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Once Adam was asleep in Clare and Eli's bed, Clare left the room in an angry huff and went into Adam and Ali's room. She busted the door open and immediately saw Ali sobbing on the side of the bed. Clare walked over to her and said,

"I want you out of my house." With that said and done, Clare walked into the kitchen to heat back up her food when suddenly she felt an sharp pain and a flow of green-ish clear liquid seeped from between her legs. And so it began, she was having the baby for real this time.

Clare gabbed her stomach and immediately screamed,

"Eli!" He walked into the kitchen casually and said,

"Very funny, I am not falling for another one of your pranks." Clare started to cry and said,

"Call nine-one-one you idiot! The baby is really coming this time!" Eli turned pasty white and said,

"Oh god, Clare, sit!" He grabbed a chair and sat her down while he grabbed the land line and dialed for an ambulance.

Within minutes, the sirens were heard throughout the neighborhood and Clare was placed into the blaring ambulance. Eli was allowed to come with her while she screamed in agony while the ride to the hospital took place.

Before the ambulance came, Eli woke Adam up and told him Clare was in labor. Despite Adam being broken hearted he got up from bed and collected the kids and drove to the hospital. The whole ride there he blasted his favorite sad songs. Something to make you feel a little better, he thought to himself.

Ali's POV:

Clare kicked me out! I have nowhere to go; I am now homeless while my ex-best friend was having her daughter. So much in one night went wrong. I didn't reject Adam, I went to go call my brother and tell him Adam proposed, that was all.

Tears freely fell down my face and I packed up the rest of my things and I wrote Adam and Clare both letters before leaving the room to go to my old beater of a car. It looks like my old clunker of a car is now my only abode from now on.

I packed up my car and I swiftly swiped a blanket and a pillow from Clare's lining closet and I made my way back to my car. I started the engine and I drove away. I drove fast a furiously, I drove to the beach. It was the only place I knew well enough to start over, and it wasn't too far from my big brother, just in case I had gotten into too big of trouble, he was about two miles away.

When I left Clare and Eli's house, I left my location in case of anything, but I know I wasn't wanted, so I just shut off my phone to preserve the battery and I climbed into the backseat of the car and I pulled out the blanket and pillow and tried to get comfortable in the tiny creviced of a car I have.

Clare's POV:

"Clare, I need you to push!" the doctor shouted at me and as he put my legs in the stirrups and got geared up for me to push my daughter out.

"I can't!" I screamed as beads of sweat poured down my forehead. Eli squeezed my hand gently and gave me a small smile and I started to push a little. The doctor got in delivering position and said,

"Okay, that was good, on the next contraction; I want you to push even harder." I started to cry and said,

"I can't do this!" An agonizing scream later another contraction came in a moment.

Adam's POV:

I could hear screams coming from Clare's room. I think that must be a good sign, says that Clare is pushing. I hope it won't be long, the kids are starting to get restless and even more tired than before.

While Clare was giving birth, I called all the relatives and told them all the news. Immediately both Clare's and Eli's sets of parents showed up for the arrival of the new baby. I know I should be excited that Clare is giving birth, but really all I can feel is the saddening pain that had settled on the deep cavity where my heart used to be.

"Adam!" I looked over to the swinging doors and saw Sav running towards me. Oh great, just fucking great. I got up from my seat and walked over to him and he said,

"Congratulations man!" I gave him a confused look and he said, "On the engagement." I broke down and cried again. Sav looked at me and said,

"What's wrong dude?" I choked back a sob and said,

"Ali didn't accept my proposal." Sav looked at me and then pulled out his phone. He dialed a number and disappeared through the doors again.

Really all I could think about was, how could Ali be so cruel?

Eli's POV:

The second huge contraction came and Clare grabbed onto me like there was no tomorrow. I think I felt a bone break in my hand when she squeezed it so fucking hard.

"Clare, just a few more pushes and it will all be over with." Clare glared at the doctor and she reluctantly pushed again. At this point Clare was crying so hard, the bed was shaking.

