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a/n: This is supposed to fall chronologically after TMNT 2007, and sometimes alludes to the events from there. I've tried to characterize all the turtles like they have been in that film, and also from the 2003 - 2009 series. I'm a fan of a lot of games, and series, so you may recognize some names or characters from places like Mortal Kombat, X-Men, Mass Effect...I don't intend to use any of them in the context of where they come from, but I just like the characters, so they may show up at times.

She hit the ground hard, rolling once before stopping on her feet. Right sai in hand, her left arm out in front of her, steadying her balance. A sound made her whip around, her grip on her sai easily switching from an offensive one, to one for defense. With her heart beating in her ears, she listened carefully, ready for an attack. After all, she had just been in the middle of one heckuva large battle. But something had happened. She remembered vaulting over a fallen log, intent on impaling whoever it was on the other side, but there was a cliché flash of light, and she had instead found herself here. Wherever here was.

She looked around, trying to get her bearings. It was dark, there were stone walls curving upwards, steel pipes all around, murky water, trash, and a stink she couldn't quite place.

"What the fuck?" she sighed, exasperatingly throwing her hands down. She replaced her sai in its holder, by her right hip and walked forward into the black. The only thing she could hear now was a rumbling from above, the water running, and her own footsteps. Where am I? She thought.

It wasn't until the girl realized she couldn't pull her team on her comm, and her omni-tool couldn't tell her anything about her whereabouts that she broke into a run. She *had* to find a way out of here and out into the open!

3 hours later, sitting in the gloom, the girl finally shut off her onmi-tool. She was in disbelief at her situation. She was also fighting back tears. Get a hold of yourself, Juno! You're a fighter! You can do this! But still...she wondered. She thought back to the conversation she had just had...


Juno's left arm began to glow.

"Oh my god! They've found me!" Juno fiddled with some controls and a fuzzy holographic image emerged above her wrist. "Rain? Rain! Tell me that's you!" she shouted at the figure.

"Yeah...yeah, it's me, Juno." The voice on the other end sounded surprised, yet weary and tired at the same time.

"It's about time, Rain! I need you to get me out of here. I don't even know where here is, but I need to get back. I hope you guys have breached the walls, 'cuz the girls and I are getting hammered out here! Or...er...were getting hammered."

"Yeah, Juno...about that. I have some news. We were able to destroy the weapon that fired at you. We were also able to take out the base in that crazy jungle we were in. And...we were able to terminate the crazy scientist behind it all," said the fuzzy holographic face.

"Yeah, that's great Rain," said Juno impatiently. "I can listen to your full mission report when I get back. So let's just-" Juno stopped mid-sentence. She stared wide-eyed at the holographic face which was now no longer fuzzy. "Rain? What happened to you? You look like you've aged like 20 years!"

Rain sighed. "That's just it, Juno. It's actually been 30 years. I'm the only one monitoring this channel now. I never thought I'd get a signal through to you...we haven't been able to get a signal to the others either...but we didn't know then what we know now: That you all had been shot at by the very weapon that we had been sent to destroy all those years ago. We left no trace of it, nor did we save any of the data. That had been our mission parameters...but without it...we couldn't get you back. We tried, LC. God we tried...but...there was no way. You were labelled as deceased...I went to your funeral, Juno."

"What? It's been like 3 hours, not 30 years, Rain," Juno's voice was plea-like...desperate.

"No, LC. I wish it was. It's been 30 years for us here. Scorpion is dead, Saibot is in the asylum...things have changed. The only thing that hasn't is that you're stuck there...and we can't get you back. But even if we could...30 years have gone by." Rain paused to let Juno take it all in.

"So that's it? I'm stuck here? At least tell me the war is over! Tell me we didn't fight for nothing!" Juno was practically screaming at her wrist.

"LC. Juno," Rain steadied himself before continuing. "I'd like to tell you the war is over. I'd love to tell you that we all live in peace now. But the humans are persistent. And we're getting tired. We're thinking of leaving. Just recolonizing somewhere else. But these aren't your problems anymore, Juno. You have to try to get on. Just find your place there...wherever you are. You can't come back home. Please try to understand. We've been trying for 30 years. Well, officially, the project to bring you back ended 18 years ago...but I couldn't give up hope. I'm glad to see you alive, LC. But...the only reason I've been trying to contact you is to tell you all of this. So that you can get on...you know..with your life."

"Rain...I...you said the others are missing too? So beta team isn't there with you?"

"Beta team has not been seen since you disappeared. Have you seen Psylocke, Feral or Jubilee?"

"No...no I haven't...but I've only been here a few hours...I might see them..." Juno's face was contorted by her grief. She couldn't believe she had lost everything in a matter of moments.

"I'm sorry, LC. I can't help you anymore. I'm so sorry. I'll be shutting down this channel now. I'm just glad that I was able to contact you finally. I miss you, for all it's worth. Goodbye."

Juno could only stare helplessly at her omni-tool as Rain's face slowly disappeared from view. "LC" he had called her. That was her pet name given to her by her friends. It stood for "Loose Cannon". From her haydays as a wild, hot-tempered impulsive girl. But now...she didn't know what to do. Where to go. She was lost. So she sat there, on the floor of the sewers beneath New York City. And that was where the turtles found her.