"Shizu-chan, I want you…"

Shizuo finally managed to push him away and throw at the nearest wall.

"Izaya you psycho! Don't even dare to touch me!"

"Come on, Shizzy! Let's have some fun! Since you wanted it in the first place…"

Shizuo froze.

"What, I'm an Informant, after all…" Right now Izaya looked completely normal, and not drugged at all. That face. That annoying face.

Shizuo really wanted to throw something at him now, but he couldn't get away from the odd shock. The flea knew he's going to be poisoned, and let him do this…? Something definitely was wrong on here.

"I-If you're not going to die, I'm getting outta here." Blonde turned away, but Izaya jumped to him and grabbed his hand, with the weird drugged smile again.

"Shizu-chan, I want fun!"

Before the man could reply, brunette pushed his tongue into his mouth in an overpassionate kiss. Izaya pulled Shizuo's head by hair, forcing him to kiss back.

"IZAYA!" Yelled Shizuo, when they finally broke the kiss to get some air.

"If you wanted to do me, you could've just say, Shizu-chan" Whispered Izaya, nuzzling in Shizuo's neck. 'Shizu-chan' blushed. It felt nice, if not looking at the fact it was IZAYA, or actually, Izaya on crack. If he wasn't pretending, that's it.

"I never wanted to "do" you…That Karisawa brat fooled me, that's all, flea." Growled blonde.

Informant ignored that, kissing and sucking on his neck, making Shizuo struggle with the urge to kick him far away to Australia.

Suddenly, the obvious though came to Shizuo's mind: "Why can't I just throw a sign at him, or something?"

Why? Why can't I move?

" …Because killing him at this state wouldn't be satisfying enough. Too easy for me." He muttered almost inaudibly, answering himself.


Izaya purred again, right to Shizuo's ear, moving his hand to his crotch, making blonde hiss like a cat.

"Get your hands off me, fucking fag!"

…But Izaya's hand already was in his pants.

"Shizu-chaaan, I always wondered your size~"

Shizuo glared at him.

"Bigger than yours, anyway."

Brunette ignored this comment as well.

In next two secs, he was kneeling in front of Shizu, unbuckling his belt.

Ikebukuro's Strongest Man's mind was all:


at the moment. Any other word couldn't describe that.

"I see you're enjoying it" Izaya poked his now half-erected groin, with a completely innocent, oblivious face.

"The fuck…I am not!" – Shizuo blushed even more.

Izaya unzipped his pants with his teeth, grinning maliciously.

"I'm gonna suck Shizu-chan off~" Announced Izaya innocently. The sudden fear of his cock being bitten off flashed through blonde's head, as the sly informant managed to take it outta his pants.

"You little, sodding m—Uh! What the…" Apparently Izaya was now stroking it, to make Shizuo enjoy more. Even if the said was keep repeating to hisself that he's not enjoying that. He still wasn't moving an inch, though.

A minute later, drugged boy did the first lick, making Shizuo flinch. He swirled his tongue around the cock's

Head rakishly, and eventually began to suck.

An odd shiver went through Shizuo's body. He still had no idea why he's letting Izaya do that, but it felt good, goddamn good.

Brunette was now sucking harder, moving along the length. He seemed happy, looking up from time to time. Shizu was letting out small gasps, trying to not moan, since, after all, they still was in the centre of city, but at some moments it was difficult. Oh God. How embarrassing the situation was.

As Izaya quickened his moves, Shizuo moaned without hiding it. He was just about to wonder on how long will he last without coming, when Izaya, that freaking flea…stopped, groaning as well:

"Shizu-chaaan…! I want sex…"

The so-called Shizu-chan, glared at him with the worst of his glares, for stopping this pleasure, but in a moment he sighed, offering Izaya hand to help him get up.

Pale guy let out a quiet "Yay~" when the blonde almost threw him on the wall, pressed to it,and managed to unzip his pants from behind, and since it included a lot of blindfold groping, cracked Izaya was even happier.

When the unnecessary clothes were removed, Shizuo just thrust himself into the younger man, without the whole preparations fuss. Izaya let out a loud cry, which was actually nice to hear, after years of annoyance, thought Shizuo.

"U-Uhhh, Shizu! T-That…uhhh…"


Izaya shook head with a pout, but his pout didn't last long according to that Shizuo started moving in him.


With every next thrust it was getting less painful, and more and more pleasant for both sides. Shizuo even forgot he was supposed to hurt Izaya, it just felt so good, especially when that louse was moaning "Shizu-chan~!" with that drugged voice of him.

That they were in the city centre wasn't important anymore.

And as Shizuo's moves were getting faster and harder, Izaya screamed his name once again, reaching his climax. In a moment his 'attacker' came too, gritting his teeth in embarrassment. Izaya rested his forehead on the cold, brick wall. He was panting, sweated, but his face seemed seriously…happy. He was feeling Shizu-chan's breathe on his neck.

That was just awesome.


Erika burst into Russian Sushi, throwing camera at Togusa, hitting him on head, and dragging Walker by his sleeve.

"What was so awesome?" Frowned Togusa, rubbing his poor head.


Erika's face was red, and her eyes were shining with quite manic flare. Meanwhile Walker looked quite traumatized.

"Who did what? Don't tell me Shizuo killed THE POOR IZAYA WHO GOT DRUGGED BY SOMEONE…" Kadota glared at Erika.


Walker covered her mouth, and all people sitting in the sushi bar stared at them.

"Just look at the photos…" Sighed the otaku boy.

Kadota and Togusa looked at each other, shrugged then turned the camera on.

Oh, how wonderful to hear was this horrifying scream that went through Tokyo as they've seen the photos.

"Thanks, Karisawa-chan. You're such an useful ally, you know. I appreciate you."

"Oh that was no problem at all!" The girl giggled. "But..hmm…I'm just still wondering. If it wasn't real GHB, what was it? Water?"



After few minutes, the guy broke it:

"But what's still amazing me...you seriously don't want any money?"

She shook her head.

"As long as you let me keep the copies of the photos."

He smirked.

"Izaya Orihara always keeps his promises. Just don't send them to the newspaper, kay?" He laughed, but stopped immediately as he saw her face.


"…Karisawa, what do you mean by 'oops'... ?"

The end. :'D Lol this fic sucked. Please forgive me, it was my first DRRR fic.