The doctor let Clare breathe for a moment and for a brief second, I leaned down and kissed Clare's sweaty forehead and whispered in her ear,

"Everything is going to be okay, you are doing just great." She looked up at me with venom in her eyes and said,

"You! You did this to me!" I was taken aback and said,

"I'm sorry?" she glared at me again and was about to speak when the doctor said,

"Okay, one more big push Clare!"


Ali was laying wide-awake in her car starring out the sun roof at the moon. She focused on a star near the moon and closed her eyes and made a wish. She figured she had nothing else to lose, might as well make a meek wish.

Adam sat in the waiting room of the labor and delivery while he waited for the news of his niece to be born. It had been an hour since Sav appeared, and the more time had gone by, the more Adam grew confused about the whole situation. What did he mean be congratulations? She said no.

While the two star-crossed lovers were separated, Clare was giving her final push in the delivery room.

"Just one more, Clare. You're doing great." The doctor reassured. Clare glared at him with envy and said,

"One more and them I'm closing my legs!" Eli chuckled to himself at her stubbornness and rubbed her back gently while she struggled to push.

Sav called Ali and instantly he got her answering service. The message was new, she voiced echoed through the phone, it said,

"Ali here, if this is Adam I am so sorry, I love you."

Sav heard the message and then left a hefty voicemail for her to receive once she came back into reality and out of whatever hiding she currently was in.

"Whaaaa!" Screamed a new born as Clare pushed out one final push. She fell back onto the bed and the doctors and nurses swiftly took the dirty baby away to make sure everything with her is alright.

"Oh, Clare, she looks perfect." Eli beamed as he cut the embical cord. Clare gave him a weak smile and said,

"She is perfect, isn't she?"

Ali's POV:

It was getting late; I was starting to get tired. Before I decided to go to sleep, I turned my phone back on and checked my messages. Immediately a voicemail message rang through. I entered my password and I heard Sav's stern voice ring through my phone speaker. All I heard from the lecturing speech was,

"Adam thinks you don't love him." I felt my heart crack. How could he think that? I love him and Melody more than the world; I want to be her mommy and his wife. I have to go fix this.

I got into the driver's seat of the car and stepped on the gas. I had to get to the hospital fast. I cannot let Adam think I don't love him that is a load of bullshit.

Thirty-minutes later:

I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and I ran into the large brick building. I checked the guide to which floor Clare would be on, and I ran up to the elevators. I pushed the button for the third floor and waited. God, why is this taking so long today?

Once I was on the third floor, I ran into the waiting room and instantly I saw Adam and both Clare and Eli's parents all sitting there anxiously waiting. I ran up to Adam and pulled him off his chair and kissed him hard on the mouth. When we pulled away I looked him in the eyes and said,

"I love you, I want to be Melody's mommy and more importantly I want to be your wife." Adam let a tear slip and he said,

"I thought you didn't love me." I sighed and said,

"I love you so much; it hurts when we are apart. Please, let me be in your life again." Adam grabbed me and kissed me again. In the middle of the kiss, Melody grabbed my leg and said,

"Hi new mommy!" I smiled and picked her up. This is my new life, my family.

Clare's POV:

Once Connie was all cleaned up and ready to be brought over, the doctor had me push out what they call "After birth". Personally I think that hurts like a bitch, it burns when it comes out.

I was getting ready to push when the doctor suddenly gasped and said,

"We have a problem!" the doctor grabbed a scalpel from the tray next to him and I felt a sharp slicing pain near my lady parts. I let out a shriek of pain and said,

"What the hell is…?" I suddenly stopped talking and felt another contraction. How could that be possible, I already had the baby? I got ready to speak again when the doctor said,

"Push hard, Clare!" I sucked in a breath of air and pushed as hard as my frail body could do. A minute later I heard Eli say,

"Oh my god, is that another baby?" The doctor nodded and said,

"Meet your other daughter." Eli cut the cord again and I burst into tears. I looked at the doctor and said,

"I didn't know I was having twins." He starred at me and said,

"She was hiding behind her sister. It isn't uncommon at all." I sighed and said to Eli, we need another name.

He looked at the un-named baby and said, "How about Meghan Rose." I liked it so I nodded.

Once both babies were cleaned up, I had Eli bring in the families and instantly when they all saw two babies, in unison, they all said,

"I can't believe it."

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