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Chapter IV - Gratitude

White. That was the first thing that Shizuo noticed when he came to. The second thing was that he the IV that was stuck in his arm. Both things made Shizuo feel slightly nauseous and made him want to leave faster. He didn't really care for hospitals very much. They always found something wrong with you, no matter what…

"Oh? Are you awake? The doctor said that you were going to be asleep for a while but it seems he underestimated you." a familiar voice drifted to Shizuo's ears.

Suddenly the blonde remembered why he was in this damn hospital bed. He'd pushed Izaya out of the way of a car. And now he was in a hospital, probably with a broken limb. Not that it wouldn't heal in a matter of days.

"Are you listening to me?" Izaya asked after a moment when Shizuo didn't reply to what he had said earlier. "I really should tell you… thanks. I know, that's seems out of character for me but… I probably would have died if you hadn't of pushed me out of the way. And for that… you should let me make it up to you."

"…how do you plan on making this up to me?" the blonde arched an eyebrow slightly at the other. It's not like he really wanted to be 'repaid' in any way shape or form at this moment. The only thing that he wanted was to go back to sleep. And for obvious reasons, he didn't think it would be very safe to fall back asleep with Izaya in the same room.

Izaya flashed him a grin. "Many ways. Many, many ways. But," Izaya's smile quickly turned into a frown. "You're going to have to get better and out of this hospital before I can tell you." To Shizuo, that statement didn't really make a lot of sense. In fact, it puzzled him. Why the hell did he have to get better before that damn flea would tell him? Seems like a load of bullshit to him.

"Don't make it up to me." Shizuo's glance became harsh as he stared at the other male. "Actually, if you really want to 'repay' me then I suggest you leave me alone. I tend not to be in the greatest moods right after I've been ran over by a car." Shizuo eyes drifted to the door for a moment wondering when the doctor was going to let him be released.

The silence became thick. Too quiet for Shizuo's liking. That was when Izaya stood up, brushed off his pants and gave Shizuo a look that the blonde couldn't quite read.

"Okay. I'll leave."

The door made an echo when Izaya slammed it shut. Shizuo only raised an eyebrow. Well that was unexpected. He had half expected Izaya to stay… but what was done was done and he couldn't change what he had already said.

It was quiet. In a way, it scared Shizuo. Not to the point where he would admit it but in a way that just let that eerie feeling set into his bones. Today was the fifth day that the ex-bartender had been in the hospital. Izaya hadn't came to visit ever since Shizuo had told him to leave on the first day.

And now it was just endless boredom. He couldn't move, because the doctors freaked out every time that he even tried to get up out of the bed, or tried to smoke a cigarette, mostly because apparently patients weren't supposed to smoke in the hospital… which meant he couldn't really do much at all expect lie there… staring at the ceiling.

For some reason, the back of his mind told him that if Shizuo was there he wouldn't be as bored as he was… but he refused to listen to them. He didn't need Izaya to…

Shizuo stared out the window. A melancholy feeling began to drift over him. He was so used to Izaya pestering him for the last couple of days that he couldn't even remember what it was like before the other had started to annoy him. But he'd never admit that out loud. Never.

The door slowly began to creak open. The blonde quickly looked over at the person standing in the doorway. It was-

Just Shinra.

"Ah, Shizuo! How are you today?"

"What do you think?"

Shinra grinned widely. "You seem better today. Oh, that reminds me. Celty got you some Russian sushi. Want it now or later?"

A hand raised up as if to shoo Shinra off. "I'll eat it now before it gets bad…"

And so, Shizuo began to eat his Russian sushi and Shinra sat in a chair beside him, giving him a curious look. Then the brunette chuckled softly under his breath before looking back up at Shizuo.

"You know, you never answered my question yesterday. How did you manage to get run over by a car? I always thought you were smart enough not to play in traffic…"

The blonde merely mumbled something inaudible under his breath before taking another bite of his Russian sushi. Why should he have to tell Shinra anything? God knows the he just wanted to dissect him anyway. Why was he even still friends with him anyway…? Probably because of Celty.

"You know, Izaya called me a couple of days ago."

Shizuo froze.

"He told me that you were in the hospital. Isn't that weird. How would…" Shinra paused for a moment, finally piecing two and two together. "Does this have something to do with-"

"Why would it have anything to do with that damn flea?" Shizuo growled getting close to snapping the chopsticks he was using in half.

"He- I was just joking! Yeah, joking!" Shinra laughed a very, very fake laugh for a minute before trailing off. "But you know… he sounded kind of worried. Which is pretty odd to me because he never really worries about anyone. Maybe he's starting to like you, Shizuo." All of a sudden Shinra raised up his hands in front of his chest. "Though, that's just an assumption."

