I reply.

"Yea, hold on." She turns to the adults. "Can you watch the kids for a second, Ash and I are going to find Belle and Kate."

"Ok." The group says in unison.

She walks over to me and we head into the house. We walk up the stairs and Spencer opens the door to Belle's room. "Oh my gosh!" Spencer yells.

I look around her to see what she is yelling about. I see Kate and Belle kissing on her bed. Wow, I really don't know what to think right now. I mean I don't care that she is gay, but why didn't she come and talk to us. We are gay, so I thought if one of them did turn out to like the same sex they would come to us and talk about it.

"Oh my gosh mom! Why don't you ever knock!" Belle says moving away from Kate.

"I'm sorry hunny we just wanted to see where you were. We are all about to cut the cake." Spencer says.

"You could've called for us!" she says.

"I think I should leave." Kate says getting up off the bed and about to go out the door.

"No listen girls, it's not a big deal that you guys are together I just wish you would've been out about it." I say

"Can we talk about this later babe, everyone is waiting for us." Spencer says looking at me.

"Yah, when everyone leaves we will sit down and talk about it ok girls?" I ask them.

"Fine." Belle says leading Kate downstairs.

We sit on the bed for a moment before Spencer turns to me and says "Oh my gosh! Our baby girl is gay!"

I laugh at what she says and kiss her. "Yah, I was hoping one of them would be! Now let's go." I say grabbing her hand and going downstairs. I just hope Belle will talk about anything to us and I want to make sure she knows that.

As we get downstairs and to the kitchen, I see Belle talking to Kate. She is probably telling her to stay.

"Come on girls, it's time to cut the cake." I say interrupting their conversation.

Belle takes Kate's hand and leads her outside. Spencer and I follow them.

"Finally, is everybody ready?" Kyla asks.

"Yea everyone is here we can sing now." Spencer says.

After eating the cake, the twins opened their presents. Isabella and Jason loved all of their gifts, but I think they loved the clothes from Kyla the most. They have been dying to get stuff from there.

One by one the kids and Spencer's family began to leave, finally. It has been a long and tiring day.

"Bye Arthur, thanks for helping out with the party today!" I yell as he gets into his car. I close the door and turn to Spencer. "It's over and everyone is finally gone."

She laughs. "We still have one more thing to do tonight, so don't get too excited."

"Aww babe can we just clean tomorrow, I am exhausted." I whine.

"Sure but that's not what I was talking about." I give her a questioning look. Then she points to the two girls sitting on the couch looking very nervous.

"Ohh I almost forgot about them two. Let's go have a little chat, shall we?" We walk in the living room and sit across from the girls.

Belle has her hand on Kate's hand which is on her knee. I have no idea where to begin with this. I look at Spencer and she looks just as lost. I look at Kate and she looks like she wants to be anywhere but here. Well someone has to say something.

"Ok so how long have you two been dating? Wait you are dating right?" Spencer says breaking the silence.

"Yes mom we are dating, we have been for a month now." Belle answers.

"Well why didn't you tell us? Did you think that we would be upset about it or something?" I ask.

"No of course I wouldn't think you guys would be upset, I just didn't know how to tell you." Belle says.

"Well you know you can talk to us about anything right?" I say.

"Yah I know that now. Can you just not tell Jason yet though?" Belle asks.

"Why not hunny? He is your brother." Spencer says

"I know, but what if he is upset with me? What if he thinks that I should be straight like he is. Maybe he doesn't want a gay twin?" Belle says frowning.

"There is no shame in being gay hunny, he would most definitely not be upset. Jason! Can you come down here for a minute?" I yell up the stairs.

"What no! Mom what are you doing?"

"It'll be ok I promise." I reassure her.

Jason comes down the stairs and say "Yes?"

"Listen, your sister has something she would like to tell you." Spencer says.

"Ok what's up Belle?" Jason asks her as he sits by her.

Belle looks at me and then at Spencer, we nod to let her know that it was ok. "Well, I didn't know how to tell you before because I thought you would be mad at me or something. But I'm gay."

Jason looks at her for a second and then hugs her. "Belle! I would never be mad at you for that! You're my sister and I will love you no matter what. Why do you think I would be mad at you for that?"

"I don't know because you want a straight twin just like you." Belle says.

"Oh my gosh Belle you can't be serious! We are surrounded by gay people. Our mom's are gay! We can be a big gay happy family! I don't care that you are gay. Like I said I love you no matter what." Jason says.

We all laugh at what he says and I say "Well then, see Belle there is nothing to worry about. We will all love you no matter what."

"Yea and now we can check out hot girls together!" Jason says happily. Everyone laughs and Belle hits him in the back of his head. "Oww what was that for?" He said rubbing his head.

"Don't say things like that in front of my girlfriend." Belle says with her arm around Kate.

"Kate's your girlfriend?" He says with his jaw dropped.

"Yup." Belle smiles at him.

"But…but she's so hot!" He exclaims.

"Yup." Belle smiles again and Kate blushes.

"Ok how about you two take your gifts to your rooms. Kate when are your parents coming?" Spencer says as she stands up.

"They are already here actually. I told them that you wanted to talk to me so they waited." She replies.

"Oh ok. Belle walk her outside and say good night." I say.

"Ok are you two going to bed?"

"Yea we are exhausted." Spencer says holding her hand out for me to take.

"OK good night." We kiss her and Jason.

"Thanks for coming over Kate, hopefully we will see you soon." I say as they walk to the door.

"Good night Ms. Spencer, and Ms. Ashley." She says respectfully. I like this girl.

Spencer drags me to our room. She immediately strips and change into something more comfortable. I can't do anything but watch, she is just so sexy.

When she gets into bed she looks at me. "Are you going to stare at me all night or are you going to join me."

I don't reply, I just quickly change and join her in bed.

She turns so that she is facing me, and I wrap my arms around her.

"I love you so much Ash."

"I love you too Spence."

"Good." I smile.

"You know our fifteen year anniversary is coming up soon." I say running my fingers through her hair.

"Yea I know it seems like it was just yesterday that we finally admitting our feelings for each other."

"I know, I'm glad we finally did though. I can't picture being this happy with anyone else."

"Me either. I have spent fifteen incredible years with the most amazing person ever and I couldn't be happier." I smile when she says this.

"So I was thinking…"

"Uh oh." She says while laughing.

"Shut up, I'm being serious!" I mock hurt.

"Ok ok I'm sorry baby, continue." She says kissing me.

"So I was thinking that for our fifteenth anniversary we can renew our vowels and have a second honey moon."

She gets up and looks at me. "Oh my gosh! Really Ash?"

I sit up so that I am at her level. "Yea, it's been fifteen amazing years and I can't wait for the next fifteen, and the fifteen after that, and the fifteen after that, and the fif-" She cuts me off with a kiss.

"You talk to much." she laughs and lays back down, pulling me down with her. "Less talking and more doing."

"Have it your way." I say kissing her. This is going to be a wonderful night.

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