Chapter Eight

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

"Cera Kodda was caught up in the shooting at 34th Street."

004's eyes widened.

"Is this the hospital?" He asked.

"No, this is the police department. We found her purse at the scene with some blood stains. We're on the search for her now."

004 nodded and looked to the window.

"Alright, please call when you find her."

"We'll do our best." He hung up and went to the window.

"009, 007, 002." He said through the transmitter.

"004?" 009 asked.

"It's Cera."

"Did she return?" 002 asked, concern in his voice.

"We saw a crime scene but she wasn't mentioned."

"Actually she was involved."

"What?" 004 twitched at 002 loud yell.

"I just got a call from the police department. They found her purse and said she might have got caught up in the shooting but fled."

"Alright, let's go find her. If she's been shot she can't be far from 34th Street." Said 002.

Cera stumbled down the dark empty street. She was gasping in pain as blood streaked down her arm, the pulsating painful wound in her shoulder where the blood was emerging. Her arms shook, her eyes wide, and her breathing was fast and small gasps. She was scared, she was cold, and she was hurt. She didn't know what to do when she got shot. The only word that came to mind was 'run!' And so she did. She leaned against a wall and slid down it, sitting on the cold hard pavement. She tried to calm her heart beat as best as she could. But with her mind racing and wound pulsating, it wasn't worth trying. She had wished she had a cell phone to call an ambulance or Jet. She closed her eyes tightly, whimpering at the pain.


"Jet? No it couldn't be." She thought. "I'm hearing things."


Opening her eyes, she saw the red spiky haired guy kneeling to her. His face was nothing of worry and fear.

"Cera! Cera open your eyes!"

She opened her eyes fully; she wasn't see or hearing things.

"Jet!" She cried, trying to stand but her pain came to her shoulder.

Jet saw the blood stain, the blood streaking down her arm.

"Hold on, Cera." He carefully picked her up bridal style.

They were far from the hospital and walking there would took forever. He can't use his accelerator since Cera wasn't a Cyborg. Would he use his jets?

004 was at the apartment, waiting for one of his comrades to return. He leaned against the door frame of Penny and Cera's room. If or when Penny finds out of her sister… 004 just hopes he wouldn't have to tell her the news. A creak of a door opening, 004 looked over seeing 009 and 007 enter.

"No 002?" They shook their heads. 004 sighed.

"Maybe he found her?" Said 007 with a guessing shrug.

"Let's hope so." Said 009.

Suddenly, the phone rang. 004 answered it.


"004?" It was 002's voice.

It was low, almost like a dull whisper.

"002? Where are you?"

007 and 009 came over, in attempt to hear on the other line of the phone.

"I'm at the hospital. I would've used the transmitter but there's interference here."

"That's understandable." 004 commented.

"I found Cera, she wasn't far from the sight." 004 smirked, giving the other two a good sign of relief.

At the hospital, 002 talked at a pay phone; leaning against the wall with a hand, the other holding the phone to his hear and mouth.

"She was shot in the shoulder. She was scared and ran off."

"I don't blame her." 004 replied.

"Neither do I." It was silent between them.

002 was thinking it was his fault. Somehow he felt guilty, which was not in his nature of feelings.

"What's her condition?"

"I wish I knew. She's in surgery."

002 took in some air.

"Apparently the bullet was still in her shoulder, and after losing some blood, well…"

002 closed his eyes and looked to the floor.

"Alright, we'll take care of Penny."

"Thanks." He muttered.

"I'll stay here with Cera."

"Alright." 002 was about to hung up, but didn't.

"Also," He spoke, opening his eyes and looked at the numbers on the pay phone.

He stood straight with his free hand at his side.


In a white light blinding room, Cera Kodda laid in bed, just waking up from surgery. She sat up, but gasped, feeling absolute pain in her shoulder. She saw it was wrapped up, as she carefully sat up in herbed. She didn't have to ask where she was; it was painfully obvious she was in bed in a hospital room. She didn't have to ask what happened; she got shot and ran off, someone came to her rescue. Though, one question came to her mind and that was for Jet.

Said Jet Link peeked into the room; his eyes full of fear and worry. He came over sitting next to Cera's bed side.

"How do you feel?" He asked, Cera would shrug but pain to come to her.

She just said, "I'll live."

Jet smiled. "I'll admit, it wasn't smart of me to run off like that."

Jet shook his head. "I don't blame you. You were scared and hurt, you didn't know what to do."

Cera looked down. "Thank you, for finding and saving me Jet."

