Last Time,

" You will not kill her again. " He said and retracted his whip.

Amelia fell to the ground. Dead. Botan then tried to stand, but she fell completely and closed her eyes.

Kurama ran to her side and kneeled down beside her. He placed his hand on top of her head,

" Botan? " He asked quietly.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him and closed her eyes again. She morphed back into her demon form. Kurama felt her pulse and sighed in relief. She was alive. He picked her and they set off towards Genkai's Temple.

Chapter 27

It was now 3 monthes since the attack and Botan was still healing from the wounds she received. The gang took turns looking out for her, except for Hiei of course. She still would not talk to Kurama, no matter how much he tried.

Another month went by and Botan was walking around on her own.

" Hey Botan. What was taking you so long to heal? " Yusuke asked as he saw her come into the kitchen.

" When me or any other snow leopard demon gets attacked by another one, it takes longer to heal. There's something in our fangs and claws that stalls the healing that would only take hours to heal if a different demon, human, or a spirit would attack us. " Botan answered as she sat down and served herself some breakfast and began to inhale it.

Three weeks later, Botan was out and about. Her wounds healed up completely, only small cat scratches now. She decided to go for a walk and walked out into the forest.

A while later, she came across a hot spring. Smiling to herself, she slowly took off her tank top and jeans and walked into the warm water until she was waist deep and sat down on a flat rock.

Closing her eyes, she sighed deeply and fell into a light sleep.

Kurama had returned from his own walk several minutes after Botan had left. The others were all gone, except for himself and Botan. They had all gone to the beach.

Kurama had found a hot spring while he had went out and decided to come back here at the temple to get a towel and then return back to the spring. He hadn't heard Botan, and had assumed that she was resting. He grabbed a towel and walked back out of the temple.

When he arrived back at the spring, he had to stop and stare. Botan was standing in front of the spring. She smiled and began to take her clothes off. His breath caught as she did and he felt a stirring in his lower area and it got harder as he watched her walk into the spring until it was at her waist and then sat down. He tried to control his breathing, so she wouldn't hear him as he watched her.

He stayed there until he was sure that she was asleep. Kurama began to undress. He laid the towel down with his clothes and slowly walked to the spring. He gently stepped into the water, so as not to disturb her. Walking slowly until he was behind her.

Botan's eyes flashed open as she felt two strong arms wrap around her middle.

She knew who it was by the scent of roses that reached her nose. She made to leave, but he tighten his grip, holding her to his chest and she felt his hardness in her lower back, causing her to blush.

" Kurama. " She warned, but she stopped when he started to kiss the side of her neck, causing her to lean her head back and moan.

" Not this time Botan. I don't care if claw my eyes out. I'm going to have you. I've wanted you for a long time. " Kurama replied in a low husky voice as his hands began to move around her front and up to her breasts.

" Your only saying that because I'm in heat and that I'm now a demoness. " She replied back, still trying to get away, but it had turned half-hearted and he knew it.

" No I'm not. I've loved and wanted you long before I saw you as a demoness. " He said back, rubbing his stiff manhood against her rear.

" HMMM! Kurama! " Botan said as she pushed back, making him groan.

" Ohhh! Say that again. " He growled.

" Kurama! " She said, groaning.

" Botan! " He replied as he turned her around and kissed her fiercly. She returned it, kissing back just as fiercly, rubbing up against him, trying to ease her tension, but couldn't, he wouldn't let her.

" Please Kurama! I need you! " She almost shouted.

" Not until I hear you say that you love me. " He said breathlessly between the kisses.

" I love you, Kurama. I always have. And I'm also sorry for being a bitch, now will you please stop teasing me and take me already! " She answered.

And not a second later, Kurama plunged into her, breaking her barrier and causing her to scream. He silenced it with a kiss and held her still as she adjusted to him being inside of her.

Botan moved away from Kurama's face, " Move. " She breathed and groaned when he did.

" Ohhh, Kurama! Go faster! " She pleaded as she moved against him in the same pace that he was.

They moved together, faster and faster until they were moving at inhuman speed. Suddenly Kurama stopped, pulled away from her and turned her around.

" Kurama? " She exclaimed.

" My turn, love. " A deep voice answered her.

" Youko? " She breathed as she felt him near her entrance from the rear.

" Who else? " He asked and plunged into her, continuing their little rut.

" Now say my name, love. " Youko said as he thrusted into her harder then his human counterpart did, causing her to scream in pure pleasure.

" Youko! " She replied.

" Keep saying it! " He growled deeply.

And she did until her voice was too sore to even hum. And he continued to thrust until he couldn't see straight. Until finally, they screamed their completion to the darkening sky.

Youko stayed inside of her as he pulled them both out of the spring and on the grass. He walked over to where he had placed the towel he brought with him and wrapped them both in it.

" When you've rested up, we'll be doing this again. " He growled as he held her to him lovingly and possesively.

" Sounds like fun, but I'm in charge next time. " She replied with a smirk as she snuggled closer to him.

" I love you, Kurama. " She said.

" I love you too, my lovely vixen. " He replied.

The two then began to slowly fall asleep, holding onto each other and dreaming of the other.

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