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Chapter 1: A Blind Date

Melinda Gordon walked around her bedroom picking up the dirty clothes for the laundry she was about to do. Melinda stopped when something suddenly caught her eye. She sighed and sat down on the bed picking up the picture on her nightstand "Jim" her face suddenly changed from cheerful to sadness "I miss you" she stared at her wedding picture of her and her late husband Jim. Jim was shot when he was caught in the crossfire between a cop and a bad guy and he later died in the hospital from an embolism. His death bought Melinda to her low point in her life. She pushed everyone away from her and just coped with it her ownself. To this very day Melinda missed her husband deeply and now after six years she was finally starting to move on with her life. Melinda put the picture down on the nightstand and stared at it. For the first time in 6 years she was going on a date tonight well a blind double date with her girlfriend Avery, well Melinda had no clue who her date was but Avery did. Melinda had been talking on & off with the gentlemen for a few months now and tonight was the official first date. Melinda picked up the clothes that were piled on her bed and walked out of the room with them.

Melinda stood in her room later that day looking in the mirror dressed in her newly bought blue Patra Tiered Dress from Dillards. Melinda picked up her purse on her bed after giving her hair a final spritz of hair spray. She put on her jacket as soon as she got downstairs and grabbed her keys off the table. She had to be at The Sapphire at 7:30pm to meet Avery. She was completely nervous about meeting her date. Maybe it was the fact that she was dating again. Melinda's cell phone started ringing when she got into her car. She reached in her purse and pulled out her cell phone and quickly answered it "Hello" she said. "Where are you Melinda" her best friend Avery asked on the other line. "I'll be there shortly. Driving right now" Melinda pulled out of her drive way and drove down to the street. "Any idea what your date looks like" Avery asked. "No. Why" Melinda responded. "I'm here and there are a lot of guys here" she giggled. Melinda sighed "Your unbelievable" she chuckled. "Hurry and get here. I'll see you soon" Avery hung up her phone. Melinda put her phone in her purse.

Melinda stood outside The Sapphire and took a deep breath. She fixed her dress and checked her hair in the window of the door and proceeded to walk in the restaurant. "Can I help you" the hostess asked. "Reservations under Gordon" Melinda said. "Right this way. Your friend is already here" the hostess said. The girl directed Melinda to her table. Melinda sat down next to Avery noticing her date was not here yet. "You look great" Melinda said staring at Avery's dress. "You look amazing. Blue suits you so well" Avery said. Melinda put her purse down "Thanks" she said. "Can I get you girls something to drink as you all wait for your dates" the waitress asked. "Yes. I'll take an absolut relaxer" Avery said. "I'll take a glass of Pinot Grigio" Melinda said. The waitresses nodded and left the table. "So where's your date at" Melinda asked. "Oh Mark will be here shortly" Avery said. Melinda nodded. The waitress came back with two drinks and gave both women their drinks. Melinda took a sip of her wine. Avery took a drink of her drink "Oh my god Mel, I think your date is here" Avery stared at the guy who was walking towards the table. Every muscle in Melinda's body tightened up as she started to turn around "No don't look" Avery stopped her "Don't look too desperate" Avery added "That man is dreamy and recognizable" Avery said. Melinda chuckled. "Antiquegirl" the man asked. Melinda smiled and turned around "Goodlov..." Melinda froze and her eyes widen as she seen the man who was standing behind her.

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