Author's Note: I know, my lovelies, that I've been pretty much gone for a long while now, but never fear, I'm back and ready to keep up my Klaineage. To whom it may concern, I have decided to abandon my fic Green Finch and Linnet Bird because it took off in a direction I never intended and became far too dramatic. I'm working on another big story that I'm really enjoying the idea of, but that will come out later. For now, I give you drabbles, short little snippets of Klaine, based off of one word prompts or songs. To begin with, I give you Fall, based off of both a prompt and Lifehouse's new song: Falling In.

They had to talk about it eventually, and now here they were, cuddled up to each other in Blaine's room, the radio playing softly. 97.9, all of today's best music, as it kept reminding them. "What are you thinking?" Blaine asked softly.

Kurt snuggled closer, seeking comfort. "To be honest, I'm scared."

He could hear the smile in Blaine's voice as a new song started playing. "Don't be scared."

"Don't be scared, it's only love, baby that we're falling in." The voice on the radio crooned the words, and the boys fell silent, listening. "This heart that I've followed has left me so hollow. That was then, this is now. Yeah you have changed everything. Every time I see your face, my heart takes off on a high speed chase now."

Blaine smiled and kissed Kurt, already picking up the tune. "Don't be scared. It's only love, baby, that we're falling in."