Showering Romance

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A few nights later, Masamori Sumimura and the Night Troops went into battle at Karasumori Academy as Sakon and his forces launched another full-scale attack which became quite tensed given the sheer number of Ayakashis coming forth, but it did ease the burden off of Yoshimori and Tokine after the death of Gen. however, in the midst of the battle, Yoshimori is still driven by the want to find Kaguro, allowed himself to be taken to Kokubouro by Shion so he could face Kaguro personally, unaware that Sen is also taken prisoner.

"WHAT? Yoshimori willing went with Kokubouro?"

"Yes…I tried to stop him but he wouldn't relent…"

"That idiot…I'm going after him…"

Of course, Tokine isn't pleased with the chain of events and followed them in secret, where she is able to sneak onto Kokubouro and entered the castle, and after several minutes (probably nearing 30 minutes) all hell broke loose as Heisuke Matsudo arrived and freed Yoshimori and there he resumed his search for Kaguro, while Tokine managed to kill a few of Kokubouro's "top men" such as Koshu.

She and Sen were able to meet up with yoshimori as they watched him struggle against Kaguro, but Sen's intervention enabled Yoshimori to defeat Kaguro with a Zekkai that puts him into stasis, and yet Tokine was able to wake him up. As she and the Night Troop escaped the dying dimension, she angrily slapped him for his recklessness which he apologizes, and then fainted due to exhaustion and she slowly regretted slapping him.

"I'm sorry, Tokine…uuhhhnnn…"

"Yoshimori…oh…sorry for the harsh slap…"

Two nights later, the Night Troop are still residing at the Sumimura house with Shigemori, Shuji and Toshimori going out to fetch a relative, only to be stranded at the airport due to another heavy downpour and Masamori is at the house where he eventually learned of the tape that showed Yoshimori and Tokine "doing it" yet he "reprimanded" them and confiscated the tape, only to find out that Dai and Shu placed CCTV cameras at Yoshimori's room and there they gave Masamori the "front seat" and surprisingly, he accepted and told his troopers to get ready as another "live show" is about to commence.


At Yoshimori's room, Tokine went inside to check on him to see how he is doing and the two began talking which both apologized for their actions and they both made up. As the two cuddled, both glanced at each other and began to kiss, which slowly turn passionate and the feeling slowly got stronger and their hands began to travel around each others' bodies as their desire started to grow. Both teens have no idea that they are being watched as they slowly removed their clothes.


A few minutes later, both teens are into position as Tokine stared at Yoshimori's semi-hard organ for a moment, watching slowly hardened, then she caressed his shaft, moving her hands slowly, lovingly, up and down along its length. The 14-year old boy groaned and trembled at the sensation. Smiling, she slowly leaned forward, her face so close that he could feel her breathing on his shaft, it was unbearably arousing...

"Try to hold on longer this time Yoshimori…and let me know when you're about to explode." she told him. Then her lips closed over his shaft.

"Ahh...T-Tokine…" Yoshimori groaned as he felt his penis tense when it entered her mouth. But he managed to control himself and didn't explode like the last time. Tokine felt a little awkward, she couldn't move her mouth as smoothly as she could the first time when she did this at the shower but she continued anyway, her enthusiasm made up for her lack of experience. The 16-year old beauty became totally caught up in the moment, now that she could properly use her mouth on Yoshimori, though she wondered what he could do at this time.

Yoshimori was about to give in to the sensations when he remembered why they were in this position. He hooked his hands around her waist and hauled himself up to her mound. Her clitoris was red and engorged, and her vaginal lips appeared damp. Without further ado, he began licking her organ. It wasn't as easy doing it upside down, but to Tokine, the effect was the same, and he continued his work.

In response to the sudden sensation she felt, Tokine managed a loud "Mpfh!" when he began working on her "privates". She lurched forwards, crushing her breasts into his belly and driving Yoshimori deep into her mouth. She sucked him even harder and her tongue worked frantically over his shaft. Then it was his turn to be smothered as she pushed her hips back at him.

After some initial clumsiness, the younger boy found a good way to work on his lover. He would stick his tongue as deep into her vagina as he could and scoop up her juices, then he would spread the load all over her sensitive clit. This would make Tokine work even harder on his penis, causing him to tongue her harder in turn, pushing them both to ever higher levels of arousal. They ground their bodies together tightly as they worked harder and faster on each other.

"Sl... slow down!"


Tokine exclaimed as she released his erection from her mouth. She had to slacken their pace, before she came too soon. She had seen how his testicles were contracted against the base of his penis. Now she decided to find out how they would taste...

Tokine then suckled his testicles into her mouth and began playing with them with her tongue. While she did, her hands continued to caress his rigid shaft delicately. Freed of the relentless pressure on his member, Yoshimori slowed down his efforts too. Then he figured out how to use his fingers on her without losing his grip...

