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The Music Box - Chapter 1

«Next stop, 2121,» Lloyd beamed. He turned around the key and started the now working engine. The time machine came to life, before leaving the 21st century, headed home to 2121. They were now traveling through time and would be home in approximately one hour if they didn't get stuck in traffic. Pim was already fast asleep, and Barb was in the front seat giving Lloyd directions.

I'll never see Keely again, Phil thought to himself. He stared at his pepper shaker. He just couldn't believe his bad luck. He'd liked Keely ever since he first met her. He always knew she was special. But he'd never had the guts to tell her. Now that he finally had, they were heading home. What they'd all been waiting for the last 2 years had now become some horrible nightmare he hoped he would wake up from any minute now.

«Lloyd, we need to take the next space turn if we're trying to reach the 8th dimension,» Barb informed her husband.

«Yes, dear,» Lloyd replied in a slightly annoyed voice.

«Keely,» Phil moaned, fumbling with his pepper shaker. How come he already missed Keely? He'd seen her just last night. But the fact that they'd never meet again was haunting him.

«Dad, we need to go back,» he pleaded.

«What? We can't go back, I already set the time machine for 2121!»

«No, I need to say goodbye to Keely»

«I know how you feel, son, but-,» Lloyd tried.

«I'm begging you,» Phil replied. Pim flinched and came back to reality.

«I dreamed of begging. Is it for mercy?», she asked.

Lloyd sighed, not wanting to say what he had to say, but he didn't know any other solution.

«Look, I'm sorry son. But we can't turn around now. It's the rules,» Lloyd said, fully knowing he had just broken his son's heart, and that he was taking him away from his first love. They all knew Keely and Phil had been in love for a long time. It really was a shame that this turned out to be the time they decided to do something about it, but they belonged in 2121. Barb looked disapprovingly at Lloyd. She looked back at her children. What she saw made her eyes water. Phil was sitting in his seat, crying while clutching his pepper shaker with both hands. Pim was looking over at him with a concerned look, before she stretched over to hug her brother. Her daughter had feelings after all. An awkward silence filled the time machine for the rest of the trip.

About an hour and a half later(they got a little delayed when the Time-Police wanted Lloyds time travelling license, and he had to look for it for quite some time), they landed in their rightful century.

«Welcome home to 2121,» said the cheery female voice from the engine, before Lloyd turned around his keys and the engine shut down. For a moment everyone was silent. Pim was the first to break the silence.

«We're home!», Pim beamed before she unbuckled her seatbelt, and ran out of the time machine. The three remaining family members sat still while listening to Pim's happy homecoming. Then both Lloyd and Barb turned to face their son, with wet tears streaming down his cheeks.

«Just go. I'll be out in a minute,» Phil muttered in a hoarse voice. Barb and Lloyd exchanged a concerned look before they both stood up, took a couple of boxes filled with clothes and other belongings, and walked out.

Phil sat totally still for a while, just staring into the open air. He was home at last, but he'd never felt farther away from where he belonged. In fact, he was 115 years away from where he knew he belonged, where his home was. He let out a sigh though, took a box with him until he stepped onto the sidewalk outside their 2121 house. It did not look like his home. It did not have that old-fashioned charm that he'd grown fond of. The lawn was not the richest of green, but more of an unhealthy yellowish color. The house was a big and metallic silver, with big windows from every room. The door was black with no handle – it opened automatically once it recognised one of the Diffy's, or by their permission – and they didn't have anywhere near as much flowers as they'd had back in 2006. Phil walked slowly across the lawn and entered the house. He went upstairs, and as soon as he entered his room, he dropped the box not caring what was in it, before diving onto his bed with his face facing the pillows.

