Being a hockey player was hard. He was on the road eight months out of the year and training the other four. When he graduated college and got drafted he never really found a permanent home. He had places in various cities because hotel life got boring quickly, but he never truly felt at home in any of those places.

Then one night he was in Phoenix after winning a hockey game, and he met a few groupies at an after party. He met a particularly dashing young man who invited him back to his gorgeous bachelor pad with an amazing view of the city. Dave was never one to dick around, and he was horny and was tired of staying in hotels. So he accepted.

Of course he had nothing on hand, and decided to stop at a store.

He drove for a few blocks until he saw a neon sign lit up against the dark blue skyline of the city.

He pulled in, told the young man he'd be back in a few minutes and headed inside.

It was your average convenience store and within a few minutes had a box of magnum condoms, a bottle of lube, and a six-pack of beer.

As he stood in line he checked his stats from the game online from his phone. He was pulled out of his intense concentration when he heard raucous laughter from the front of the line. He looked up to see a few young men, obviously twinks flirting with the cashier.

He just rolled his eyes and tapped his foot hoping they would finally leave so he could just pay for the damn condoms.

Then the cashier looked straight at Dave, and Dave felt something in his chest stir. The young man looked vaguely familiar. He was still trying to place the cashier as stepped forward and put his items on the counter.

"Was there anything else you needed help with tonight, sir?"

"Uhh, no. I have everything I need."

"I bet."

The bitterness that dripped from the man's voice surprised Dave.

"Do I know you?"

"Of course you don't. Why would you? You only tortured me for years in high school."

Dave instantly placed that whiny, grating voice.

"Kurt Hummel?"

"I'm surprised you remember my name with all the random guys you apparently sleep with."

"Seriously Hummel? I'm a paying customer. You're going to comment on my sex life while you're working at a convenience store? What the hell are you doing in Phoenix anyway?"

"I went to school at Arizona State University."

"Oh yeah, I think I heard about that or something. I went to Ohio State on a full ride hockey scholarship."

"Big surprise there, a jock getting a full ride scholarship."

"Hey! I actually graduated with a 3.2 GPA and I got a degree in business education while there!"

"Really? You're gonna be a teacher?"

"Yeah, I mean when I'm doing playing hockey, I will be."

'So are you any good?"

"Any good at what?"

"Playing hockey."

"I guess. I got a hat trick tonight."

"What's a hat trick? A male prostitute who wears hats?"

"It means I scored three goals in one game."

"Oh, is that common?"
"No. Most players go their entire careers and never get one. This is my fourth."

"Well, congratulations on being good at something then."

"And what about you?"

"What about me?"

"What did you go to school for?"

"Well I graduated with my bachelors of performing arts in theatre from UC Berkley, then I decided to get my masters degree. So I went to Arizona. I just graduated in December with my Masters. I'm saving up some money, so I can buy a car and drive to New York City, and start my new life. My dream is to work on Broadway someday, but I'd also like to do some smaller productions."

"Well, I remember you were always a good singer in Glee, so I'm sure you'll do just fine."


Kurt looked at Dave as though he had two heads.


"You heard me sing in high school?"

"I went to high school with you, Kurt. You guys were always putting on random performances. Plus, I went to almost every performance you guys put on."

"I never saw you"

"That's because I didn't want you to. My mom loved you guys so she'd always make me go with her and I'd force her to sit in the back row and we always left as soon as the last song was over. I didn't want anyone to know I had to listen to you guys sing. I don't mind it so much now, but in case you forgot high school was not a great time for me."

"Oh, because high school was a great time for me, having to transfer schools because of a closeted jock who made my life terrible! Oh wait, that was you!"

"Hey I was the one to drive all the way out to your Whoreblers school to apologize and get you to come back!"

"They were not the Whoreblers! They were the Warblers!"

"Whatever. I apologized, you came back and I left you the hell alone! You had your precious boyfriend and I struggled alone for the rest of high school trying to come to terms with who I was. But I'm sorry if I am not allowed to discuss my pain with you, since it makes you uncomfortable."

"So what are you doing in Phoenix?"

"I had a hockey game tonight. I'm on my way to relax."

Kurt looked out the window to see Dave's date leaning against his car smoking a cigarette.

"Oh, I get it. By relax you mean take home a groupie and have a one night stand."

"Will you just hurry up so I can get out of here?"

"Why, are you ashamed of your life choices and what you have become?"

"What I've become? I'm a fucking NHL player, Kurt. I made $1.3 million dollars being injured most of last year."

"Oh you poor baby."

"Why are you still so bitchy?"

"Why are you so stupid?"

"Okay, well this has been a small slice of heaven, but I'm going back to my apartment and having sex with a hot guy who doesn't work at a convenience store."

"Wait, did you just call me hot?"

"What? No. That's now what I meant."

"You totally did. You think I'm hot."

"Like you didn't know that Kurt. You spent far too much time in high school torturing me by wearing clothing that would accentuate certain parts of the male body."

"Oh, I knew, David. And it was rather fun too."

"Like I said, I'm going, so if you could ring those condoms up, that'd be great."

"Wait, you have an apartment in Phoenix?"

"Yeah. I have an apartment in most of the larger cities, because I hate staying at hotels."

"Where in Phoenix do you live?"

"I live in Tempe Place in a penthouse suite."

"Seriously? You live in Tempe Place. That's like five minutes from where I live. Also, why do you need a penthouse suite for one person?"