The blonde was quiet for a minute ever so slowly collecting his thoughts. Of course he had noticed that Izaya had stopped being as annoying as he had been before to him. Of course, he still didn't know what this catch was. God knows that maybe Izaya paid some guy to run over Shizuo… of course, then Shizuo wasn't really sure why Izaya stood in the street and almost got ran over but still. He didn't really mind how Izaya was acting right now though. It was better than what he had been acting.

"Well, sorry Shizuo but I think I'm going to go take my leave. You don't seem to want to strike up a conversation with me anyway." Shinra got up, waving behind him to Shizuo before leaving.

Then the ex-bartender was alone again. He'd never really felt very lonely before but while sitting in a hospital all by himself. He was bored.

Thinking distracted Shizuo from his eating and the chopstick he was gripping slipped from his grasp and it clattered to the floor. He muttered something under his breathe before he kicked up the blankets and began to go pick the stupid piece of wood when he felt a breeze hit his ass, forgetting that the hospital gowns only really cover your front side and not your back end.

And of all the times that the door could have opened it had to of been now, when Shizuo's ass was hanging out as he was bending over.

"Hm… what a nice view I have." a snickering laugh soon followed as the door closed shut.

Shizuo's head snapped up and his hands quickly covered the spot where the other man was staring intently at.

Who was this man? Why Orihara Izaya, of course.

"Did you miss me, Shizu-chan? I missed you a lot! You're my favorite playmate, you know that right?"

"What do you want, you damn flea?"

"What do I want? I came here to comfort you, that's all."

No, that wasn't it. I came to apologize. The words stuck in Izaya's throat and wouldn't come out. He never would admit that. He had spent a lot of time thinking about this, four days to be exact. And in that amount of time he hadn't came up with anything that would help him with Shizuo. Surprising really, that he could concoct schemes galore but for some reason… this was way different.

Lies used to be for entertainment. Now they were just so Izaya could act normally around Shizuo.

"I don't need any of your comforting." the blonde's heartbeat skipped a beat as he turned back to get back into his bed. "Why don't you just leave already. I told you I didn't want you here anyway."

Izaya remained quiet as he watched the other. He wanted to say something, anything that would make Shizuo change his mind about him. Even if it was to late to change his mind… he had to try.

Izaya plopped down in the chair that was sitting right next to Shizuo's bed. "You know… it's nice this way."

"Whaddya' mean?"

"You know, where me and you can sit here and not try and kill each other every ten seconds. What did you hate about me so much anyway…?"

Shizuo paused, his eyes began to look at the ground. The blonde's own opinion it was the other's eyes. Red. Red was the color of blood. Blood was normally a sign of violence and as a pacifist he didn't like violence… unless it came to Izaya. He was the exception. Just like he was the exception for Izaya… he was the only person that he hated. Which made him wonder what caused this sudden change.


"Why what?"

A chuckle escaped from the blonde's lips. Izaya raised a curious eyebrow and he stared at the other. Finally, Shizuo shook his head. "You know what? If in the end this bites me in the ass, somehow I won't be surprised."

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" abrupt laughter erupted from the blonde. "Really? You didn't think that I thought it was suspicious that you were being so nice to me all of a sudden? Or that all of a sudden you claimed that you loved me? Izaya… I know you. You wont- no you can't fall in love." Shizuo's eyes narrowed. "I'm serious. Izaya, if you plan on hurting me by gaining my trust then I suppose your out of luck. Because that's one of the very many things I'll never give you."

Frustration pumped through Izaya's veins. He was tired of Shizuo telling him that he can't fall in love. People change right? Why can't he? What was wrong with that? The rust eyed man stood up so fast the chair was sent flying backwards.

"I'll show you. I'll make you believe!"

Shizuo grinned. "I think you've said something similar to me before, flea."

"I-…" Izaya shook his head. Finally, his trademark smirk came onto his face again. "You just wait Shizu-chan. I'll do it. But… before I leave…"

Izaya swooped down and pressed his lips against Shizuo's. They only lingered for a moment before he pulled back, grinning ecstatically.

"Mmm… I can't wait for the next time we met, Shizu-chan."

The door shut. And Shizuo was still wide-eyed, unable to know how he was supposed to feel. When Izaya… had kissed him his stomach made him feel as if he was sick. Right now he felt angry, or rather pissed off, but most of all he felt… embarrassed. What was the world coming to… the day that Shizuo Heiwajima finally became embarrassed by Izaya Orihara? What was next, the apocalypse?

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