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Big Love FanFiction

Chapter Three: Relenting

Bill hung his head in his hands. "Father in Heaven…" he murmured.

"I should have seen this coming years ago. She has always been fascinated…I don't know, Bill. I can't help but blame myself," Barb said. She looked tortured. Now that Bill was awake, something she had prayed for non-stop for 11 months, her youngest daughter had taken precedence in her mind.

She thought of Nikki, who had stepped out of the room to allow them privacy, and the past issues with Cara Lynn, and of Sarah premarital sex and consequent miscarriage. Now Teeny. Would all of their daughters be lead astray? Would poor, sweet, baby Nell have the same pressures and obstacles when she grew up.

"We shouldn't have let her go with Sarah," Barb said.

"Do you feel that Sarah hasn't taken care of her? That she has been a bad influence?" Bill asked, raising his head.

"No, it's not that, of course not. Sarah is fine, but she isn't her mother. We thought the election was too much for her, that she needed a fresh start, but maybe if she had stayed, I would have seen…"

Sarah had discovered under 15-yearold Teeny's bed in their Portland home, a box full of pornographic materials, most of them lesbian in nature. Sarah had not mentioned anything to Teeny, but a week later she had come home early to find Teeny in bed with another young woman. Years before, the neighbors had discovered Teeny was showing their small sons pornographic materials and charging them money. She had admitted to have thoughts of a sexual nature.

At the time, the Henriksons had been so grateful that the neighborhood hadn't known about the family being polygamists, they only punished Teeny in the slightest way imaginable. Bill and Barb had spoken to her about the inappropriateness of the materials and prayed with her, and let that be the end of it.

"No," Barb answered herself. "No, I would not have seen. I was so busy with my own trials, my own destiny. I would have missed it, like I missed it the first time."

Barb reached for Bill's hand.

"Bill, I was so grateful that you bestowed the priesthood upon me. I haven't thanked you properly for that. It was such a horrific moment, though, I have always wondered why you did it then. If you really meant it. Because I have loved having this legitimate, recognized connection to Heavenly Father, so that I could minister to others, to my family. But since Teeny…It's so hard sometimes, Bill. I thought having the priesthood would make it easier. Perhaps make me stronger for my family? But often I am just as lost as before."

"Oh honey," Bill murmured, kissing her hand. "I had a testimony in those final moments. I can barely remember it, like a dream, but Emma Smith herself guided me. You should never doubt that you carry the priesthood. But, even though you do, it doesn't make things any easier. Often, it seems harder to see Father's will."

A knock at the door made the pair raise their heads. Bill's eyes widening in surprise, then narrowed in suspicion. Barb mouth unhinged as she stared in disbelief.

"Hello, Barb. Hello, Bill. I heard the good news and I thought I'd bring you a get-well gift."

"What do you need, Marilyn?" Bill asked coldly. Powerful, conniving lobbyist Marilyn Densham stood at his hospital door, carrying a potted fern.

"Barb, do you mind if I speak with Bill for just a teeny moment alone. I promise I won't keep him long. Our boy has to recuperate."

Barb glanced at Bill, who nodded tersely, a scowl on face. He had not forgotten or forgiven Marilyn Densham for her duplicity in the casino dealings. Barb stalked past Marilyn without so much as a word.

"Nice to see you again, Barb," Marilyn called after her.

Closing the door, Marilyn beamed at Bill. "Don't you just look like the picture of health?"

"I ask again, Marilyn, what do you need?" Bill refused to play any of her games.

"I need you, Bill, just as I always have. Since you've decided not to die on me, and the Senate is actually mulling over your legislation to legalize polygamy, I've decided you can be of use to me. That is, if you are not in prison for statutory rape."

Marilyn smiled as she always did when she knew she had the upper hand. She reveled in it. It was better than sex.

Leaning close to him, she whispered seductively. "Just ask, Bill. That's all you have to do. Ask and you shall receive."

Bill's face began to burn with anger. He hated her. He hated that he hated her. How could he feel such on emotion on the heels of feeling the most amazing joy that Heavenly Father had spared his life?

"Make it go away, Marilyn."

Marilyn grinned, but her eyes were dead cold steel. "That wasn't a question."

Bill gritted his teeth. "Will you please make it go away, Marilyn?"

Suddenly, Marilyn became coy. Another trick she had developed in her years of dealing with men who thought their penises moved mountains.

"Oh, I don't know if I have the power to do that, Bill. But I'll give it my best. I'll be in touch."

~The end, For now~

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