Showering Barrier

Welcome to my first ever Kekkaishi fanfic, and though I watched the 52-episode anime, I haven't read the parts of the manga where episodes 52 left off, and after reading most of the M-rated fics, I decided to make one myself and have Yohimori and Tokine paired together. Although two of the Yohimori x Tokine fics are here, it wasn't quite good in the plot department so I'm going to do an experiment and see how well this fic goes. So Kekkaishi fans..enjoy!

This takes place during the anime series…more specifically, between the funeral of Gen Shihio and their upcoming battle against Kokuboro.


Kekkaishi are owned byYellow Tanabe and Sunrise

At the Sumimura residence, one night, a few days have passed since Masamori Sumimura arrived, and things are quite lively as he brought along with the Night Troops to prepare their big battle against Kokuburo and his allies who are bent to invade Kasumori Academy, as well as to avenge the death of their friend, Gen Shihio. Despite the tragic loss of a valuable member, the Night Troop members remained in their usual composure and are now getting ready for what would be their ultimate challenge in the upcoming days.

The main patriarch of the Sumimura family, Shigemori, was a bit upset that the Night Troops members having hogging the house's guest room areas though Shuji, his son and the father of Masamori, Yoshimori, and Toshimori, told his dad that he "solved the problem" and that the house can accommodate a lot of guest, which the patriarch resigned to.

"Hmph…you're to kind, Shuji…they might take advantage of your hospitality…"

"No need to worry, father…Masamori would surely keep them in check…and in line…"



Elsewhere within the Sumimura house, three of the Night Troops members, Sen Kagemiya, Shu Akitsu and Dai Yaegahi, are working something at the bathroom. Dai sent his "duplicate" to peek over the corner. The corridor where everyone had rented their rooms was empty. He shuffled down towards a door, and checking around again, extracted a key from somewhere, and entered the room.

Once inside, he started sniggering. So far so good. He and Shu are conspiring to do some "plans" involving Tokine Yukimura as Masamori managed to persuade the Yukimura family to allow her to stay over at the Sumimura house despite Shigemori and the Yukimura Family's (specifically Shizue and Tokio) protests, but Masamori's cool and calm talking managed to persuade them to accept the offer as he promised that he'll protect her. Since Tokine was out exploring the Kasumori Academy with Yoshimori (with Hakubi and Madarao tagging along as usual), and would be gone long enough to get everything "installed".

Dai's duplicate reached outside the door, and pulled in a box. He carried this into the small bathroom where Shu the REAL Dai are waiting. Opening the lid, he got out a tiny camera, the type usually seen in internet pop-up ads. This had a long cable attached. Using his duplicates he summoned, "they" (Dai's duplicates) fixed the camera to a high corner of the room, out of sight and pointing toward the bath and shower.

"This is my greatest idea ever!"

Dai chided to Shu and Shu agreed nevertheless, as he pulled the rest of the long cable out of the box. "Now I can peep on Tokine in safety. Why didn't I think of this before? Kami-Sama bless the internet!"

With everything set, the two Night Troops members moved back to the room, the cable in their hands. Dai looked around thoughtfully as if an idea popped into his head.

"Hmmm. I need to lead this cable out somehow, somewhere she won't see it."

His eyes located the dresser next to him. Perfect. Nipping back to the box, he extracted a large power drill, where Shu quickly followed, getting what Dai has in mind. Not quite far, Sen looked up around his surroundings. He could swear he could hear a drill or something….

"You going to shoot sometime this century Sen? You know we're waiting…"

Makio commented as he is holding a billiard baton as he is waiting for Sen to make his move. Thanks to Shuji's suggestion, Masamori agreed to have a billiard table set up as to give the Night Troop members some leisure time to kill while waiting for the "upcoming day" to arrive so that they won't get bored to death by training excessively. Joining Sen and Makio in the game are Fumiya Somegi, Hakota and Mukade.

As the five of them are busy playing, the TV connected to the wall showed that it was airing a program titled "Kamen Rider Hibiki" and other Night Troop members are watching the fighting scenes and surprisingly, are acting like high school students watching their favorite heroes doing their attack sequences.

"Yeah…go, Hibiki!"

"Ibuki's going to do it! Ongeki Zan…Shippu Issen!"

