A/N - Written while procrastinating on my huge essay this afternoon. Hahaha... it's a joke. What?? Don't look at me that way!! O_o



Android 18 was bored. They had decimated almost all of the cities in the world, so there wasn't really anything new to blow up or kill. She had just gone shopping the other day in one of the only shops that were left on the whole planet, (17 was nice enough to spare the shop keeper for her) but she really didn't feel like shopping again anyhow. She was bored and frankly did not know what to do with herself.

She wandered into the living room of the mansion that they were currently residing in to find Android 17 in front of the TV. He was watching a news program detailing their latest destruction. She raised an eyebrow.

Android 17 looked up and saw her, then turned off the TV.

"I'm bored." Android 18 said to her brother.

Instead of coming back with his usual "Well what do you want me to do about it?" response or "Then let's go pick on Blondie," response, Android 17 just smirked.

Android 18 tucked a strand of her short blond hair behind her ear. She was being smirked at. "What?" She asked.

"You know, I'm feeling rather horny," Android 17 said rather casually.

18 didn't even blink an eye. "Then go take care of it." She said. She knew that "taking care of it" usually entailed finding a convenient human to play with. She couldn't care less.

Android 17 scowled. "I don't like humans." He said haughtily. "They're weak. They break too easily and they always leave me unsatisfied."

18 shrugged. "Then go find Blondie."

17 didn't look to incredibly impressed with that response. "Naw. Blondie's too hard to catch. And anyway Blondie's anal retentive." Android 17 paused significantly. "I need something better."

Android 18 sniffed a bit. "So what do you want me to do about it?" she asked in an apathetic tone of voice.

Android 17 just looked at her. Android 18 looked back. She frowned.


Some minutes and several revelations later... ("Crotchless panties?" "The shopkeeper said they make me look sexy." "They are. But I never figured you to be the type to wear..." "Shut-up.") Android 17 thrust into his sister with reckless if a bit clinical and emotionless abandon.

"Oh. Oh yes." He groaned as he emptied himself into his sister with a sigh. He collapsed on her and smiled down at her indifferent face.

"Well... I'm feeling much better," He said.

Android 18 was not impressed. "I'm glad you are." She said, so dryly that it would have drained the ocean if they hadn't evaporated them all already. She sniffed once, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and sat up. "'Cause I'm still bored."

Android 17 frowned. For a moment he sat considering, then got up himself. "Wait here." He said.

Android 18 shrugged. "Whatever."


A half an hour later Android 17 returned with a pair of handcuffs, a horsewhip and a cattle prod and a rather beat up looking unconscious Gohan.

Android 18 stared at the packages (and person) in 17's arms. Then she smiled, slowly and for perhaps one of the first times in her life. "I thought you said he was too hard to catch." She inquired of the latter.

Android 17 shrugged. "Not when he isn't expecting it." He said. Almost as if on queue Gohan moaned softly and began to stir in the Android's arms. He lifted his head and uttered a very slurred "Wha?"

"Well," Android 18 said, raising an eyebrow and smirking at her brother. "I'm not bored anymore."