Jet's smiled softened, his hand moved to hers. She looked to him.

"When you didn't return, I got worried and searched for you. My friends helped me, while Albert stayed with Penelope. We saw the scene but heard nothing about you, until I saw you. It was obvious you were in the cross fire of the shooting."

Cera nodded and looked down at the bed sheets. Her hands started to shake lightly, Jet gave a concerned look.

"Cera? What's wrong?"

She looked to Jet, with a weary smile. "It's like history is repeating itself."

Jet didn't understand. "What do you mean?"

Cera's fingers gripped the sheets, her nails wanting to make holes in them. "My mother…"

Jet scooted closer, still holding her hand. "You can tell me."

She took in same air, and began.

"Our happiness with mother ended about seven years ago. I was thirteen while Penny was only three. One night, my other was coming home early from her night job. But she was caught in a cross fire between a gang fight. The shooters ran off, never to be found, while my mother bled to death."

Her hands shook more.

"I remember getting the call from the hospital. It was the worst call of my life."

Her voice started to quiver. Jet noticed and held her hand tightly. Feeling his comfort, she stopped and calmed down with a sigh.

"They didn't bother look for the shooters, wasn't worth their time. Soon, Penny and I went to an orphanage. They asked if we had any other relatives, remembering our dad running out on us, I said no. Parents would want to adopt either Penny or I, but never together. I refused to leave without her, and vise versa."

Jet stayed silent, letting her continue her story.

"When I turned 18, I took legal guardianship over Penelope and left the orphanage. They gave me 1,000$ to start our life, that soon was put toward moving here to New York, our apartment, and Penelope's education. My first job, as I said, covers it. I want her to have a good life, and not make any mistakes in life."

"But, aren't mistakes good?" She looked to him. "You learn from mistakes." He explained.

"Hm, point taken." She smiled at him.

"But, that's how we ended up here. Years went by, and such, and here we are." Jet chuckled.

It was late at night, and Jet didn't leave her side. She was getting tired, as the hours between them went by.

"Jet?" He looked to her from standing by the window. He came over, taking his seat in a chair by her side.

"Do you need something?"

She shook her head. "Did you tell Penny?"

He thought for a minute, and shook her head. "No, she was asleep when we went searching. Though, I probably should call the guys."

She raised a brow. "My friends, Albert, Joe, an G.B are watching her."

She gave an 'oh'.

Her eyes started to feel heavy, but she shook her head to stay awake. Jet noticed and smiled.

"You should get some rest, after what all that happened today, you'll need your energy."

A thought suddenly came to mind, as she looked out the window were the stars shined. "Jet, Can I ask you something?"

Jet leaned in, hearing her tired voice. "Sure, what?"

"When you found me, and how you got me here. As long as I was imagining things, are you 002?"

Jet felt a lump in his throat. Seeing his expression, Cera knew his cover was blown.

"So those stories are true? You're a Cyborg?"

He sighed and nodded. "Yes, it's true. I didn't want to tell you, in fact, I couldn't. But if I didn't use my jets to get you here, who knows what would've happened."

Cera smiled tiredly, and placed her hand over his. He looked up at her.

"Jet, or, 002-"

He raised his hand. "I'd rather you call me by my real name; Jet."

She chuckled. "Jet, this doesn't mean I think of you differently. I find you a hero."

He raised a brow, but scoffed and looked to the wall. "A hero?"

"Well, you claimed 002 was a leader of the group and a daring hero."

Jet jumped, remembering his claim on those lies.

"Well, I might have stretched the truth on that."

Her brows furrowed.

He shook his head and stood. "I'll tell you tomorrow. Don't worry. I'll take care of Penny while you're here."

She nodded tiredly, as Jet put the sheets and blanket carefully over her. "Now, get some sleep." She blinked once more.

"Jet?" She said in a whisper, he leaned down to hear her.


She leaned into him and gave him a small peck on the cheek. Cera lay back with a soft smile, falling asleep.

Jet leaned back and plopped into the chair. His eyes were wide and he was blushing light pink. His fingers brushed lightly on his blushing cheek, still feeling her lips press his skin. He sighed, with a smile. He got up and looked out the window, but the smiled faded.

"No, I'm a Cyborg. It just wouldn't work out." He said to himself.

He left to call his friends, letting them know on the news.

Jet was remembering on telling the guys on what he did. They were mad, but understood why he did it. He had to tell them, and this meant Cera would want to know everything. The only thing that bothered Jet was how much danger this could be to her and Penny with Black Ghost.