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I. Back to the Start

She had finally been left alone after being examined by the doctors and her welcome-back at NCIS headquarters. She closed her eyes and sunk herself down against the locked door of the women's bathroom.

The floor felt cool to her skin and it felt wonderful compared to the conditions of where she'd been captured for the past few weeks, her skin had been sticky and hot every day, and she felt like ripping them off at times.

She took a few deep breaths, she knew she had a few minutes before someone found her, and hopefully it would be enough time for her to gather her shattered self.

So many things swirled in her head that she found it had to know where to start.

Was she still part of NCIS? She was never part of NCIS in the first place; she had been assigned as a Mossad liaison officer, nothing more.

Would she return to Mossad? That she could answer. No way in hell. Mossad and Eli were the two things she thought she could trust, but clearly she'd been mistaken.

Where would she go? Her apartment was blown up, not that she wanted to return back there after all that had happened.

Would NCIS offer her a shelter while she settled back to America? She didn't really want it, to be honest, she didn't really need or want the restraint that they'd put on her. The scrutinizing ways of "taking care of her" would be suffocating.

The door behind her shook as someone walked into it, probably expecting it to be unlocked. She stood and placed her hand on the lock. So she'd figured out two things, she had no job and nowhere to go.



"Ahh Ziva, would you please come with me for a second?" Ducky rounded the corner from the elevator and she actually was glad that it was him, she really didn't want to face Gibbs or Abby and definitely not McGee or Tony, she owed them too much, and she just didn't know how to return that kind of bravery that they'd gone through for her.

So quietly she trailed behind Ducky and used him like a shield from the eyes around the building, they watched her like hawks in desperate need of food. They slipped into the elevator and it scared her a little as the doors closed, she couldn't help but think of the worst.

What if Ducky turned into the monster that she feared?

What if the elevator somehow turned into that cell?

Could the memories save her again?

She was snapped back when the elevator came to a stop and the doors slipped open, and it surprised both herself and Ducky how quickly she darted from the metal box. And she regretted it almost immediately as she saw Ducky check something off on his mental checklist, sometimes she wished he could be just like everyone and not see everything, and worse, interpret everything.

"I would imagine you'll need a place to stay for the time being, you are most welcome to stay at my place…" she could tell that he wanted to push on, speak of things better left unspoken, and she applauded him for his self control. She definitely did not want to talk about it. Not now. Probably not ever, considering the way things were going.

"That would be great, thank you Doctor Mallard." The words felt foreign to her mouth, she knew it must've sounded off as they came out in blocks and chunks, as if she hadn't meant it at all.

Had she not spoken for so long she couldn't even construct smooth sentences?

"If you want to talk I am here." She heard a sigh as she turned her back on him and headed towards the stairwell, the elevator was still too confronting at that moment, she just couldn't take two rides in such close intervals.


It must've been her luck to step out of the stairwell and bump straight into none other than the director himself.

"Ahh, Miss David, I've been looking for you everywhere," he smiled his pearly whites with the usual toothpick stabbed within his molars, "here is your phone and some necessary documents." She felt like slapping him, his act was painful to watch, she'd rather he chucked the items at her and leave her be, there was no need to play nice. She hated pity.

"Thank you."

"We've also organized one of the safe houses for you –"

"That won't be necessary; I'm staying with… a friend." With a rough nod, she skirted around him, not really caring the look that he shot at her.

She really hated the NCIS building at that moment, there was nowhere she could go that was empty and wide enough not to send chills through her body. Absent of a watch, she flipped her new phone open and glanced at the time.

She sent a text to Ducky, telling him not to worry about her where-a-bouts and that she'd be back at his place later in the evening; first she needed to get out of there.

Her eyes glanced over towards her old desk; there was no other agent present in front of her computer, had they really not been able to replace her? It should've been easy. There were plenty of much better socially-equipped and qualified applicants; there should've been someone else at her desk.

Her eyes moved to the right, Gibbs had disappeared as usual, probably out for a coffee or lurking somewhere in the building. She'd almost missed McGee, but after a little tip of the toe she noticed his head of brown hair rested against his desk; sleeping. She had to fight herself to glance over at Tony, he seemed lost, his eyes were open and they seemed focused onto nothing in particular. He should've been sleeping, and she hated that she was the one that put those rings around his eyes.

She took a deep breath as she slipped back into the stairwell, back into the background.


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