Chapter 1- Needing a Solution

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Hades grumbled as he glided up the marble staircase. He had just been summoned to yet another 'god meeting'. Of course, being that his younger brother Zeus had issued it; the subject was bound to be tedious.

He adjusted the Helm of Darkness and with black robes billowing behind him, climbed the last steps, intending to make a dramatic entrance into the hall.

This plan, however, was foiled by Zeus running up and nearly crashing into him. Hades only managed to escape by sidestepping just beforehand.

"Hades," Zeus beamed. "It's been too long. How've you been? And more importantly," he added. "How's Persephone?"

Hades fought the urge to flee and tried to appear diplomatic. "The Underworld is well. It is full of gold, the dead and the dark." He continued, "And Persephone decided she would miss this meeting."

Zeus looked disappointed. "It would've been nice to see her again…"

Hades just rolled his eyes and stepped past Zeus. The other god hardly noticed until a few seconds later.

He sat down in his appointed chair and grimaced. "These events never end well."


The council table was abuzz with confusion. Hestia looked rather maniacal as she lit tiny flames on fellow gods' robes, Aphrodite was holding a large engraved mirror and arranging her hair, Zeus was staring into space with a glassy look, Hera looked exasperated, and Ares was polishing his sword with a nasty look at Hephaestus.

Also, Hades noted with some distaste,

Hermes was discreetly trying to steal something from Artemis, Apollo had a gag on to stop him from singing, Dionysus had hidden a bottle of wine on his chair and was looking rather dizzy, Poseidon's robes and hair were dripping with sea water and grubby looking sea creatures, Hephaestus was smirking at Aphrodite and Athena glared omnipotently over the entire group.

Hades mentally repeated all of the reasons why he preferred the Underworld.

Finally Zeus spoke. "The reason I've called you here is that, I'm super bored."

All the gods twitched. When Zeus was bored, anything could happen.

"And you know," Zeus mumbled. "Poseidon was kind of bored too, so I invited him over. And well…"

"What?" demanded Hera.

"I was throwing lightning bolts, and Poseidon was making some really big waves, it was actually fun…"

"Get to the point, for Olympia's sakes," growled Hades, getting more exasperated by the minute.

"We ah err…..kind of sank Atlantis." Poseidon said, looking sheepishly at Zeus.

"I should've expected this," muttered Hades. "A new lot of occupants for the Underworld, what with all the trouble the current ones cause!"

Hermes blinked. "What kind of trouble do they cause?"

Hades glared at him "The occupants in the various rivers have different reactions, those in the river Styx; for example, tend to have hatred towards anyone, including myself. The boat rides to and from my mansion are riddled with various attacks."

Hermes digested this new piece of information easily enough; Zeus just looked at Hades with a rather dense expression.

"Alright!" shouted Athena. "We need to go fix this up. Poseidon, you started this, so go clean up the wreckage. Hermes, go get Thanatos, he needs to get all the dead. Hera, can you keep an eye on Zeus?"

Hera marched over to Zeus, who was hiding in his chair. "I'll keep him from getting into trouble."

"Get moving," barked Athena, waving her spear. "The rest of you sit quietly, and don't dare cause any more havoc!"


After quite awhile, with various arguments and problems along the way, the disaster area was cleared, and the gods gathered again to discuss matters of extreme importance, like curing Zeus' boredom.

"I could teach you farming, it's an important skill," said Demetor, twisting a grain of wheat in her hand.

"No way," said Ares. "Why don't you and I go off and kick the stuffing out of Persia or something?"

Athena glared. "There will be no more disasters, Ares!"

"Then what do you suggest, Athena?" asked Hera. The situation was getting quite desperate.

"Let me think," said the goddess of wisdom. At that moment, Apollo broke free of his gag.

"Zeus, my lord, you should learn to siiiiiinggggggg…..for singing is a wonderful thiiiiiinnnnnng!"

He reached operatic tones, making Dionysus' wine bottle splatter its contents over the table. As the screeching became higher, the stone table suddenly cracked in two. Hands covering their ears, the gods all tried to scramble under the remains of the table as a form of safety.

"Someone shut him up!" cried Artemis over the din.

Zeus smiled at Apollo. He listened to the song and said, "Maybe I shall learn to sing like you, it would be fun…"

"No!" cried all the gods at once.

Finally Hephaestus brought out his hammer and hit Apollo hard over the head. The god slumped to the ground, completely unconscious.

"You have done Olympus a great favour," said Artemis. "May all the blessings of the gods be upon you."

Hades groaned. "And this wasn't even caused by my brothers. Olympia is doomed."

"Apollo could've probably destroyed a country though; his singing is enough to make buildings collapse."

"When you combine the gods of lightning, weather and sky, the sea, earthquakes and storms, there are bound to be greater troubles than a broken table," retorted Hades.

"Silence," snapped Hera. "We need to find out a solution quickly, before they destroy the world!"

Suddenly Athena leapt from her chair. "I've got it! I have a solution!"

Everyone turned to look at her. "We can create a massive tournament of games! Yes, the Olympic games."

"Sounds good actually," said Demetor.

Athena continued. "Some of us can participate, and we can call up mortals to worship us, compete in the games, and act as spectators. We can even hold betting!"

Now everyone was thoroughly interested. "It might just work," said Hera. "What do you think, Zeus?"

"I think it's a nice idea." He said. Poseidon nodded vigorously, showering the table pieces in sea water.

"Make the area in Olympia. The Greeks will be good hosts," suggested Artemis.

"Let's begin our preparations," said Athena.

To be continued…

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