"IZAYAAAAAAAAAA!" A loud roar could've been heard in the centre of Ikebukuro.

"Kyaaa! Did you hear that, boys? They're gonna fight!" Erika pressed her face to Russian Sushi's window to see what's happening on the street.

Kyohei Kadota sighed heavily.

"A day like everyday in Ikebukuro."

Today wasn't going to be like others though.

The door opened rapidly and a petite, pale silhouette burst into the restaurant and hid behind the tall advertiser, making him almost drop all the leaflets he was holding.

"Privyet, Simon!" Grinned Izaya, clinging to Simon's back.

"Whoa, whoa! Izaya? What are you…"


Shizuo burst into the restaurant as well, making the door hit the wall with a loud noise that made everyone twitch.

"You're faster than I thought, Shizu-chan!"

"Izaya…" Shizuo approached to Izaya, who was still using Simon as a man shield. Blonde brute was holding a plucked off street sign.

"Wait, wait, boys. My bar is not a battlefield. You're ordering sushi, or get out." Simon glanced at both.

"Oh, actually, I'm ordering something~ It's my lunch time!" Izaya smirked at the blonde bartender, making him growl.

"Horosho!" The giant advertiser smiled "What's your order?"

Shizuo turned away and walked to the door, dragging the street sign behind him.

"A-Ah! Shizu-chan, wait!" Erika, who was observing the whole action giggling like crazy, stood up and walked to him.

Blonde brute twitched as he heard how the girl called him.

"What do you want, Karisawa?"

Erika smirked mischievously, giving Shizuo a cold shiver.

"You want to kill Izaya, don't you?"

Blonde nodded slowly.

"How about you poison his food with something?" Asked Erika, trying to not giggle.


"Yeah! I have something perfect for him…" Erika lowered her voice "It won't actually kill him, but the effects may be interesting…"

Shizuo raised his eyebrow.

"But he will be suffering, right?"

"As heck~!"

Erika handed him a small bottle, making sure Kadota, Saburo and Walker won't notice it. Shizuo took the bottle, and walked to Izaya's table.

"I saw it…" Whispered Walker, when Erika sat back on her place. "What did you give him?"


Walker spitted out his sushi on Kadota, while Erika laughed like an evil genius.

"Yo, flea."

Izaya looked up on with a maki roll in his mouth what was making him look absurdly. He swallowed sushi then glared at Shizuo.

"What do you want, Shizu-chan? You're destroying my appetite, you know…"

Blonde leaned over him, so his nose was just few inches from Izaya's.

"You sodding flea…I'm destroying your appetite, huh?"

Izaya smirked, not noticing Shizu's hands opening the bottle behind his back.

"Why yes, Shizu-chan, you are. Could you get off me? Seeing your face is enough, your disgusting cigarette smell makes me want to barf.

Shizuo glared at him, pouring whole bottle into his rice.

"I wish you choke with your food, asshole."

He stood up, quickly hiding bottle to his pocket and sitting down next to Erika.

"Simon! Come here for a minute. After all, I'm ordering something."

"Wow! A lot of clients today!"

Shizuo, Erika and Walker couldn't eat. They were just staring at every little move of Izaya. Kadota and Saburo started ignoring them after asking why they're not eating over three times.

After 15 minutes, finally, the pale brunette, looking even more pale than usual, finished eating. Simon walked up to him to take his plate. Shizuo saw Izaya saying something in Russian to him, then a shade of worry on black man's face.

"The show's beginning…" Snorted Erika.

Izaya got up, and tried to go to the door, staggering like drunk. Now not only Shizuo and co. was staring at him, but all clients.

He did few more steps, but tripped, catching nearest table.

"Is this agony?" mumbled the strongest man in Ikebukuro, but no one answered him, too busy with staring at Izaya.

"Hell…What's happening with me…I can't control my own body…yet it feels so awesome…" Muttered brunette, with psycho smile on his face, trying to stand up again.

"Erika…are you sure it was a poison?" Asked Shizuo. Erika hissed as Kadota death glared at her.

"You poisoned Izaya's food?"

"Eerr…" Erika coughed, but everybody's attention focused on the Informant again, as he managed to leave the restaurant.

Shizuo stood up and ran after him.

"It's not like I am worrying. I just wanna see his suffering."

He saw the flea turning into some empty alley. He followed him.

Izaya was leaning on the wall, panting. His pale face went ruddy and sweaty now, still with psychotic smile on it.


Izaya jumped and looked at him.

"S-Shiz-chan…" Brunette approached him "Shizu-chan…"

"…Izaya? What the hell? "

"I feel so freaking awesome…"

"Awesome? What…You're not supposed to!" Shizuo stepped back. The hell that Karisawa brat gave him?

Izaya grabbed Shizu's shirt, pulling him closer, and purred. Purred.

One of his hands slid down bleached blonde's back, groping his ass.

-IZAYA WHAT THE HELL? – Shizuo struggled to get out of sneaky Informant's grisp, but the petite guy was surprisingly strong, as for a drugged person.

Izaya pressed his body to Shizuo's. Blonde gulped as he felt hard bulge grazing his own crotch.

Holy crap.

Seriously, what WAS that drug?

Informant looked up at him, with sick, scaring desire in his bloody red eyes.

"Shizu-chan, I want you…"