"Whoa…Todoroki and Zanki are going to play their guitars…"

By then their viewing was interrupted by a news program which was a weather bulletin from the NHK News Flash, where its weather forecaster announces that a tropical storm that has been stationary for the past 12 hours within Tokyo seas, have intensified into a typhoon is heading within Kasumori's, as well as Tokyo's vicinity, and told the viewers to stay indoors as the downpour will be very strong and expect winds to be quite strong even for those who are traveling outdoors. However, the warning came too late as the storm's presence has been felt and the strong winds can be heard howling.

"Great…the warning came too late…"

"Wah! The TV's signal has been jammed!"

"Damn! Now I can't watch Hibiki!"

By then, Raizo, who is watching the billiard game from the sideline, recalled that Yoshimori and Tokine are out patrolling at Kasumori Academy and is somewhat worried that the two might get stranded as they are unaware of the storm's sudden surge in strength.

"Shouldn't someone find Yoshimori and Tokine tell them the current situation?"

Atori Hanashime, who was Gen's trainer since he was recruited by Masamori to join the Night Troop, looked out at the clouds, and could see slight rain falling. An evil grin came to her face. Since learning that Gen has become good friends with the two Kekkai users, she thought the two might be potential lovers, and thought that this storm might be a good way to bring the two together.

"Nah. They'll figure it out."


At the Kasumori Academy, Yohimori and Tokine are patrolling the school since it was night time and that it's also part of their jobs to safeguard trhe school from Ayakashi attacks as well as to see if the Kokuboro members might stage a sudden attack, even though Yoshimori suspects that the enemy won't show up until the "day of the final battle" arrives, though he is a bit glad that he could use this opportunity to get closer to Tokine.

"Come on Yoshimori-kun!" Tokine called. "Don't be such a slowpoke!" She increased her walking speed to get closer to the building in front of her.

Yoshmori was in no hurry. For one thing, it was rather hot, and he didn't feel like running. Two, the Night Troop had come here to relax as well as to prepare for their upcoming battle and to forget about the night Gen Shishio died tragically for a short while. Third, while he stayed behind, he had a perfect view of Tokine. She has been blooming lately and he couldn't help but admire her in a loving way.

If anyone asked, he would always say the reason he liked Tokinee was her compassionate, headstrong nature, her kind spirit and her beauty. That also includes his mental vow to protect her and to make sure she doesn't get hurt again after the Ayaksshi injured her during their childhood days that resulted in her getting a scar on he right forearm.

"Tokine…if only you know how much I care for you…"

But of course, that didn't totally attract him. Her body…. Whenever he ended up looking at her, thoughts of a less innocent nature would creep in. It took all his effort not to blush or show his enjoyment too much. He doubted anyone would like the idea of a hentai Barrier Master. His thoughts had been travelling down that road recently, of wanting to be with her, to feel her body next to his… but then he had to keep reminding himself that he hadn't even told her he loved her yet. He had thought this time at the Kasumori Academy would be a good place to do so, but he had failed to come up with the courage to do so.

"It's so hard." He thought. "I want to tell her… but does she feel the same? Am I just her friend and rival…?"

So lost in his thoughts was he, he hadn't realized he'd crossed an alley section of the building. Jolting out of his haze, he noticed Tokine was nowhere in sight.

"Tokine-chan!" Where are you?" He called.

By then Madarao sensed a powerful Ayakashi's aura suddenly manifested and then saw Hakubi was seen thrown back. Yoshimori's worries started to build up as he felt that something bad is happening and went towards the corner, where he saw a human-sized Ayakashi resembling a humanoid wolverine attacking Tokine, who activated her Kekkai to form a barrier around herself, but the Ayakashi slashed its way, penetrating the barrier and she is forced to deactivate her barrier to get away and to regroup.


By then rain started to pour in and within a minute the ground went slippery which compounded Yoshimori's effort to get to the scene, slipping and tripping down while Madarao joins Hakubi in fending off the rabid Ayakashi, though it did little to stop it. As she is about to use a strong barrier to trap the enemy, the slippery ground she stepped on gave her a slip and almost cause her to fall to the ground yet she managed to land on one knee, and both Madaro and Hakubi managed to grab the enemy to halt its assault.

