Welcome! This is a collection of DannyxSam one-shots, full of fluff and random humor. They aren't related to each other, unless otherwise specified. Feel free to jump around, and enjoy!


Assumptions/Chocoholic – (2-in-1) Do you know what everyone always assumes when a girl and a boy are together? And Danny finds Sam's chocolate-addiction to be extremely amusing and quite adorable.

Siren – Danny's late-night wandering around the house he, Tucker, and Sam share in college reveals something surprising—and lovely—about Sam.

Candle – The only thing worse than unrequited love is experiencing it on a lonely Valentine's Day.

Loose Ends – Part of Chapter 1 of my fic Phantom Martyr before it was published, and reveals the conversation Danny and Sam have after flying off together at the finale of Phantom Planet.

PhantomTV – Danny answers questions from all his adoring fans, YouTube style, with some help (and hindrance) from Tucker, Sam, and a pesky unwanted house-guest.

Warmth – A vignette of Danny and Sam "walking in a winter wonderland".

Phantom Phever – What's better than spending a Saturday afternoon opening and reading fan-mail together? Well, nothing, as Danny and Sam will realize…

Phantom Phever: Epilogue - … as it's an afternoon both of them will never forget.

Smile – Sam is having a bad day, and Danny is will to try all sorts of silly things just to see her smile.

Heat – There's no way Sam is jumping into that pool, but Danny has other thoughts.

PhantomTV: Episode 2 – The fan questions are still pouring in! This time, the whole gang is here to answer these random questions, and can't help but getting side-tracked once in a while.

Pyrite – A lunch conversation between Danny and Valerie years after graduating Casper High reveals that not all that glitters is gold.