~ Beautiful, Beautiful ~

A missing scene from episode 'A Special Love (Part 2)' from season three and based upon the Francesca Battistelli song 'Beautiful, Beautiful' from the album 'My Paper Heart'.

Don't know how it is you looked at me and saw the person that I could be, awakening my heart, breaking through the dark, suddenly your grace, like sunlight burning at midnight making my life something so beautiful, beautiful, now there's a joy inside I can't contain, but even perfect days can end in rain, and though it's pouring down, I see you through the cloud, shining on my face, like sunlight burning at midnight making my life something so beautiful, beautiful

"Let him go!" His father yelled, Josh Bryant storming out the door. Taking the key from the back of his pocket, he cranked the car, turning the blaring radio off. Putting his hands on the wheel, he began to drive to the place which his brother had planned to meet him at. Parking as quietly as possible in the back of the lot, he made his way towards the fire escape, he could see Todd sitting, waiting intently for someone.

"Todd?" He asked, stepping around the corner. He caught his brother's attention.

"Joshie!" he exclaimed, embracing his older brother in a warm hug. "I-I knew you would come!"

"Why wouldn't I?" Josh asked. Todd's smile began to turn into a frown slowly and tears streamed slightly from his eyes. "What's wrong?" Josh asked, hugging his brother tighter.

"It's just I'm d-dumb. That's why my real parents didn't want me right?" he asked.

"No, listen, don't worry about them. You're something so special. Todd, you're like sunlight that shines in the middle of the night." Josh said.

"Is that even p-possible?" Todd asked.

"That's what makes you so special. And you know everyone loves you, me, Scotty, Diane, Jennifer, Mark Jonathan…" Josh reassured him.

"Wait, J-Jennifer?" Todd asked.

"Your sister." Josh said with a smile.

"My sister? My sister! I have a sister, too? Wow, this is one of my best weeks ever!" Todd exclaimed. Josh smiled.

"I love you, Joshie." Todd said, yawning.

"I love you, too. And do you know what?" Josh asked.

"What?" Todd said, nearly drifting off to sleep.

"You're wonderful. And don't let anyone ever attempt to tell you otherwise. You're like a chocolate cake on your birthday." Josh said.

"Did you just call me a cake?" Todd joked. They both laughed. "Am I also like ice cream?" Todd asked seriously.

"If you insist, yes, you're as good as chocolate and ice cream." Josh said with another laugh as Todd lay his head back down on Josh's shoulder, as Josh began to run his fingers through Todd's hair he heard Todd's breathing get easier as he fell asleep. Josh got up, opening the door to Todd's room, laying him on his bed and pulling the cover over him. Josh leaned down and kissed Todd's forehead mouthing 'I love you, Toddie.' Josh walked out the door, and getting back into his car, he cranked it, and pulled out.

Josh pulled in his own driveway, and got out. Walking into the door of his bedroom, he lay down on his bed and drifted to sleep, the thought of his wonderful little brother never leaving his mind. How he loved him and planned to visit him even if no one else in his family did seemed like a good enough plan for the present, because Todd was his little brother, his little brother that he loved, he wanted to take care of him forever, to make sure he knew he was loved. Because he was.