"We got it!"

"Quick…get back and find room, honey!"

However, the wolverine-type Ayakashi managed to reach Tokine and uses its claws to slash her but only succeeded in scraping off the front portion of her kimono but she was shocked by this as she backed away further but then she slipped again and this time she is down on the ground and tries to get up. Yoshimori saw this and both worry and rage surged into his adrenaline.

"Tokine-chan! KETSU!"

The Ayakashi is immediately trapped inside the barrier just as Madarao and Hakubi released their hold, and before the Ayakashi is about to hack and slash its way out, Yoshimori went into action to dispose of the dangerous enemy in one finger-swiping.


That was it…the Ayakashi is defeated and then the 14-year old boy used his staff to absorb the Ayakashi's aura into the staff to prevent it from regenerating. Once that is done, he went for his "partner" to check her for injuries, though he bluntly forgets that she is a girl as he checked her chest of any injuries, something Madarao and Hakubi stared wide-eyed and realized what would happen next.

"Tokine…are you okay…?"


"Let me check…you might have an open wound…!"

"W-wait…wait! No need…I'm…"

Placing his hands on her chest, he scanned it for any open wounds or other injuries and Madarao turned around, not wanting to see the results, while Hakubi shook his head side ways, seeing how oblivious the boy is yet he can see why he is doing this, but wished that she wouldn't react violently for this kind act.


A pissed off Tokine created a kekkai which has an appearance of a car-sized boxing glove and had it smack Yoshimori towards the school building's wall and walked out in a hurry, her face have an angry look and in her rage she forgotten to cover her upper torso which her chest and breasts remained exposed.

"Hakubi…let's go home!"

"You shouldn't be too hard on her, honey…"

"Don't try to defend that hentai…!"

"He's only checking to see if you got an open wound…"


"Have it your way, honey…"

Back at Kasumori Academy, Yoshimori recovered from the blow though his left cheek is swelling after the kekkai blow from Tokone, feeling quite frustrated at how she reacted to his aid, though he came to realized that he unintentionally touched her breast though he is doing this to check for any injuries.

"Geez…at least she should've said "I'm okay…no need to check on my chest" or something…"

He soon began wondering why the clouds had darkened all of a sudden, when from nowhere, a massive hail of rain hit him. Gallons of water poured from the heavens and soaked him instantly.

"I guess the heavens are sympathizing with me…I wish Gen were here…he would've tell her I didn't do perverted acts towards her…"


"Man, what a downpour." Sen commented as he and the others watched the rain batter the window. They also noted that Tokine and Yoshimori haven't arrived yet. He even wondered when Masamori would come back given the fact that the typhoon had struck Tokyo so suddenly without warning. By then Razio came and told the Night Troops what he has to say.

I got a call form Masamori-sama…he'll be coming home as soon as the rain stops. The Sumimura family are also be spending the night at a nearby hotel until the rain stop as well. We'll be having the place to ourselves…"

"Hey…don't forget that Yoshimori will be here as well…and Tokine…"

Sen reminded Razio of this and then the Night Troop members began to talk among themselves about the two teens, seeing their chemistry good despite their constant opposition, but then something unexpected came and this would provoke tension inside the hall. At that moment, Tokine burst into the room, water trailing behind her.

"Good grief, did you guys fail to tell me that a storm came in? Look at me! I'm totally drenched."

The eyes of every male in the room focused on the only girl of the Yukimura family, and suddenly went all glassy.

"What?" Tokine demanded, confused at the gaping stares. By then, Atora entered, and is surprised to see Tokine's state.

"Hi Tokine…we just got the news that the tropical storm suddenly became a typhoon and…whoa! Attack of the pair of boobs!"

Tokine looked down, and shrieked when she realized herkimono is still ripped, and her assets were on view for all to see.

"Whoa…look at that…"

"Pork buns…"

"Chicken breasts…"

"A pair of pacifiers…"


Hearing the male Night Troop members' perverted comments added fuel to her rage as she glared angrily at the men and then unleashed her fury like what she did to Yoshimori earlier at the Kasumori Academy.


Several barriers made of spears and arrows were unleashed and struck every men inside the hall, though they're more like of warning shots instead of actual attacks, which the Night Troop members, the males that is, managed to hide for safety.


