I do not own Spyro or any other thing apart from White, his Chaos breath and his keyblade.

White will not be using the force nor Chaos breath till the next story. This is a remake of The Legend of The White Dragon. The end of this chapter and the others after that are in Rob/White's POV

Chapter 1 The heros return and Terrador's secret

In a place called The Dragon Realms there is a city called Warfang. The Dragon City to most. Warfang was nearly destroyed and would have been alone with The Dragon Reamls. If it wasn't for the purple dragon Spyro and the one black dragoness loved Cynder who stoped The Dark Master Malefor. But they only put a halt to Malefor's plans for now. And when The Dark Master returns not even Spyro and Cynder will be able to stop him alone.

As the weeks went by in Warfang nearly everyone gave up hoping Spyro and Cynder where alive. Everyone apart from a dragonfly called Sparx. Sparx had lived with Spyro all his life and they are like brothers to each other. No matter how much the Dragon Guardians Cyril,Volteer and Terrador said to him Spyro and Cynder was dead he didn't listen to them. On the day Sparx gave up hoping Spyro and Cynder where still alive he was outside The Dragon Temple. It was midday and as he looked to the horizon he saw a purple dot and black dot come toward Warfang. Sparx was just thinking it was he's mind playing tricks on him. But as the dot's came closer he saw they where Spyro and Cynder and he went to get the Dragon Guardians. When he got back with them they saw a purple dragon and black dragons in there teen's years. Sparx couldn't believe his eyes nor could the Dragon Guardians. In frount of them was Spyro and Cynder and Sparx said Cyril "See I told you it wasn't my mind this time."

"Spyro Cynder where is Ignitus?" Terrador asked Spyro and Cynder.

And Spyro said in a sad voice "He.. he is dead. I'm the resone why he is."

Then Cynder said to Spyro in a soft tone "Don't blame your self. If it wasn't for Ignitus we wouldn't be here right now."

"Ignitus was like a father to me." Spyro said still sad.

And Cyril said to Spyro "Spyro cheer up. There is someone who wants to see you."

Spyro said in his nomral voice "Please not Ember. I love Cynder not her."

Then a light blue dragoness about the same age as Cynder came out of The Dragon Temple. She stoped in frount of Spyro and Terrador said "Spyro this is Crystal. You and Cynder aren't the only ones who where able to hatch."

And Spyro asked "What do you mean?"

And Cryil said "Spyro this is your sister?"

Then Spyro said in shock "My.. my sister. But you said all the eggs apart from mine and Cynder's where destroyed."

And Crystal said to Spyro "I wasn't going to hatch near you brother. Cyril hid me when I was an egg."

Then a full grown black dragoness landed next to Terrador as Sparx,Cyril,Volteer and Crystal went inside The Dragon Temple. Cynder asked "How can there be two black dragonesses? I was told that there was only one black egg me."

And Terrador said to Cynder "Cynder this is your mother Onyx and my wife."

Cynder was in shock from what she just heard. Her dad was Terrador the Earth Guardians. As Cynder asked with fear in her voice "Your... your my dad? Bu... but I would of not attacked you all those years ago but I did. How can you be my dad?"

And Onxy said to Cynder "That wasn't you then. It's a shame about what happed."

"You don't have to call me dad. Still it's shame about your brother." Terrador said to Cynder.

And Cynder asked Terrador "I have a brother? Did something happen to him?"

Then Onxy said "Your brother is alive. He's just not in this world. He will be soon. His name is White. Right now he is knowen by his human name Rob."

And Spyro asked "Human name? What is that? Is he even a dragon?"

"He is dragon. A white dragon. There has never been a dragon like that." Terrador replyed.

Then Cynder asked "Is it because of me. He is not living in The Dragon Reamls?"

And Onxy said "Your part of why he couldn't. You see White hatched a day before the temple was attacked. Even at that age he was able to defend himself from the apes. We didn't want Malefor to get someone who could do that under his control."

"What do I have to do with that?" Cynder asked. Knowing she wouldn't like what she would here.

And Terrador said "If you two met each other all those years ago. Then two things could of happend. You would be dead Cynder or Spyro would be dead."

"He wont be here till the morning." Onxy said.

And Terrador said to Spyro and Cynder "Now you two are going to school in two days time. All dragons and dragonesses have to. Even you two and don't worry I wont tell anyone about the love you and Spyro have for each other."

"I don't think that's a good idea. But your my dad so I have to." Cynder replyed.

Later that night Cynder was with Terrador there where in a room with a green pool of water there was bearly any light. Cynder had asked Terrador if he could show White to her.

"Cynder your brother may be a dragon. But because of where he is living now. He will have a form from that place." Terrador said to Cynder.

"Will he remember you or mum?" Cynder asked Terrador.

"That I don't know. Even if he can right now there are dreams to him." Terrador replyed

Meanwhile on a world called Earth a 15 years old boy called Rob was confuesd about what has been happening to him. His dreams have been very weird for two weeks now.

Rob/White's POV

Man what is up with me? My dreams have goten very weird. I feel like someone it trying to tell me something and I never usely dream that I'm a dragon. It's the only thing I've been dreaming about for two weeks now. It's the same dream every time. There this full grown black dragoness saying she is my mother and for someresone I've been feeling tired all day.

And I when to bed it was about 10:00 anyway.