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The reunion

Keely was lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling. Every once in a while she would allow herself to think of him. Him, as in Phil Diffy. The love of her life. Most of the time she tried to keep her mind off of him, because it never did her any good. But now was one of those moments where she would think about all their time and memories together. After all, she couldn't forget them. She wouldn't. That would literally kill her. She needed that little piece of him, the only piece she could ever have. She sighed, before rolling over until she was lying on her stomach. She reached over for the book on her bedside table. She needed a distraction. After a while she realized that she hadn't gotten a single word of what John was currently telling Savannah in Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, even after reading the same paragraph several times. After a while, she gave up. She got up and turned on the computer. Just like any day when she didn't know what to do with herself, she logged on Facebook. She already knew it would just make her feel more depressed to see all of her friends tagging photos of them and their boyfriends. Yet, she didn't know what else to do. She just kept repeating the same patterns every day, sinking deeper and deeper. How would she ever get out of this vicious cycle? She didn't know, but why not worry about that later?

After about 20 minutes, the doorbell rang. She checked the time in the bottom corner of the computer. Her mom wasn't supposed to be home yet. Then who could it be? She lazily got up and hurried downstairs to get the door. She looked at herself in the mirror by the door before opening. Her hair was a mess, and she was wearing pyjama pants. She sighed before opening the door. When she saw who was standing there, her mouth popped open. She looked down at herself again, asking herself why she was wearing pyjamas before she greeted her guest.

«Um, Mr. Hackett, what are you doing here?» she asked surprised.

«I was just coming over to see if you heard,» he replied. She could swear she saw a little twinkle in his eye. How odd.

«What are you talking about, Mr. Hackett?» she wondered, real curiosity in her tone.

«Ah, I think you'll see soon enough,» he said, before he smiled at her and left. Mr. Hackett just showed up at her house, before smiling at her. Wow, what a weird day. She had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, but she figured she would find out soon enough if it was that important.

She was starting to get hungry, so she went to the kitchen, and opened a new pack of raspberry Pop Tarts, and put them in the toaster. She stood there, all alone in the kitchen, staring at the toaster, waiting for her Pop Tarts to cook. Then suddenly she started singing her new favorite song on the top of her voice, «Hear Me» by Kelly Clarkson.

You gotta be out there

You gotta be somewhere

Wherever you are

I'm waiting

Cause there are these nights when

I sing myself to sleep

And I'm hoping my dreams bring you close to me

Are you listening

Hear me, I'm crying out

I'm ready now

Turn my world upside down, find me

I'm lost inside the crowd, it's getting loud

I need you to see

I'm screaming for you, please

Hear Me

Right then, the doorbell rang. She wondered who it was now. Would she be too surprised if it was Mr. Hackett again? She took one of the Pop Tarts from the toaster, and went to open the door. This time she lost her breath and her heart stopped beating, before speeding up like a hummingbird. She dropped her Pop Tarts on the floor. Great, she'd gone mad. She was having hallucinations. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, before opening them again. Nope, he was still standing there. Those beautiful, sparkling brown eyes were looking at her, and a smile was playing around his lips. He was dazzling. He was even more beautiful than she remembered. For several minutes she just stood there, watching him. She couldn't get out a single word.

«What are you doing here? Is this a dream?» she whispered.

«Surprised to see me?» he grinned.

Phil took a deep breath to calm himself as he heard Keely's footsteps in the hallway. Yes, he recognized Keely's walk. How crazy was that? Just in that moment, Keely opened the door and landed her eyes on him, before dropping her half eaten Pop Tart to the floor. He suddenly felt his body fill with warmth, hope and love. It was like he was regaining something that had went missing inside of him. He watched as the realization that he was there slowly dawned on Keely. She closed her eyes for just a minute, and opening them again. Making sure she wasn't dreaming, he knew. Like she'd done so many times before. He couldn't help but smiling now. Somehow, he felt whole again. The girl who was his best friend, and also his first and true love, was once again standing in front of him after their separation. They'd been more than 100 years apart, and still, here they were again.

He knew her so well that he could clearly see in her face that she was wracking her brain, trying to find the right words to say. For a couple of minutes, all he could do was to just stand there and admire her beauty. Then she finally spoke.

«What are you doing here?» she whispered, looking into his eyes for answers. «Is this a dream?»

«Surprised to see me?» Phil beamed. He had never wanted to kiss her more than in that very moment. He was almost overwhelmed with desire, but he decided to let this sink in for Keely. That was only fair to her. She couldn't take her eyes off him, and he couldn't stop staring at her either. Maybe there was still hope for them?

«Why? How?» she asked. Phil took a minute before answering.

«As to the why part, I'm here because I missed you,» he said in a surprisingly steady tone. The words were so true. «I simply couldn't stand being without you, and me and my family didn't fit in back in 2121. We all missed this century and you. It was mostly me, but my parents also had a hard time without you around. We all love you so much,» he said, before pausing for a couple of seconds. «When it comes to the how, I simply went to the department of time travel to arrange us going back to the future even though it's against the law. I explained myself, and the minister of time travel told me to go ahead. So my family decided that we would go back to 2006, and then we simply traveled here, and moved back into the house. And I'm still over the top that everything is like it was when we left. Our house is there, and Mr. Hackett is still his own snooping self. Oh, thanks for taking care of Curtis, by the way. And then I simply came over here, and knocked on your door, and here we are.»

Keely started at him a minute, once again at loss of words. Then she took a deep breath, and looked at her feet for a moment. Then she raised her head and looked into his eyes with a loving glance.

«Are you staying?» she whispered, seeming to barely get the question out. At this, Phil just had to grin, smiling from ear to ear.

«Definitely. Permanently this time. As in forever and ever,» he smiled at her. She looked into his eyes, making sure she was right, and apparently she found no signs that he was lying, so she leaned in.

