Pawns Can Feel Too

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Pawns Can Feel Too


An exasperated sigh escaped Wally West as he was slumped upside down on the couch right next to Conner, also known as Superboy, while the said clone was watching a commercial about synthetic lawns.

His legs kicked air as his calves were propped against the headrest portion of the couch. "Supes, why are you watching an infomercial about fake grass?" the speedster asked still watching the monotone salesperson showing the difference between their grass and crabgrass. The said Metahuman shrugged and replied, "There's nothing else on and you grounded me from video games." Superboy commented.

Another dramatic sigh escaped Kid Flash and he finally sat upright, "I told you not to hold the control too tightly! You crushed it like crackers! Until Rob brings the replacement control, you're grounded!" Wally jumped out of his seat and cried, "I'm so bored! Batman hasn't been around the last week and Black Canary has been too busy helping Green Arrow out in Star City to come and train us…" he slumped to the floor in a dramatic heap and mumbled, "Not to mention Robin and Artemis haven't been here either."

Conner heard the last part and asked while changing to channel to a cooking show, "I thought you didn't care about Artemis that much…" he hid a smirk as Wally shot his head up with a loud "WHAT?" with his body improperly balanced he fell ungracefully to the floor.

Still on the floor, the Fastest Boy Alive blanched at the implication and replied quickly, "A-Are you kidding me? Of COURSE I don't care about her! I-It's just that… Megan has been doing that long distance meditating-thing with Martian Manhunter and Aqualad just returned from a visit with Aquaman. There's nothing to do!"

He roughly threw himself back onto the couch and did not even notice the small ripple in the shadows.

"Well then you're gonna love what Batman has planned for us all!" Kid Flash jumped out of his seat and whipped around to see Robin standing there at the door to the kitchen with Aqualad. Everyone else besides Wally broke out laughing at the expression on the speedster's face; his face resembled a shocked cat that was doused with water.

"You're back, Robin!" he ran over to the Boy Wonder and enveloped him in a bone-crushing hug. Robin chuckled and returned the hug.

Superboy turned off the television and moved to greet the youngest hero as well. "I take it Batman has got a mission for us?" he asked with hope in his eyes. Robin nodded and pulled away from Wally's hug. "Yeah, he's in the briefing room waiting for us." Aqualad lead the way down a few hallways and soon the four male teens found themselves in the meeting room with Artemis, Batman, and Megan waiting for them.

Artemis was smirking as she spoke, "So, KF, I hear you missed me and the Birdie. Is that true?" he paled and stuttered out, "O-Of course not! You're crazy!"

Batman typed into the keyboard a command and soon a pixilated picture appeared on the translucent screen; this silenced and side conversations. "Three hours ago an unknown criminal sent the Justice League an encoded message that he will be striking the S.T.A.R Labs facility in New York City. He said he will be there at 11 p.m tonight and he is expecting a fight."

His gloved index finger hit enter and a video began playing, the pixilated figure began moving and speaking, "Good evening members of the Justice League, my name is Manipulus and I wanted to take this chance to inform you of my plans to break into the S.T.A.R Labs facility in New York in order to obtain an object known as the Mind Link. Think me insane if you will, but I believe a fair playing field will make it all the sweeter for me when I defeat you all. I look forward to the heroes that appear to apprehend me. Have a good night."

The message ended and the link was deleted. Kid Flash spoke first with a grin and another comment for the bad guy. "Where did he get the name? It's like 'manipulate' with an attempt at making it fancy."

Robin grinned as well when he answered, "Manipulus is the Latin root of manipulate, nice try though." Wally stared at his friend; "Do you read a dictionary in your spare time?"

Batman ignored the light banter and continued, "I copied the file and was able to save it, since the person who sent it encrypted a virus that deleted the message after it played." Stated Batman as he opened up another window that projected an image of the imposing S.T.A.R Labs building in New York City. It stood at 25 floors and reflective mirrors posed as windows; nobody could see in, but S.T.A.R Labs could see out.

Kid Flash piped in, "Have any of the Justice League members ever come across this Manipulus-whatever guy before?" Batman shook his head and clarified, "No, from what records show, there has never been a Manipulus; this is a new criminal."

