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Couple days after 'Dance Drama':

"Dude, everyone's saying you and Eastwood kissed after the dance" Brice said running over to Dick's locker.

"We did, so what" Dick asked kind of annoyed.

"Doesn't that make her your girlfriend or something?" Brice asked kind of stupidly.

"I guess why do you care?" Dick asked backing up.

"Just felt like asking 'because she's standing behind you" Brice said running off.

"Um, he kind of said everything that I came here to say" Vanessa said turning to walk off. Dick grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"What?" Vanessa asked now facing Dick.

"Aren't you going to wait for you boyfriend, we are going to the same class" Dick added. Vanessa smiled, shaking her head, this time she turned to leave with Dick, who slid his hand into hers.

"ITS OFFICAL" some of Dick and Vanessa's friends cheered. Dick and Vanessa just kept walking.

Ok kind of tacky ending, but people didn't like how I kept adding Vanessa in father son moments so I decided to make this story, I'm still going to be writing both stories, but I wont update this one as fast, father son moments with be updated first, then this, hope you like it, Thanks for reading