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The Determining Link

The army of evolved killers known better as "the swarm," is composed of numerous different creatures, all cloaked behind the moon of Tarsonis with its numerous warrior strains dormant. However, their living, breathing Overlord transports moved through space to close upon their target. The swarm had been lured from across space by the Psi Emitters upon the surface of the Capital Planet of the Confederacy: Tarsonis.

The many shapes simply sat there for a moment, as they awaited the command of their Master, created eons ago by their now extinct master race known only as the Xel'Naga. Their master and commander: The Overmind controlled the circle of seven Zerg Cerebrates, who in turn controlled a brood of the Zerg. Seven Cerebrates meant seven Broods with each brood composed of twisted but perfectly evolved killing machines.

The living ships housed the numerous forms of twisted evolution, from the small and dog like Zergling, to the dreaded spine shooting scythe armed Hydralisk, to the massive tank-like Ultralisk. The winged defenders of these living ships, the Overlord transports hovered and watched. Mutalisks and their higher evolved Guardians, along with the flying bombs known as Scourges circled in the vacuum of space protecting the space borne swarm.

Every organism within the swarm knew their place and knew their purpose, most capable of only two thoughts. The first: Obey the Overmind. The second was to quench an insatiable lust and appetite for death and destruction when commanded to do so. The control of the Overmind over its minions was undeniable and absolute. There simply was no way for any of the minions of the Overmind, including the Cerebrates to overthrow or even question, the decisions or the will of their Overmind.

They had come to this planet, lured by powerful psionic emanations that they sought to assimilate and evolve to suit their purpose: Perfection. The Zerg had evolved over many thousands of years, always taking the genetic characteristics, the DNA of only those species superior to their own to create deadlier strains of warriors, more effective killers that made creative use of blade, claw, fang, projectile, plague, acid and chemical.

The Overmind sought the missing link, the missing strain of DNA that would allow the Zerg to combine their purity of essence, with the purity of form granted to their elder brothers, the race of aliens known as the Protoss. The pure power of the psionic emanations coming from a Terran world drew the Zerg, determined to extract and combine this DNA in to their own, to use in combat against the psionic gifts of the Protoss.

Within the central chamber of the swarm, numerous psychic organs grew upon the walls, surrounding the Cerebrate Araq, leader of the Jormungand Brood, awaiting final instructions from the Overmind to proceed with its attack, to recover the hopefully biological emitter of these psionic energies, for their absorption in to the swarm.

The Overmind psychic speech resonated in the air around the chamber, but its delivery was not something that normal humans would be able to equate as being actual speech. It was more of an energy or feeling than actual speech, "YOU GROW CLOSE TO OUR OBJECTIVE ARAQ, GO FORTH AND ASSIMILATE THAT WHICH THE SWARM DESIRES."

"By your will Overmind, for the glory of the swarm!" replied Araq. It took him only a moment to awaken every warrior at his command, as the Overlords sped up, closing rapidly upon the numerous orbiting space platforms that would be obliterated before falling through the atmosphere of the planet, to bring death and terror to the Terrans below, "Let the enemies of the Swarm know of our approach! And let them fear our coming!"


Even as the Overmind spoke to his cerebrate, the swarm of living ships began to move, coming out from behind the shadow of the moon that had hidden them. the light of the system's primary star bathed the tan and orange shapes as an insurmountable horde dropped closer, advancing with caution, upon the Primary Defense Platforms of Tarsonis: New Gettysburg, where they would first establish a beachhead, before descending to the planet's surface to claim the sources of such powerful psionic energies: The missing DNA the Zerg swarm demanded….

"Like a beacon, the combined power of the psi emitters reached out to the far corners of the Terran sector, luring billions upon billions of Zerg to the capital Tarsonis. The Zerg overrun the best defense the Confederates had to offer and proceeded to lay waste to the industrial centers and major cities of the entire planet."

Aboard the Battle Cruiser Norad II holding orbit, the Leader of the Sons of Korhol, soon to be crowned Emperor Arcturus Mengsk I, was alerted by the Adjutant AI aboard to an unexpected and very dangerous development: "Emperor Mengsk," it brought a smile Mengsk's face to hear that. "I have detected several dozen Protoss warships entering the upper atmosphere of Tarsonis. They appear to be making a direct course for the Central Zerg Hive Cluster upon the planet surface."

In his haste, Mengsk summoned the wrong member of his of his Inner Circle, Captain James Raynor, before summoning a potential problem and troublemaker, which the arriving Protoss were the solution: Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan. He regretted the fact that it had come to this, but Kerrigan was becoming dangerous, too dangerous for him to have around. Her doubts and her fears about the way that the way he… No. They were manipulating the Zerg against the Confederates were not something that he could tolerate any longer.

Granted, the original battle had been between himself and his faction of so-called "rebels," the Sons of Korhol against the Confederation. Then the Zerg made their first appearance in Korpulu Sector, and the Confederates captured them, using some in experiments with psychically gifted humans, such as Sarah Kerrigan, who escaped Confederate control and allied with him, as his right hand. From the Terran point of view, the Zerg were simply a race of barbaric aliens that sought to cause death and destruction. The second alien race, the Protosss had arrived and done nothing but slaughter everything in their path, be it Terran or Zerg, their motives unfathomable to anyone. Three races and three distinct agendas: Arcturus Mengsk was close to reach the summit of his agenda, to create his empire, and he was not about to let anyone stand in his way.

He sighed, "God damn it, I never wanted it to come to this, but now, there are no other choices open to me but this one." The decision had been his and he had made it: The destruction of his enemies, at the cost of one his most valuable assets, but he would get the power that he desired and worked an entire life to achieve. Kerrigan was a powerful asset but now expendable, once this final mission was complete. At least he could grant Sarah Kerrigan heroes death – it was the least he could do, "If the Protoss engage the Zerg, the confederates may escape! Commander, dispatch Lieutenant Kerrigan with a strike force. Caption Raynor and General Duke will stay behind with the Command Ship."

James Raynor was not one to suffer fools or insanity lightly, "First you sell out every human on this world, and now you want us to turn against the Protoss? And you're going to send her down there with no backup?"

"I have absolute faith in Lieutenant Kerrigan's to carry out her orders!" he replied before closing the video conference link, satisfied that Kerrigan would carry out her orders. His only worry was whether James Raynor could be trusted to keep his hands out of an affair that did not concern him… it was something that had to be done, "Security, confine Captain Raynor to his quarters until further notice!"

Mengsk was no fool. He knew that when the time came, and he gave the order, he would have one very angry Captain to deal with, and he would have to ensure that it did not get too far out of hand. For the moment, Raynor was not an asset he considered expendable, but he was fast moving down the road towards it. Mengsk worried him slightly that he may soon have no choice but to eliminate another member of his future cabinet, reducing its size to two, and it would remain two, so long as the loyalty of General Edmund Duke remained above question.