"This S.T.A.R Labs in New York did posses the weapon known as the Mind Link, but it was lost in an explosion from an extremist group seven months back. That information was not released to the public, so Manipulus is already at a disadvantage." Commented Robin who was leaning against the crystal island in front of the large super computer.

Batman agreed, "This particular building specializes in research and technology, but to the publics eyes only. It was shut down seven months ago via the explosion." He then turned his attention to the screen once again, "Your mission is to apprehend the criminal Manipulus and the bring him to Metropolis where Superman will be waiting to bring him into custody."

Superboy fidgeted at the mention of his nonexistent father and Wally rolled his eyes. Of course we will NEVER be allowed to bring an enemy into custody due to the fact that we are a covert team, but this is RIDICULOUS! He complained in his mind, but on some level, Kid Flash understood why they would not publicly turn in a criminal to the authorities.

The conversation with his uncle Flash still echoing in his mind.

The two speedsters were "jogging" through Central City with no real destination in mind, so they were zipping through the streets when something caught the teenager's eyes. He abruptly stopped and walked over to an electronics store where a T.V on sale was reporting Batman handing an injured Harold Cummings to the Gotham City police with handcuffs restraining the criminal.

A frown crossed his lips as Kid Flash spoke with a defiant tone without turning to face his mentor. "Superboy was the one who took him down and saved Robin; it was our mission and our job, but a Justice League member always comes in to take the credit for our work!" he was aggravated at his mentor and the rest of the Justice League who treated his team like… SIDEKICKS!

Barry Allen, not the Flash, answered his nephew's demands. "I worry about you sometimes," Wally stared at his uncle for a moment; clearly confused at the random statement. The Flash laughed and ignored the confused stares from a few citizens.

"Can you run that by me again?" the youngest member of the Flash family asked. Barry nodded and reiterated, "I worry about you sometimes; Green Arrow worries about Artemis and Red Arrow; Aquaman is concerned for Kaldur's well being; J'onn and Batman don't show it, but they worry about Robin and M'gann. We all worry about our protégés and if we will ever see you again. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I get scared for you whenever you are on a mission.

"If any of our enemies find out that you are all working together, what will stop them from using you to get to all of us?" that mere sentence sent a jolt of pain through the young speedster.

A mental image of his uncle Barry holding his dead form flickered in his mind and his body released an uncontrolled shiver. The Flash smiled a sad smile and nodded, "That feeling is amplified a hundred fold when any of you are in danger. Now you know why we of the Justice League want all of you in covert missions; not for our egos, not to torment you, but to ensure none of us get hurt."

The Flash ruffled Kid Flash's hair and his smiled brightened. "Now, if anyone asks, we never had this conversation." Wally nodded and the two took off again racing with the destination of home in their minds.

Kid Flash smiled at the memory and any bitter feeling vanished like a split second thought. Megan quickly glanced at her friend at the sudden change of his feelings and shared a secret smile with herself; he understood now.

"There are several anomalies unaccounted for, but Superman believes you can handle it." Conner's piercing blue eyes shot up to those unreadable eyes hidden underneath the cowl; utterly shocked. He believes in us…? Does that mean me as well? Thought Superboy as his mind raced for that sliver of hope that Clark Kent really did have a feeling even in its smallest measure of caring for him.

Robin saw the display of raw feelings and placed a lithe hand on his friend's shoulder. The clone's gaze drifted to the Boy Wonder and a smile crossed his lips. He does care in his own way; give him time.

Batman noticed the change in Kid Flash, Robin, and Superboy and he had a moment of peace. A second later, it passed and his expression returned to indifferent. "You have your mission; get a move on to the docking bay." The team made their way to where the Bio-Ship was stored and none of them looked back; this was their time.


The member of the Young Justice team were excited and anxious to get to their first mission in what seems like an eternity, even Megan was smiling as she sped up her ship by riding wind currents. Sooner than later, the Bio-Ship landed on a roof across the street to the large abandoned S.T.A.R. Labs and all stood standing in the shadows of a nameless five-story building.

Aqualad scanned the area with his light green-blue eyes before speaking, "We have fifteen minutes before Manipulus is going to show up. Let's start with a perimeter." His gazed shifted to Megan, "Megan, can you reach the roof top and connect us all?" she nodded, "You can tell us when our guest arrives." He then turned to Artemis, "You go with her and offer a defense." The said archer nodded in understanding and turned to Megan, "Can I steal a ride from you?" she asked; the Martian beamed at her and hugged her close. Without another word, she flew off over the lighted street and into the moonless night with Artemis holding on tight.

