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This is a story about Frodo and Gailethil It is linked to "OF DREAMS AND RINGS" but since there is violence and there may be some sex in subsequent chapters it has been put in a different story.

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This series is all about Frodo's Nightmares. Its going to jump through time. In some cases…he is being influenced by the Witch King on orders from the person who is messing around with Time in Middle Earth. This story is connected to Of Dreams and Rings, but not there because this is going to be intense. There will be NO slash, however…there will be some dramatic torture scenes, and sex. These dreams are what kill Frodo's spirit. Now…just so that we are all clear. This is an Alternate Universe. My own version of The Lord of the Rings.
This Takes Place…A few nights after Gandalf tells Frodo he has the One Ring and must leave the Shire.

Gailethil could not remember going to sleep…and struggled to wake up, though for some reason…things felt slow. She finally opened her eyes when she felt a weight upon her…Focusing…she saw Frodo, he was on top of her, looking down at her. They were in a clearing in the woods, the stars above sparking. She was at first happy…then…she looked into his eyes…they were not the blue that she remembered…they were dark pits that had no pupils, and that burned with fire. "You're not Frodo…" she tried her best to struggle against her captor, and closed her eyes, trying to get through the vision and to see what was there. The terrible dream was causing her movements to slow and she couldn't seem to resist.

Laughter echoed in the secluded clearing. "No. I'm not him. I'm your master. ." he held the dagger to her throat. "And I own you. You will come to me, I have been waiting far too long, and you will come to me." He laughed as she began to struggle, surprisingly strong…and drew the dagger down to the strap of her gown, cutting it. The material fell…exposing the top of one of her breasts. He pulled her hair back, lifting her up slightly so that it did fall all the way, and that was when she saw Frodo coming upon the clearing on one of his walks.

Frodo had been thinking about the Shire…and Rivendell. She was there…he knew she had to be. He would finally be able to meet her…but did she love him the way he loved her? She was an elf…he was a hobbit, and his eyes filled with pain when thought about her, his heart burning with insecurity.

Then he saw her…a smaller, blury shape was lying on top of her, holding a glittering dagger to her throat. He tried to focus on it…and it came into view…to his horror…it was him. What was he seeing? He froze in place…staring. He staggered…clutching his heart.

Gailethil saw the real Frodo and cried out, "Leave him alone…" she glared at the being who held her to the ground. "Why are you torturing him like this?"

The apparition's eyes glinted as it studied Frodo, then looked back towards the elleth. He cut again at her dress…knowing that Frodo could not move, this time…However, she struggled, and the knife dug into her skin, leaving a trail of blood, and the material fell to her waist revealing the soft contours of her delicate skin…marred by the trail of blood. He redirected the knife to her throat. "See what happens when you resist me? You cannot hide forever in Rivendell, my precious."

And he leaned forward…and kissed her roughly much to Frodo's horror, and she felt something attack her senses like a thousand creatures prodding their way into her soul. He pulled away, laughing at her. "Mordor waits for you. You will come to us…." He dropped her to the ground, and she lay there, her arms curled about her chest, shivering in pain.

The apparition rose to his feet and licked away the blood on his dagger while Frodo stood hunched over in agony, his own heart seemed to be burning in pain. But he looked up…and met the creature's gaze…eyes aflame with anger. "What are you…" Frodo breathed out.

"Your future self." And the figure changed into a being of white light and skeletal fury…its hands spread open wide as it laughs, a crown of white upon its hollow, almost intangible face. Frodo fell backwards in terror…and it was gone.

It took many deep breaths for him to drag himself to his feet and crawl over to the elleth who was sobbing. Blood still ran at her shoulder. "Gail…" he whispered. "Gailethil…its Frodo. Its me…Really me…" she cringed away, and it nearly killed him. She opened her eyes and looked at him, confusion and fear laced through them

"It hurts…" she cried….The wound was already closing…and she felt...cold… her eyes gazed at him, hollow…tortured…

And he did the only thing that he could do…he leaned forward and dragged her into his arms, the blood from her wound soaking his shirt. He let her head rest against his shoulder as he stroked her hair while she sobbed….nearly in hysterics. He kept her there for a little while as his hand brushed against her head tenderly and she lifted her head up to look at him in anguish.

He bent his head…and took her lips with his. A soft…gentle touch…like little butterflies…as he tried desperately to reassure her…to let her know that it -was- him. The kiss…lasted it seemed for eternity…but then she cried out in pain against him, and he could feel her growing colder as she began to shake…and she faded away before his eyes…faded into darkness.

Someone was shaking him awake…he groaned…trying to focus…he was back in his room at Bag-End…and there was blood on his hand…and blood on his shirt. He looked in fear and confusion about the room. And there was no one but him in the room and the howl of a terrible rainstorm pattering against the window pane.


---End Nightmare---