They all jumped for cover behind the couch or under the pool table, and they all remained there until her anger subsided. They wouldn't want to get into a fight with her seeing how rutless she can be when it comes to kekkai combat.

"An army of hentai…I wonder why Masamori-sempai chose you to be members of the Night Troop…"

As Tokine left, she is heading for the showers to clean up, which a few minutes later, Yoshimori arrived, also drenched in rain, and his kimono is covered in mud and upon entering the hall, he saw the Night Troop members' states and wondered what just happened.

"What happened? Are you guys playing hide and seek or something?"

They all got up, looking a bit ashamed, yet one of them took the opportunity to tease Yohimori, seeing the boy's swollen cheek and guessed what caused Tokine to come home half-naked..

"You should talk to your girlfriend about her temper, Sumimura." Atora said.

"What? Youy're crazy! She's not my…ahh…whatever!"

Yoshimori started, but stopped knowing they wouldn't believe him. He walked over to the wall where all the weapons had been placed, and placed his staff as he decided to go outside to lose some steam. He left and walked out into the storm. The wind wasn't blowing too hard, but it felt like a massive wall pushing against his chest. It felt a bit like the problem weighing on his chest.

Minutes later, he is practicing on some Kekkai techniques, though his concentration was compounded by the incident earlier, though he managed to rebound and slowly came up with new attacks and defense techniques to help in his fight against the Kokuburo gang come in the next few nights.


As he concentrated to create new barrier techniques, his mind drifted to Tokine. True, she wasn't his girlfriend. But if she was… she was such a great companion. Kind, compassionate, headstrong, and sometimes strict, it showed just as much he care and respect around her. Sometimes she took on the role of a mother at times, something Yoshimori's actual mother shows though she is not around often. Tokine sometimes filling that role helps, and the fact that she had a killer body only helped things.

"I do love her…. I just wish I could show her." He thought. "After today, she probably thinks I'm some kind of porno pervert…."


Just outside Tokine's room, Dai had drilled a small hole, and pulled the remainder of the camera's cable through it. The rest had been hidden under the room's carpet. Dropping the drill into his box, he nipped back into the room, and shoved the dresser back against the wall. Shu then cleaned up the rest of the mess so that it would appear that nothing has happened. Dai's "duplicate" so Tokine arriving and warned the real Dai about it and the two composed themselves just before she enters her room, in which her eyes widening at the sight of the two boys with their hands on her dresser drawers.

"You two! What the hell are you doing?"

"Tokine-sempai!" Dai temporarily turned white.

"Er… I can explain…."

"You're trying to steal my panties, aren't you? GET OUT!"

"What? No!"

"We thought we saw something strange and…"


A kekkai made of crossbow arrows materialized and began to chase the two boys out. Dai and Shu made a beeline for the door before Tokine could give chase. The two ran down the corridor, but stopped and hung around the end, eyes on Tokine's room. It was slightly ajar, and they could just hear her. Dai sent a "duplicate" to check for any audio and waited a few minutes, and then the "duplicate" relayed the message to Dai that all is fine, and he was relieved when nothing happened.

"Phew, she hasn't found it." He sighed as he silently moved back to his box, and grabbed the cable.

"That was close…"

"Yeah…but all is in place…come on. Now all we have to do is to hook this up at the living hall. Operation Tokine-Cam is go!"


At her room, Tokine was still fuming as she flung off her wet, but tattered clothes, and threw them in the corner. The nerve of those guys! Visually ogling her when she was exposed. And they didn't even apologize for it.

Her rage fanned down a bit. After all, she was guilty of the same crime. Being in a gang of rather well built kekkai and superhuman warriors, she couldn't help but take discreet looks whenever they took their shirts off. Though they are manly in the muscle department, her thoughts shifted to Yoshimori . though she was warm and friendly to him during their younger-years, things changed after the incident that the Ayakashi injured her which scarred her right forearm, and because of her duty as a successor to the Kekkaishi, she had to compete with her "partner".

While she do have some affection, things went a bit…strained. Recently Yoshimori has been staring at her and assumes he has perverted thoughts about her and she felt upset about this.

"Why does he have to spy on me like some letch?" She thought. She faced a tall mirror and stared at herself. Her hands ran gently down her body.