He turned to Kid Flash and Superboy, "You guys will work your way into the east side, according to Batman's information there is a maintenance entrance there where you can get in. It would be better if we apprehend them in the building and away from citizen casualties." They nodded and jumped into the alley on the left; Kid Flash began running fast in place and wind began swirling around him, giving him a softer landing. With a smooth landing, Wally sped off towards the right side of the building.

Superboy turned to the last two with a winning grin before jumping over the side and the darkness of the alley swallowed him whole.

Robin was silently chuckling when a tremor rippled through the ground when Conner landed. Aqualad shook his head, "Superman is going to wonder about the large crater…" he ignored that thought momentarily and turned to the Boy Wonder, "We are going to enter through the northwest entrance. That is where the scientists used to enter. There should be a place you can hack into and get us in."

The Boy Wonder nodded and with a wave of his right hand, he turned on his compact computer on his left wrist and grinned, "For a place that has been abandoned for seven months, it is still receiving power." Kaldur nodded and asked, "All the information we have points to it being discontinued, but this new information is making me wonder."

Robin pulled out his grappling gun and fired; it latched onto the seventeenth floor wall and he flew off into the night leaving his laughter in his wake. Aqualad smiled and jumped off the five-story building using his channeling weapon as a whip to latch onto a light pole to give himself a better landing then Superboy.

Their mission has begun.


Hacking into the security panel was easy and entering the building without tripping an alarm was easier. Robin and Aqualad made their way deeper into the building where they found several cubicles with desks and humming computers. When they ran up the emergency stairs to the third floor, Robin's pink lips were forming a frown. Thought lines creased his forehead as he turned to face Kaldur. "Our records indicate that this branch of S.T.A.R Labs was shut down seven months ago and to the public it has continued function; even without the scientists. What the Hell?" asked the bird.

The Atlantean nodded and continued on the conversation, "The records in S.T.A.R Labs even shows it has been discontinued… So, even the company doesn't even know it is still running?"

Robin paused his walking and offered a hypothesis. "Could it be that all the information is correct?" Aqualad shot him a confused look so he clarified.

"According to Justice League records, this place has been abandoned; to the whole company of S.T.A.R Labs, it has also been closed off. To the public, it is still running and no one has batted an eye to the facts." He paused and his domino mask covered eyes looked up to Kaldur's bright eyes; even in the dimly lit floor, they still shimmered.

"What if another company, a third party, came forward and took over the building? Another group who has research and technology that needs to be tested and away from everyone else's eyes…" his voice faded and Aqualad finished the theory.

"Cadmus." The Boy Wonder nodded, "Yes, their research can be geared towards the Genomorphs and what kind of weapon was S.T.A.R Labs was working on via technology?" Aqualad whispered, "The Mind Link," and entered their group's mental "chat room".

"Everyone, this mission needs to be reevaluated; new information has appeared and it will need the attention of Batman. Regroup on the fifteenth floor in five minutes." he ordered, but Megan's voice stopped everyone from moving. "A van with no license or tags just drove up to the maintenance entrance and six men in black are entering the building."

She was silent for another moment and on the first story, Conner was cracking his knuckles while Wally's right leg was twitching; he needed to move soon, the suspense was killing him. "Three move vans just rounded the corner on the northwest portion of the building. They are coming in as well!"

Aqualad had a split second to make a decision and he took it. "The plan is still to regroup and take them down. We'll worry about the theory later," he sensed Robin silently agreed and the team broke off mental communication.

Superboy and Kid flash were the first one who made it to the designated floor with Artemis running towards them; Miss. Martian was flying closely behind her. Aqualad and Robin were last and the said Boy Wonder opened his portable computer and its dim blue screen illuminated the area.

"I hacked into the security system and was able to get a visual on the groups. All together, there are 24 men roaming on the first three floors. I would suggest cutting the power, but it may alarm the wrong people," he glanced at Aqualad who nodded in response. Artemis wanted to ask exactly who, but held the question in; now was not the time.