The reprieve didn't last, as they were just too hungry for each other. Yoshimori's added fingering made up for the slowing in his tonguing. Tokine, on the other hand, soon went back to his hard penis. She kissed and licked it a few times, and then she thrust it halfway down her throat, her mouth rising and falling rapidly on his member. His erection pulsed and throbbed in her grasp, and mouth. Tokine focused all her attention on his manhood, trying hard to ignore the growing sensations from her crotch, and to keep her climax at bay.



The 14-year old boy was trying to do the same at his end too, giving more attention to what he was doing than how he was feeling. He had given up his other efforts, deciding to just use his tongue in her vagina. Neither of them could hold out much longer. Their pace was quickening again, and this time it would be uncontrollable. It became merely a matter of who would come first. Feeling that time is getting short, Yoshimori had her got off him and lay her on the futon, and went on top of her, entering his erection inside her "entrance", and began thrusting in and out of her.


"Try to keep it down, Tokine…the other might here us…"

As his hips move up and down, the sensation became more unbearable in a sensual way, and she gritted her teeth as she was the first to reach orgasm, her feminine fluids gushing his erection, and he tried his best to hold on, but after a minute he reached his end of the line, but he pulled his penis out and took her hand which she rubbed his organ, and released his "seed", landing on her shaved pubic area, and some on her hand as she kept on rubbing him. After that he lay beside her and used his kekkai to remove the "evidence" from her belly.


"Thanks Yoshimori…"

"I love you, Tokine…"

"I love you too…"


At the living room, Heisuke Matsudo came at the Sumimura residence unexpectedly and saw what Dai and Shu are doing, but instead of reprimanding Masamori, he asked him if he recorded the "love-making" which Dai and Shu did, and there Heisuke grinned and pointed a finger at Masamori, much to the Night Troops' surprise.

"Bring out the peanuts and sake!"

Soon everyone was eating peanuts and drinking sake while watching the footage of Yoshimori and Tokine making love the 3rd time around, and they were even laughing while enjoying the "tender scenes" yet Sen and Yomi are not pleased with it but Masamori "threatened" the two should they "rat" them to the two teens, but Sen and Yomi went pale and backed away and there the Night Troop, Masamori and Heisuke stared wide-eyed at seeing who just arrived.


"Masamori-senpai…I can't believe this…I trusted you…looked up to you…and yet you're involved in this…you even recorded me and Yoshimori at the bathroom before our battle at Karasumori?"

"Ah…Yoshimori…Tokine…calm down…I can explain…I'm just checking if this is a fake image or not…"

"Oh dear…I have to go…huh? Kagami…where are you…?"

"You too, Matsudo-san...? Now i'm pissed off..."

"Yoshimori...let's kill them..."

"'re not involved, are you?"

Sen and Yomi shook their heads in response and thankfully the two lovers believed them and told them to move as the two Night Tropp members backed away towards the exit door of the house as Yoshimori and Tokine began to exhibit their zekkai powers as the Night Troop members are hiding behind Masamori and Heisuke, and Atora tries to talk them out of it but failed.

"Uh…Yoshimori…Tokine…want to take a bath with me…?"

The scene shifts outside the Sumimura house as a loud explosion is heard and smoke slowly billowed through the window, but because of the heavy rain, the neighbors didn't hear a thing.


The next morning, Shigemori, Shuji and Toshimori arrived as the rain finally stopped and that the trio spent the night at a hotel and when they came in front of their house, they noticed a thick smoke emanating and that Yoshimori and Tokine, in their civilian attires, leaving, holding hands and this didn't sit well with the "patriarch" of the Sumimura family.

Shigemori: "What the…? Yoshimori! Why are you holding hands with her? Are you two a couple? I forbid it! The Yukimura family is our rival! And what just happened at our house…"

Yoshimori and Tokine: "SHUT UP!"

Shigemori fell down to his butt as the two teens shouted at him as they left, and when the trio went inside the house they were taken by surprise to see the living room in disarray, and the Night Troop members, Masamori and Heisuke are sprawled at the floor, all beaten up and are "smoking". Toshimori then saw a DVD and plated it on the DVD player, and Shigemori is shocked by what he saw.

"Grandpa…look at this…Yoshimori Onii-chan is "playing" with Tokine-san…but why are they naked…? And why is his "birdie" swelling…?"


But Shuji is able to calm his dad when he showed to him the footage where it shows that Yoshimori uses his barrier to create an improvised "condom", and there Shigemori sat on the floor in relief. Kagami then shows up and tells the trio what really happened and once more the "patriarch" went into "overderive".


"Easy, Shigemori…you might get a heart attack…want to watch with us? We have peanuts and sake…"

Shuji sighed at the scene as the Night Troopers slowly got up and then wondered what would happen if Tokine's family were to find out about this.

The End

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