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Big Love FanFiction

Chapter One: Suffering

Three shots to the chest.

Why? Why, Carl?

"I need a blessing, Barb. From You," Bill whispered.

Time meant nothing. Nothing meant nothing, except family.

Why had I been so stubborn? I had been sent a vision by Emma Smith, a woman who certainly held the priesthood as clearly as Joseph, but I didn't see it. Barb, forgive me.

"By the power invested in me, by the Melchezidek priesthood…" Barb choked out the words.

Sirens rang in the distance. The street felt warm against his back, as his blood pooled beneath him.

If I go now, Heavenly Father, I'm ready. I'm done all that I can.

Emma stood before him, glowing in Heavenly glory.

"Now, Bill, do you really think Heavenly Father is done with you? You think you've suffered for our faith, but that suffering has just begun. You will suffer, but you will also feel His glory. You will shepherd us all into the light…"

Her glow brightened until Bill could no longer see her.

When the glow dimmed, the face of a man appeared in his eyes. A doctor. His wives' anxious faces in the background. A hospital.

"Welcome back, Bill. We thought we'd lost you…."

~The end, For now~

I was heartbroken at the end of "Big Love." Many people said it ended perfectly. I thought it was a disservice to the character who tried so hard to keep a family together when all odds were against them. I hoped you enjoyed it. There will be more to come.~vkeithley