"So, we will have to take them out starting from the third floor and moving our way down-" Aqualad was speaking when a red light started flickering on the Boy Wonder's device, cutting him off. "Manipulus just entered the basement level, he's going for the Mind Link!" cried Robin; on instinct, he began sprinting down the stairs with Artemis following him. The protégé of Batman used Megan's ability to open a link with Aqualad, "We'll stop Manipulus. He can't let him leave with the device!"

Kaldur nodded, physically and mentally, "I'll fill in the others while we start taking down the other enemies. We'll come back you up soon!" With that said, the other four members quickly ran down to the other staircase on the opposite side of the building and made their way to where things were going to become very interesting.


Artemis and Robin slipped past the thugs working with Manipulus and once they reached the first floor, the Boy Wonder hacked into the elevator and granted them access to the basement levels.

While they waited to reach the second basement floor, he asked his teammate, "Why did you decide to come with me?" she glanced at him and seemed to be inspecting him, a moment later, the archer replied, "While the others are good at taking down enemies with their Metahuman abilities, we both have more training in weapons and stealth. We'd make a good team on this one."

They were both now grinning and the elevator doors opened allowing the two heroes entrance to the vault floor of S.T.A.R Labs, building taken over by Cadmus.

The two silently made their way through the floor while hugging the shadows and avoiding any meeting with an occasional goon. They switched off taking down each enemy. One round was Robin throwing knock out gas pellets to an enemy or Artemis would shot an arrow that had a small balloon tip that upon impact would burst and release a knock out gas similar to Robin's weapons.

The hallway lead them to a vault door which was slightly ajar and with their weapons at the ready, Robin pulled the door open even more and Artemis pointed her already cocked arrow to a back the was huddled over a metal table.

Manipulus did not move from his position when he began speaking, but the Boy Wonder and the archer move cautiously closer.

"I have been searching for a weapon that could grant me the ultimate control over others most of my adult life. I used hypnosis, drugs, technology and nothing ever worked properly." Some metal on the table clinked together, but other than that, Manipulus continued speaking, "I wanted to show my mother that I could move people the way she wanted me to, but she died thirteen months ago from a heart valve failing her. SHE NEVER SAW ME BECOME A GREAT MAN!"

The sudden rise in his voice startled Artemis, who almost shot him on impulse, but one look from Robin made her reconsider her illogical move. The man garbed in a cloud gray trench coat leisurely turned to the heroes with a gun pointed at the heroine.

Before Robin or Artemis could respond, he shot her and just as quickly, Manipulus shot Robin as well. They both fell to the floor with their back to Manipulus's face. He stared down at them for a moment before pulling out a walkie-talkie, "I've got them, get three guys down here and push back the other heroes to the third floor."

He cut off communication and nudged Robin onto his backside so he could relish in the tranquilizer dart pointing out of his chest, centimeters above his heart.


M'gann M'orzz just finished using her telekinetic powers to throw a man with a ski mask covering his face into the wall when a jolt of panic stuck her form. It was so violent that she fell to her knees. Superboy saw this and another enemy moving towards Megan to hurt her and he quickly intercepted the thug and punched him into a wall, creating a small crater where a back impacted the wall.

Kid Flash was by her side in a second and gently helped her up, "Megan, what's wrong?" he asked. Kaldur receded the water in his channeling weapon back into his pack and his eyes scanned around the third floor; the enemy soldiers have been defeated.

Aqualad had a frown marring his face as he saw eighteen men littering the floor. "These guys made an effort to keep us on the third floor, almost like something has happened to-" his thought cut off abruptly as he saw Megan holding onto Wally like a panicked parent holding onto a police officer who just told her she lost her child.

Fear, panic, horror, and shock rippled in her eyes like a nightmare was plaguing her mind. Aqualad moved closer to her and tried to mentally connect with her; she didn't grant him access. She's keeping us out…

Kid Flash held her close and rubbed soothing circles in her back. She is flipping out and judging by Kaldur's face, she is not letting him into her mind. The Fastest Boy alive tried again out loud to get Megan's attention, "Megan, look at me," he ordered in a serious tone which no one on the team has ever heard.

