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Chatper I

Izaya had been thinking lately...What did it mean to love? What about to be loved? And last of all… why did Izaya suddenly have the urge to find the answer to these questions?

A person like him usually had all of the answers... And something even stranger than these sudden questions! His plans... They weren't working out as they usually did... And who would have the honor of taking the blame for this sudden turn of events? Certainly Izaya did not blame himself!

Shizuo! He was the reason his plans were not working out! He was the reason Izaya had these strange thoughts of love roaming through his head! He was the reason for so many things... So, was it not natural for Izaya to place the blame upon him?

Life had been normal up until now, when Shizuo had decided to make it harder for Izaya.

Izaya had visited Ikebukuro at least once every couple days to annoy the hell out of Shizuo, an immensely amusing activity that he found perfect for easing his boredom. There had been a couple of close calls where he had almost gotten hurt, like when Shizuo had thrown two coke machines towards him at once… he had barely dodged the second one, though he would never admit this out loud.

Every time, after toying with Shizuo, he'd skip away calling behind him that he would be back soon. He found it so fun playing with Shizu-chan that he began to think that maybe he could come more and more often.

Then today it happened…

Izaya had been bored. Bored. It didn't happen often but, today it dawned on the raven haired boy that he really wanted to play with Shizu-chan. The body guard had been proving lately that he was great entertainment, after all. Their fights seemed to last longer and longer… And what great joy it was for Izaya to watch Shizuo's face contort with anger and pain!

Oh, how he enjoyed that look. He made his day every time he saw it.

Today had been the day that Izaya had went looking for him, one of the few times he wanted to be found. At first he couldn't seem to spot him but minutes later he found him walking the streets as casually as any normal citizen.

Right where Izaya needed him. Izaya's face had familiar smirk stretched across it as he swung him arms playfully while he crossed the street, feeling the need to be noticed by the pedestrians. Once across the street he placed one of his hands into his pocket to caress the switchblade that was hidden there.

He was close to the blonde now, close enough that he could talk to him without having to shout. So he made his move…


He watched as Shizuo cringed when the name slipped from Izaya's lips. The smirk was getting wider and he knew his fun was just about to start.

The blonde turned around, his eyes narrowed at the sight of the man in front of him. His nose wrinkled as if he'd smelled something putrid.

"I thought I smelled a rat." Shizuo hissed bitterly under his breath.

"How mean…" Izaya grinned, gripping his blade tightly, preparing to bring it out of his pocket.

Then the unexpected happened. Shizuo turned around. He just turned around. Not even bothering to fight Izaya. This confused the raven haired man. Shizuo was almost always the one who struck first… so why didn't he do it this time? The blonde turned his head back slightly, so that he was getting a decent look at Izaya.

"I'm not in the mood to deal with you, flea. Go mess with someone else's life for a change."

Izaya was struck dumb for a moment. What did he say? What did just he say?

Izaya narrowed his eyes and growled, the flickblade now held at his waist. In a mere matter of seconds he flipped the blade so that it opened all the way and charged at Shizuo, hearing a few gasps from the citizens around them.

This was where Izaya's plan began to fall apart. Never had Izaya been this angry, his thoughts so muddled, before he attacked anyone. But, then again, never had his plans gone so awry! Shizuo never just walked away from him! He always tried to fight him!

Except now...Izaya was inches away from Shizuo when he felt something hit his stomach, hard. His lungs felt empty and he stopped where he was, the blade falling to the sidewalk with a clatter. Shizuo looked down at him for a moment before walking away, muttering something under his breath. The raven haired man crumbled to his knees an exasperated look on his face.

He was shaking, he knew that much for sure. Shizuo had been able to hit him. He almost never hit him! That just didn't happen! Izaya was supposed to provoke the blonde, Shizuo would go at him like usual, and Izaya would dodge every punch and kick thrown at him. Then when the police came from some pedestrian's call, Shizuo would be brought to jail and be even angrier. Eventually Izaya would bust him out, when he wanted to play again, but it would have been so much fun seeing that enraged, painful look on the other's face!