After lying on his bed for what seemed like hours, he turned around, and stood up. He walked over to the box dropped to his floor, and opened it. It revealed a lot of Phil's old clothes from the 21st century. What would the guys say if I showed up in this in public? he thought to himself, remembering the laughing and pointing from when he and Keely had used the Virtu-Goggles on a date to a mall in the future. Or, now, it would've been the present. After using his Wizard to wrap up the clothes neatly and carried them to his closet, something else seemed to be placed in the bottom of the box. Keely's music box, or as he'd called it since he was a little kid, his «Binky Boozy Box». He stood there totally still for a moment, before he picked it up and opened it. The melody streamed through the room, and he couldn't help but smile.

Keely grapped her salt shaker, and looked at it.

«Phil,» she muttered, suddenly not caring she was being recorded, and sent live over all the tv screens at their school.

«I can't not say goodbye to Phil,» she simply said, before throwing all of her papers away, and ran past all the confused faces in the video lab. She ran through the entire school, and people stared after her as she made her way down the hall. She ran the short way to their neighborhood. Over by the Diffy's house, she could see their time machine parked by the sidewalk. She ran faster, faster than she'd ever thought her legs could carry her. Please don't leave me, she thought. Phil, please ... Just as she reached their lawn she called his name, just to see their time machine disappear into thin air. For a moment her mind went totally blank. Then she realized she'd lost Phil, her best friend, first boyfriend and her only true love. She sat down on the ground, and didn't really know what to think. She struggeled to hold back the tears that was threatening to overflow.

«Goodbye, Phil,» she whispered before she began to sob.

Keely had no idea for how long she'd been sitting out there, crying, watching the spot there the Diffy's time machine no longer stood. A deep feeling of loneliness had overwhelmed her. What were she supposed to do now? Go on at school, pretending that nothing had ever happened? Sit alone at lunch and at every class, and go straight home and do her homework? Keely had known a long time that she really loved Phil. Not just in a romantic kind of way, but in every other way. She loved him as a friend, as a person, and most of all as the person she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Many people go through their entire life without finding «the one». She knew that she already had, at an age of 14. But as life turned out, he was taken away from her forever.

Keely sat in deep thoughts, still crying, on the Diffy's lawn as the front door behind her opened. She heard footsteps, but she didn't bother to turn around. Then the person sat down beside her and his strong smell gave him away.

«Keely sad,» Curtis grunted. In a lovable and totally unexpected way he put his arm around her.

«Curtis, what are you doing here?», Keely asked the caveman. She gave him a hug. At least Curtis was here, reminding her that everything had not been a long, wonderful dream.

«Curtis live here. Where's Phil?», Curtis wondered. Keely did not know what to say.

«Uh, Phil and the others... um, they went back to the future. They must've forgotten you,» Keely tried to explain. Curtis merely just grunted again, and continued to sit there with Keely until it started to get dark.

Keely served Curtis some food in the Diffy's house by using the key under the door mat, and made sure he got back to his garage. There wasn't anything else she could do about him now. She had to go home, if not, her mom would get worried. She tried her very hardest to keep the tears from streaming down her face. When her mom opened the door after she rang their door bell, she simply walked past her, and went upstairs to her bedroom. She closed her bedroom door before she fell onto her bed, face down. The sobbing started instantly.

She knew she didn't have to wait long before her mom would interrupt. And she did.

«Sweetie, what's wrong?», her mom asked in a concerned voice. Keely carefully rolled around until she was staring on the ceiling, not willing to meet her mother's eyes.

«Phil... uh, h-he left,» she muttered in between the sobs. She finally met her mom's eyes, and an expression of horror spread across her face.

«He just left? Left where? When's he coming back?», she questioned Keely.

«He moved. Far, far away. I'll never see him again,» she answered simply, surprised by the honest tone in her voice. It was true, though. They'd never meet again. Keely's mom didn't know what to do. They sat in silence for a while until she offered Keely brownies. When she refused, she just figured she's leave her daughter alone for a while. Keely was totally still for what could've been hours, days or weeks. She really didn't know.

«I wish I had my music box,» she whispered into the silent room, not exactly looking for an answer.

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