It proved true when the Martian slowly turned to meet his gaze. Wally offered her an encouraging smile. "Good, good, Megan," he said in a softer tone. "Now, you need to tell us what is wrong," he offered and after a moment she finally spoke. "I… I lost track of Robin and Artemis…"

Aqualad was perplexed and asked, "You don't sense them? What does that mean?" She removed her face from the nook of Wally's neck and whispered, "They are either unconscious or…" her voice faded and the last word hovered above them like a stormy cloud, "dead".

Without waiting for another second to pass, Conner raced down the stairs to the first floor and nearly crashed into the elevator doors. He forced his fingers into the fine line that signified the metal doors were closed and ripped them open. Superboy jumped and landed on the elevator that was paused at the second floor. It trembled under his landing, but he ignored it and opened the emergency hatch to slip into the elevator and punched the doors open.

He raced down the linear hallway and soon found the vault door, which was sealed shut. Panic raced through his veins and acted as a similar chemical to adrenaline and he ripped the twelve-inch thick metal door from its hinges and threw it over his shoulder.

Aqualad used his instincts to duck when the large door flew over Conner's shoulder. Once he recovered he followed the clone of Superman into the vault room just like he followed him down the rushed path of destruction from a minute ago.

Superboy stared into the into the empty room that showed only a security box was removed from the wall on the right and the container was left on the metal table placed in the middle of the room.

Artemis and Robin were nowhere to be found.

Kid Flash ran down the hallway with Megan on his back wishing that Superboy and Aqualad found them unconscious. "Please find them unconscious… not dead, if you find them dead-" he forced his mind to cut off at that point and made himself speed up. When he reached the same entrance to the vault, his heart grew heavy as he caught sight of Conner and Kaldur walking out of the protected room with no Boy Wonder or Artemis.

Megan's hold on his shoulder increased as she felt the raw emotions rolling off the Atlantean and the clone. Anger, fear, resentment, guilt, remorse, and… "I've never felt such hatred before…" she murmured; Wally continued running and tried to pretend he didn't hear Miss. Martian's words.

He reached them at the end of the hallway and jumped over the abandoned vault door and didn't even need to ask if they found their friends.

"What are we going to tell Batman?" he asked quietly; Superboy was glaring at the wall; Megan had her eyes closed, trying to block out the mental pain; and Kaldur's eyes mirrored a void of nothingness. "We tell him we failed to save two of our teammates."


The flight to Mount Justice was a reenactment of the incident where Superboy was keeping Robin an injured bird alive. It was awkwardly silent, and the atmosphere was allowing dark clouds into the cockpit. Megan maintained a speed that made her Bio-Ship rumble in protest, but she knew it would hold.

A connection to Mount Justice opened and Kid Flash answered Red Tornado's hail. "Red Tornado, this is Kid Flash, we are returning to the base. E.T.A is seven minutes." He said in a monotone voice. The said guardian took a paused moment that could have been construed as a shocked reaction to Kid Flash's action devoid of emotion, but he is an android. I have no emotions, he told himself.

"Batman is here waiting for your return and scanners in the Bio-Ship indicate Robin and Artemis are missing." Aqualad spoke up with a hoarse voice.

"We'll update you on the situation when we return." Was all he said; it was all he could manage.

In the distance, Mount Justice seemed more intimidating then welcoming.


When the Bio-Ship evacuated the four Young Justice teammates, they saw Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Red Tornado waiting for them.

Aqualad lead the other three heroes towards them with a look of attempted indifference, but Megan sensed he was far from leadership calm. She was still nestled on Wally's back, not because she wanted to, but because she was still mentally exhausted. The three male heroes stopped in front of their fellow heroes with the fate of Artemis and Robin clear on their faces.

Before the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel could speak, Aqualad spoke, "Manipulus knew that S.T.A.R Labs was still functioning and that is why he attacked. He knew a third party was still running it. Robin theorized it may have been Cadmus and our information made more questions and gave us less answers. The group hit at the designated time and Robin and Artemis had more experience in stealth that the rest of us. They went after Manipulus and he…"

His throat was constricting which in turn made breathing and speaking hard. He took a moment to swallow the lump in his throat and continued, "He- Manipulus took them; we are not sure if they are alive or…" he couldn't bring himself to even utter that option. It was too painful.

Silence enveloped the bay and no one moved. It seemed like the air turned itself into a solid and allowed no one to do anything. Moments seemed to turn into hours until finally, Batman spoke.