But that didn't happen. Shizuo had walked away from Izaya's challenge. Izaya didn't really know what he had felt then. It nwas simple anger, that much he was sure of. His...pride had been wounded. It almost...hurt when he realized that Shizuo could, and did! just walk away from him like that...

Something was changing, Izaya knew that much for certain.

"What's wrong with you?" Namie stated staring wide eyed at the man who was normally radiating with something like cockiness, but at the moment was sadly spinning around in his office chair.

"What's wrong? Wrong…?" Izaya wanted to bang his head against the desk. Hard. "I was wrong on my calculation… Shizuo always-"

"You certainly are talking about Shizuo a lot lately." she said, leaning against a wall and fixing a suspicious stare on Izaya. "If you didn't remind me that you hate his guts every ten minutes, I would have thought that you were in love with him." the girl flipped her brunette hair over her shoulder, a strange smile coming across her face. Teasing almost.

Izaya stared back at her for a moment, bewildered. In love? That was a new theory. But, he was fairly certain he hated the blonde... What was the difference though? Hate and love were both very intimate feelings. They did have some differences, of course... He couldn't be sure... He'd never thought about if he loved anyone before... Maybe what he felt for Shizu-chan could be... Maybe.

But he hated Shizuo. But love could be the explanation on why he cared so much when Shizuo refused to play with him.

Izaya was confusing himself with these strange new thoughts. He hopped up from his office chair and slipped on his jacket. Without saying another word to Namie, Izaya walked out the door. Namie stared at the door for a moment before sighing. "Sometimes… I don't even want to know what goes on in his head..." she said with a small smile.

By the time she muttered that, Izaya was already down the stairs heading back down to Ikebukuro. The raven haired man felt around in his pocket making sure he had his switchblade there just in case he got lucky and a fight broke out between him and Shizuo.

Though in the corner of his mind he wondered if that was what he really wanted. He pushed it aside but, like a bad penny, it kept coming back.

The sun was beating down on backs of everyone outside. It was a nice day just to sit around indoors with the air conditioner turned on high while plotting ways to stir up trouble. It was sweltering to say the least.

Izaya was crossing the street that would lead him into Ikebukuro when he felt himself stop moving. Was he for sure this time that things would go according to plan? Or would they once again turn out badly? And what if Shizuo still didn't want to play with him? Was there a way for him to be sure of whether he was feeling hate or love just from his own reaction?

"Oh, Shizu-chan~" Izaya grinned, as if this meeting were purely by coincidence.

Shizuo didn't bother to say anything in reply though. He merely stood up, rather abruptly, and headed for the exit.

Anger burned in Izaya's veins once again. Shizuo was just going to ignore him again? Not even bother with him anymore? Well then. He was just going to have to make him play with him, whether the blonde liked it or not.

Izaya pulled the switchblade out of his pocket, flicking it open, and leaped towards Shizuo. He didn't care where he stabbed him, anywhere was fine. He felt the knife pierce through the blond's vest and slice into his flesh. To the raven haired man's amusement, blood began to seep through Shizuo's clothing, covering his hands in mere seconds.

Shizuo looked back at him, an undefined expression placed on his features. He sighed pulling the blade out of his shoulder and dropping it to the ground.

"Not today, flea." he sneered, heading out the door, blood dripping to the ground that he walked on.

Izaya trembled as he fell to the ground for the second time today. His emotions were, at the moment, mixed. He was angry that Shizuo wouldn't even fight him anymore, even when Izaya injured him. Most of all, though, he was mad that Shizuo wouldn't even give him the time of day anymore.

A thought crossed his mind that maybe this really was love.

"Fuck you Shizu-chan." he muttered bitterly under his breath, sirens blaring in the background as Izaya stood up to leave.

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