Keely tried harder than ever to collect her thoughts. Phil, the Phil, was standing right in front of her after bending the law to travel back to her time just to be with her. He had convinced his family to come back to a time they didn't even come from, just for her. Phil had missed her so much he'd done anything in his power to come back, just for her. And now he was looking into her eyes with an expression in his face that made her heart melt. She took a deep breath, and dropped her eyes to her feet. There was only one thing bothering her, and she simply had to get on with it. She raised her head and looked into his eyes once again, and her body filled with love.

«Are you staying?» she managed to get out, though it was barely audible. She awaited his answering, when a smile spread across his face.

«Definitely. Permanently this time. As in forever and ever,» he smiled at her. Keely looked into his eyes for a confirmation that his words were true, and they were. She knew him. He could see in his eyes if he was telling the truth, and that's what he was doing now. Phil had actually come back for her, and this time they were really staying. Forever.

At this point, she simply couldn't hold it all back anymore. She leaned closer, slowly, looking into his eyes for any sign of rejection. He simply closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Keely closed her eyes as well. Then she closed the remaining distance between them, and touched her lips to him. He responded right away, kissing her back with as much intensity as she had. In that moment, she could feel that they'd both been waiting for this moment for a long time, and that he might also have spent a couple of nights awake, thinking about it. But right there, in the present, she felt like she was going to explode on the inside. Every feeling she had against him, both romantically and friendly, suddenly doubled. And it felt like her heart not only would fit in her chest, but it was beating so hard it might actually end up somewhere else completely. She felt Phil lift his hands, and placing one of them on her back, trying to pull her closer. She tucked both of her hands behind his back as well, returning the gesture. Then she felt Phil's other hand tucked into her hair, and she couldn't help but moan his name in the back of her throat. A couple of moments later, way too soon according to Keely, Phil broke the kiss, and placed his forehead against hers. They just stared into each others eyes, and for a minute, no one said anything. Then Phil broke the silence.

«I love you, Keely,» her murmured. Once again Keely could see in his eyes that he was telling nothing but the truth, and she smiled.

«I love you too, Philip Diffy,» she whispered. She was barely finished with the last syllable of his name, before he crushed his lips to hers once again. This was a shorter, but equally passionate kiss.

When he pulled back this time, he still held her close in a warm embrace, his face buried in her hair. She felt at peace for the first time in a long time. She wanted to stay like this in his arms forever.

Phil didn't know if it'd been minutes or hours, and frankly, he didn't care. He was standing here with Keely in his arms, and he was filled with a feeling that as long as this was a fact, everything worked out. And then he realized something he'd forgotten. It was already clear to him, but he wanted to have it official.

«So what do you say?» he murmured in her ear. Only then did he realize Keely had no idea what he was talking about, and she pulled away a little to lock her eyes with his.

«To what exactly?» she said, confused, but with humor in her eyes. Phil reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear before answering.

«Keely Teslow, will you be my girlfriend?» he asked in a sure tone, trying not to laugh. He didn't, but Keely did. He listened to the gorgeous giggle escaping her lips.

«Why, yes, Phil Diffy. I'd love to,» she said in a not very impressive, but her very best sophisticated British accent. They both laughed, before he kissed her on the lips. And then again. And again, and again, and again.

Mr. Hackett sat on a park bench across the street, watching the encounter in front of him. He was glad Phil and the other Diffys were back, so that he could finally figure out what was going on there. Because something definitely was different with the Diffys, and he would find out what. But despite that, he couldn't help but smile at the teenagers across the street. He wasn't a heartless man, and he had seen what was going on. He had been watching Phil and Pim closely over the past two years, and it was long ago when he noticed. He'd long ago seen the chemistry between Phil and Keely, and the way he looked at her. And sometimes he'd seen her look at him the same way. He'd known it was only a matter of time before something happened. He'd watched them become a couple in front of the whole school when they were named cutest couple, because just then had they both dared to go after their feelings. He'd seen that Keely was no longer the same after Phil left, and he was not the only one who noticed the sorrow in her eyes. Mr. Hackett had come to care for these teenagers. And though he couldn't entirely understand why, seeing Phil and Keely stand in front of her open door, kissing, filled his heart with a certain joy. Like pieces of an unsolved puzzle was falling into place. He had a strange feeling that everything would be ok in the end. And by that, he left the teenagers to themselves, and he walked the short distance to his house, feeling at peace with himself.

That night, Phil went to bed feeling better than he'd ever felt. He'd finally gotten the words that he'd been thinking about so much lately; I love you. He'd kissed her, he'd said it, and she'd said it back. Then she had agreed to be his girlfriend, and he had a feeling that nothing could ever be wrong again. He'd come home, and his parents had squealed in delight when they saw the obvious in his face. His dad had squealed too, no matter if he'd tried to deny it afterwards. They were back in 2006, where he knew they all belonged. Even Pim had smiled at him wholeheartedly when Phil had told his family what had happened. Not everything, though. He didn't go that much into detail, because he felt that the moment had been a very intimate moment between him and Keely alone. He'd had a strange feeling that someone had been watching them, but that was probably all just imagination. And tomorrow, he would take Keely out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, Arnold's Pink Pig, on their first official date. He was even looking forward to going back to school, where he could hold her hand and kiss her in the hallway, letting everyone know she was his, and he was hers. Forever. While he thought that last word, he felt a sudden urge. He thought about it, before he retrieved the Giggle. He placed it on his head, and turned it on.

«Keely Teslow, 2030,» he said in a clear voice. Once again, he saw the news report by his beautiful adult Keely, like he'd done so many times before. He almost fainted with joy though, when he saw that the wedding band was back on her left ring finger. Forever, he thought again, this time with more certainty.

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