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Merlin's butt was sore. He had been sitting on the horse for nearly four hours and he had to carry all the dead animals. Uther and Arthur had decided to go on a little bonding hunt. - father, son, knights and annoying servant that got everything wrong. They hadn't killed much as it was getting close to winter. They had only killed one dear, two owls, three baggers four crows and five rabbits. Compared to what Arthur normally brought back, this was nothing. Merlin stopped on the top of the hill that Uther and some knights were already making their way down. The sun had only just started to rise and Merlin could tell that there were bags under his eyes. Sunlight slowly crept through the trees and leaves, encouraging wildlife to come out. Come out and be killed by his masters and knights. The air was slightly chilled and Merlin shivered slightly.

Arthur started to go down the hill and Merlin followed him. They had travelled quite far from Camelot, but Arthur had said that he and his father had been hunting around that area before. This was meant to relieve Merlin, but it didn't. He always had to keep his guard up. He had to be prepared for Anything. Anything could happen. Anything could jump out and try to kill them. Anything could just drop out of the sky. Anything could just explode on them. Anything could happen.


Just then, as Merlin was half way down the hill, an arrow shot past him and into the knight behind him. The man fell sideways off his horse, hitting the ground and rolling down the small hill. Merlin calmed his horse and looked at the others. A battle had begun, and most of the knights were dead. Arthur was off his horse fighting, Uther was still on his, fighting. They had been ambushed by bandits. Merlin was somehow frozen to the spot as everything went in slow motion. Swords clashed and screams echoed as men died. Merlin watched a man take a blow to the head by Uther. Merlin was transfixed by the battle. He was never good with people killing one another. Even he killed people, but always felt slightly sad for it.

Merlin was so fixed on Uther; he didn't notice Arthur being hit around the head and dragged away. He noticed it just as his name was called.

"Merlin!" It was Sir Leon, "Get Arthur!" Merlin saw the Prince and kicked his horse. That was a bad idea, as it startled and raised its front legs high in the air. Merlin fell backwards off his horse and rolled down the muddy hill. He rolled to the side of the battle where Arthur was being dragged away. When he stopped rolling he got up. Merlin looked back to check that no one was watching.

"Aywa kcrab brchan," he whispered under his breath. A tree branch snapped fiercely off a tree and came swinging down, knocking both bandits out cold. The unconscious men hit the floor with a thud. Merlin looked rather pleased with his work. However, he then looked to the side and saw something. He looked back at the battle to check if he was right and he was.

The bandits had Uther.

Merlin looked at Arthur and shook his head. He ran off after the bandits and the King. Three men carried the semi-conscious King through the woods. Merlin secretly followed, not looking for a fight. He hid behind trees as he wondered where they were taking Uther. After five maybe ten minutes, they came to a long row of cages. Long and wooden with metal bars and wheels. There were animals in some and people in others. Merlin counted thirty cages all together and guessed that they were a circus. The bandits were from a circus. Why was a circus kidnapping the King? Merlin walked closer. The three men were talking to a man at the front that was on a horse. Merlin didn't get a good look at him. He was amused that that man lead all the other men and their cages. Like the leader. A Ring Leader. Merlin edged closer and watched as the three men heaved Uther into an empty cage. Merlin knew he should do something and he was going to...


Merlin hit the floor, rolling onto the road where the cages were. He couldn't hear, but knew that the back of his head was bleeding. The back of his head had bled so much in his time at Camelot, he could now tell when it was bleeding and when not. He looked up at the men who studied him. They talked for a moment. They then, picked him up, easily, and threw him in with Uther.

The last thing Merlin saw was the cage being shut and the last thing he thought before darkness took him, was:

Arthur isn't going to be impressed with this...

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