I sat on the branch of a large maple tree while Dei hung upside down beside me. His hair had gotten so long that he now tied half of it on top of his head. I thought it looked ridiculous, but he insisted on keeping it like that.

The laboratory we had previously been living in was within viewing distance, and everything looked peaceful. A shame it wasn't going to last, really.

Akatsuki had been going full force, and with several successful attacks, we were sure all of the labs new our group well. I looked down at my boyfriend, who had a small remote clutched tightly in his right hand. A twisted smile was on his lips, but I didn't worry about it any more. His fits had gotten better, only completely breaking down when he was under extreme stress. It was a huge improvement, really. "Danna, have you ever seen a roman candle, un? Because that's what this place is about to look like, un," he giggled before hitting the remote control.

At first, nothing happened, but I knew better than to doubt his work. About five seconds later, an earth shaking explosion came over the entire area, and I looked up just in time to see the laboratory blow apart. Flames began shooting through the roof, licking at whatever they could reach. While I sat there watching calmly, Dei was pulling himself back up into a sitting position with a wide grin on his face. "Was that a good one?" I asked. I still had no appreciation for his art, so I just asked him whether or not he liked the explosion after it had gone off. And each time, he'd give me the same answer.

"That one was really cool, un!" he exclaimed, throwing one arm around my shoulders. "The flames shot like, twenty feet high!" He was cute, I'd give him that much.

"I saw." The blonde rested his head against my shoulder, and I automatically began running my hands through his hair. "Ready to head back, Dei?" He shook his head, and I sighed. "Pein's going to start getting anxious."

He shrugged and wrapped his other arm around my torso."Then let him. I wanna stay and watch, un."

"Fine, but if he asks, I'm not going to take the blame for it."

"Fair enough, un." Dei let go of me for a moment. What was he doing now? The kid couldn't sit still for two minutes. I was going to question his actions out loud, but before I could, he let himself fall into my lap.

Since we had left the laboratory, he had put on some weight, giving him a much more healthy look. I slipped my hands around his waist, and he leaned against me. "Carefully, I don't want to fall out of the tree," I murmured, resting my chin on the top of his head. He nodded once, completely absorbed in watching the fire.

I chuckled softly and moved my hand to grab him by the chin. I gently turned his head so that he was looking at me. "Danna, un?" Must've been confused that I was distracting him from the fire. Normally, I'd just sit silently and let him watch. Without giving him a proper response, I pulled him forward and kissed him. Immediately, he kissed back, hands grabbing the back of my head. We broke away, and he turned back around. Snuggling against me, he let out a content sigh. "I love you, un."

"Love you too, Dei." No matter how many times we said it, it never got old. Each time, I loved him just as much.

Even though I couldn't view the burning laboratory as art, I was perfectly content sitting there with my love on my lap, tracing circles on my hands and watching the fire.