"Until we can confirm Robin's theory of the possibility of Cadmus running the abandoned S.T.A.R Labs and more information pertaining to Robin and Artemis's situation, you all are suspended from missions and are isolated to the mountain until further notice."

None of the teens bothered to argue the order and none of the Justice League members spoke as the teens walked around them and deeper into the mountain.

The deep black cape of Batman flourished open as he walked in the opposite direction of the Young Justice team, away from the other heroes; Superman was the brave one to follow.

Down the dark corridor Superman was still able to see the back of his best friend and he called out, "Bruce, where are you going?" he asked with sympathy in his voice. This made the Dark Knight stopped dead in his tracks and growled over his shoulder, "To hunt down the son of a bitch who took my son."


Darkness, darkness surrounded both of them. No matter how much Robin searched the walls for a weakness or how long Artemis waited for her eyes to adjust to the pitch-black abyss they found themselves in, nothing changed. He glared into the nothingness; his utility belt was gone as was his portable computer. Artemis also woke without her bows and arrows and any other gadgets she may have had hidden on her person.

The archer felt around for the cot pushed against a wall and sat down. "I want to pretend nothing will happen to us, but lying would not do us any good, huh Birdie?"

He smiled despite the danger and replied, "We both know what is coming and all we can do is try and beat the device at its own mental game."

Their conversation was cut off by a voice over speakers perched somewhere near the ceiling. "I would not put much faith in either of you beating the Mind Link, but delude yourselves all you want." The voice went silent and a panel on the wall slid open to reveal a man with four more behind him.

It was Manipulus and his features were finally seen. His green eyes glimmered madness and his short sleek hair did not offer any good point in his favor. His lips offered a polite smile that gave nothing but unease to the heroes.

"What do you want with us?" asked Robin, he knew there was no real answer in asking, but maybe this action could give some insight to his state of mind. Manipulus's smile grew as he walked closer to Batman's protégé. "You know I kidnapped you; you know I have the Mind Link device, and you know that I want to show the world I have ultimate control." His gaze turned to Artemis.

"Have you ever wanted to have super powers like the rest of your team?"

The question took them both off guard, but neither responded. Manipulus didn't seem to mind since he continued after a moment, "Aqualad has his inhuman strength and his power over water. Kid Flash has super speed that almost matches The Flash. Miss. Martian has an array of abilities: from flight, to telekinesis, and she is a telepath. Lastly, Superboy has almost all of the powers of Superman.

"You are the only two non-Metahumans of your team. Wouldn't you like to have abilities like them?" Artemis scoffed at his question, "Are you kidding me?"

She stood from her spot on the portable bed. "I am an archer under the tutelage of the Green Arrow. My archery is on par with him and Red Arrow. I don't need powers."

Robin nodded and spoke up, "I have been the partner of the Dark Knight who had made me ready for anything and everything. What makes you think we need powers?"

Manipulus started chuckling lightly before he offered, "Because I caught you both without breaking a sweat. You both lacked the defense similar to Kid Flash who could've dodged the dart, or Superboy and Aqualad's gifts to deflect the dart or endure the serum."

They both inwardly flinched at the bitter truth that was given to them. "Did you know that an average human only uses ten percent of their brain?" silence replied to him, so he carried on. "Metahumans, it seems use more of their brain. I can use the Mind Link to open up the barriers that hold you back and allow you to be greater heroes than you are now."

Now it was Robin's turn to chuckle. "The Mind Link doesn't do that and we all know it. Stop B.S-ing us." He summed up a glare that almost matched Batman's, but Manipulus did not seemed fazed.

"Ah, I hoped my incentive would be enough to earn your trust, but apparently not." He stepped towards the door and the four large men entered the room. Artemis and Robin stood up ready to defend themselves, but were quickly neutralized and confined to holds that kept them pinned to the cold cement ground.

"Relish in the last moments of your own free thinking and feeling, because as of right now, you both will show the Justice League my power of control over you both."

Sharp pinches informed the heroine and Boy Wonder that something was being injected into their arms. Their eyelids grew heavy and the last thing they saw were two white gurneys appearing to take them away to somewhere unknown.

"Batman…" whispered Robin before his world faded away.


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