"I guess he's just sizing me up. He must have someone better in mind." She thought sadly. "He watches because he had someone better."

She plodded into the bathroom, stooping to turn on a I-Pod with a portable speaker she had bought recently. Her J-Pop CD started playing, and she sung with the words.

She entered the shower, turned on the taps, and sung while the warm water soothed her.

A few minutes later, a very wet Yoshimori walked in, his sodden sneakers making squishing noises on the carpet. The others glanced at him and began teasing him about seeing Tokine's boobs, which he only ignored and left to change clothes at his room.

"Bunch of hentai…"

Walking past the leisure room, he could see the others had left for the bar, save Dai and Shu, who seemed to be fiddling with the TV.

He moved to his room, his mind bending around the problem of how to apologize to Tokine. A reasonable argument in which he explained that he'd touched her breast out of concern for a possible inury might work. Then again, Tokine was totally unpredictable. He took off his clothes and wrapped a towel around his waist. He headed for his shower, and twisted the tap, but then somthinh caught him and this made him sigh in annoyance.

"Eh? No water?"

He turned it some more, then hit the pipes with his fist. A brown gunk dripped out the tap.

"Great!" He thought in disgust. "I get the one crappy shower. I'd better see if I can use one of the others. Hope dad gets back home so he could fix the shower…"

He stepped out of the room, and glanced down the corridor. He could see a door slightly ajar, and the sound of a running shower inside.

"Hello!" He called. He got no answer. "Hello? Anyone in there?"

Inside, Tokine could hear nothing but the stream of the shower and her music as she rinsed soap off her body. Yoshimori tried to recall who is the last person to use the shower as the sound of the nozzle kept running which is a waste of water consumption.

"Great!Figures those guys would forget to leave the water off…well…might as well get to shower…"

As Yoshimori stepped inside, he kept going forward, walking toward the bathroom. As he got closer, he could hear a piece of music trailing off as it finished.

"Huh? Someone's hear and using the shower?"

Inside the bathroom, Tokine stepped away from the water stream, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. She was about to draw the curtain back so she could exit and turn the water off…something unexpected happened and greet her in a surprising way. The 14-year old boy flung the curtain open, and was met with the sight of a girl clad in a very small towel. She shrieked, and jumped back against the shower wall just as he did the same.

"Wha? Tokine-chan?"

"Yoshimori!" She yelled. Her anger from previously was rising again, and another wave of hostility is about to repeat itself.

"What the hell are you doing, you hentai? Can't I take a shower without you leering at me?"

"What? No! I didn't know you were there…"

"Right, sure!" She shook with anger. Why the hell couldn't he just leave her alone? Couldn't he just get a girlfriend to look at instead?

"I'm sick of this! Since the last few months, you who always keep looking at me in a weird way! I bet you're fondling yourself when you're alone in your bedroom!"

"No…you don't under…"

He was about to respond, and rebut, but Tokine was way too angry to let him speak. She is so pissed off that she involuntarily did something Yoshimori would never expect her to do.

"Well, fine Sumimura! You want to get off on your perverted kicks, here's your chance!"

And she flung the towel away. Yoshimori's eyes temporally bugged out of his head. Tokine could feel herself blushing but she fought to contain it. She had to show the younger boy she wouldn't stand for anymore of this. She hoped that this would stop him from looking at her in a perverted way for good.

"Go on! Take a good look, cause it's the last one you'll ever…."

She stopped when she saw Yoshimori's face. There was no lecherous drool, no surprised expression. His face had a slight blush… but his eyes expressed awe, and curiosity, as if he'd never seen anyone like her before. He looked into her eyes.

"Tokine…." He breathed out. "You're so beautiful."

She gasped. Her brain tried to comprehend the words she had just heard… but it couldn't for it had never heard them in that manner.


To Be Continued…

Hope you like this chapter…and I apologized if this didn't meet up to your expectations, but this is the least I could come up with…as this story I wrote is inspired from another anime fic I read earlier…at least this gives me a chance to se how my first Kekkaishi fic would fare…


Yoshimori and Tokine work out on their indifferences…but will this lead to the two admitting their feelings to one another? And being semi-naked at a shower…where will this lead to…?