"My agent got it for me. I didn't ask questions."

"I saw a floor plan of that place once. Impressive."

"Yeah, well the real thing is a lot better."

"Right, and since I clearly am a millionaire who can afford one of those, I know all about that."

"Well, since you live so close you could always come over and see it."

"Wouldn't that be awkward with your waiting date who is looking incredibly bored."?

"I wasn't implying you should come over tonight, Kurt."

"But you were asking me over."

"You know what, you are obnoxiously egotistical. Forget the condoms. I'd rather not have sex if it means I can quit talking to you."

Dave turned around and left the store.

Of all the stupid convenience stores to go into.

He told his date, whose name escaped him that he had a massive migraine and would rather just go home.

His date whined about how long he had to wait in the parking lot, so he took him out for dinner and sat through an incredibly boring dinner, where this groupie talked about all the tattoos he had and how he had slept with eight other hockey players previously.

Dave finally paid for dinner, called the man a cab and drove to his penthouse.

He took a long hot shower trying to work the kinks out of the muscles in his back and finally pulled on a pair of blue gym shorts and a gray t-shirt.

He was eating an orange when someone knocked on his door.

He stared in shock at it.

No one ever knocked on his doors when he was on the road.

He opened the door to see Kurt standing there.

"How in the world did you find me, Hummel?"

"It's not that hard, Dave. You told me where you lived. There are only four penthouses, and three of them are empty."

"Oh, but how did you get in. It's a gated community."

"I used to deliver pizzas in college and used to deliver here. The guy recognized me and let me in no questions asked."

"Wow. So what are you doing here?"

" I brought you something, plus I wanted to get that tour of your apartment."

Kurt tossed him a plastic bag.

Dave caught it easily and pulled out the box of condoms and lube he had been trying to purchase earlier that evening.

"Really, Kurt?"

"Yeah, well I figured since I drove your date away, the least I could do was buy you some condoms."

"You did that on purpose?"

"Yeah, I mean, he got in the way."

"In the way of what?"

"In the way of us having sex tonight."

Dave who had just taken a swig of beer, had beer shoot out of his nose. He couldn't stop coughing and tears ran down his face as he tried to get over the burn in his throat and nose."


"Come on, Dave. We are both hot, virile young men in our sexual prime. We're both gay, and we know each other. Now tell me would you rather be having sex with a random unknown stranger or with someone you've known almost your entire life?"

"Well, Justin is not a stranger. I took him out for dinner and learned all about his life story."

"And yet he's not here and I am."
"That's because he was a total twat. And honestly Kurt, you're not much better. You just show up at my door and expect me to have sex with you because you bought me condoms and lube? If I wanted to have sex, I would be having sex right now. Maybe I'm fine just as I am."

"Really? You're going to turn down sex with your high school crush? Fine then. But I still want that tour of your penthouse."

"Fine, if it means you're going to leave me the hell alone."

"Don't be such a grumpy Gus, Dave."

"This is the living room. Over there is the kitchen. The three bedrooms are on the perimeter and there's the balcony over there. There you had the tour. Now you can go."

"Oh come on, Dave."

Kurt walked over to the balcony and opened the curtains.

"Wow, this view is gorgeous. You can see the desert, and the city skyline in the distance. I can see why you would love staying here."

"It's not too bad. To be honest I only spend a few hours here a few times a year."

"You pay for a penthouse that you only spend a few hours a year in?"

"That seems a bit ridiculous."

"Yeah, well, it's my money and I'd rather spend the money on this than having to sleep in a hotel every night."

Kurt walked around exploring the penthouse then.

He walked into the various bedrooms and saw the sports memorabilia in them, and then he saw the media room.

"You have a theatre in your penthouse? Who are you? Steven Spielberg?"

"Uhh, no. I was here over March Madness a few years back and I wanted a nice room to watch the games, and I like playing video games to relax at night. So the big screen is awesome for that."

"You're pretty much exactly like you were in high school, huh?"
"Well except for the gut, the being in the closet thing, and the being a jerk thing, yeah I like all the stuff I did when I was in high school, and more."

Kurt was looking through his movie collection then.

"You have Oklahoma! As in the Rodgers and Hammerstein movie Oklahoma! I had no idea you liked musicals."

"They aren't so bad. In college my roommate's girlfriend adopted me as her gay friend and introduced me to all sorts of things. I even sat through Sex and the City with her.


"Yeah, seriously. It was the longest year of my life. Give me Family Guy or South Park."

"Uhh, those are both so immature and juvenile."

"I'm a guy, Kurt. I like guy things."

Kurt just held his nose up. He picked up another movie from the collection.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's? And it's still in the wrapping? Why have you never watched this?"

"Because I got that as a gift from my first serious ex boyfriend. He told me I should watch it because I was exactly like the girl in the movie or something. He told me watch this movie, especially the ending, and then come find me when you grow up. Truth is, I was never in love with him and I was sort of relieved when he did. I never opened it because I'm never here long enough to watch movies or do much of anything."

"We should watch it."

"What? Right now?"

"Yeah. I mean you already told me you don't have to have sex with me. So lets watch a movie."

"I never said I didn't want to have sex with you, Kurt. I said maybe I didn't."

"So what are we doing? Having sex or watching a movie?"

"Just put the damn movie in, Hummel."

Dave wondered how in the world he had ended up in his penthouse with his high school crush watching a movie in Phoenix, Arizona.

Life was bizarre.