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I woke up and stretched. I glanced at my alarm clock and groaned. It was already later than I normally woke up for school. Being on the Corny Collins show had a lot more responsibility than I originally realized, and part of that was looking as good as possible every day. We had to be the nicest, coolest, and most stylish kids in town. It was not an option. I got myself out of bed and set to work. Picking an outfit wasn't too hard, I just chose one of my many bright and frilly dresses. One thing I did like was that being on the show had been a great way to get my parents to buy me a better wardrobe.

With my outfit picked out and put on, I went into my bathroom, trying to decide what to do with my hair. I felt like a nice, bouncy ponytail would be good for today. Ponytails were in. I bumped my hair up and curled then ends up until it bounced around happily with the slightest movement of my head, then tied it with a ribbon. That done, I set my hairspray aside and stood, grabbing my backpack on the way out. No breakfast.

I got to the bus stop in plenty of time. I talked happily to Noreen and Doreen as we waited for it to take off. Glancing out the window I saw a girl dancing. She looked very familiar… how could I forget someone that size? I felt certain her name was Tracy, but I didn't know her last name. Music played as she danced and I tried not to giggle. The bus took off and I saw her turn, a shocked and worried expression on her face. I turned back to my conversation.

School was boring as ever. My memory let me get good grades, but my attention span kept them from being as good as they should. I ate a small lunch. Another thing about being on the show, especially for the girls: always watch your figure. Fortunately one of the best perks of being one of the Nicest Kids in Town was getting out of school early. I loaded onto the bus with the others, nervous but excited, just like every other day. I'd only been on the show a month and wasn't used to everything yet. We arrived at the station and I rushed over to my mirror, quickly fixing my hair back to perfection and patting on a little extra makeup. It didn't help that the boys kept messing with us, squirting us with extra hairspray.

I rushed out onto the stage and took my place just as the camera man signaled. The theme music started and Corny turned to the camera.

"Hey there, teenage Baltimore! Don't change that channel, 'cause it's time for the Corny Collins show!" He pointed and smiled at the camera. "Brought to you by Ultra Clutch hairspray."

I twisted, vocalizing with the others. Corny began to sing.

"Oh, every afternoon when the clock strikes four, well a crazy bunch of kids crash through that door, yeah."

"Ba-bee-bop, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bee-bop"

I sang with the others, doing my best to keep up. They all looked so natural, how could they move so fast?

"Well, they throw off their coats and leave the squares behind, and then they shake it, shake it, shake it like they're losing their mind. You'll never see them frown 'cause they're the nicest kids in town."

I'd always thought that was a funny name, considering how much bad-mouthing and drama went on behind the scenes. Then I realized I was half a step behind and focused on my dancing again, "ooh"ing with every one else.

"Oh, every afternoon you turn your T.V. on, huh,"

I heard a squeak and saw Amber go down while Tammy danced away smiling. I tried not to giggle. Amber tended to be so mean and got so much help from her mom that it was hard not to dislike her. Still, I was scared enough of her to hope she hadn't seen me laugh.

"Yeah, we know you turn the sound up when your parents are gone. When you twist and shout for your favorite star, and when you've practiced every step that's in your repertoire, you better come on down and meet the nicest kids in town."

We all got in a huddle and I tried to get on my tiptoes to be seen. I hated being in the back. Soon enough, however, we'd gone back to our spots.

"Nice, white kids who like to lead the way, and once a month we have our Negro Day!"

Although I would never say this, I actually liked Negro Day. I personally thought some of their kids were better than some of the kids on our council. Again, not that I would ever say that. And then I realized I was off step again. I needed to pay attention!

"And I'm the man who keeps it spinnin' round, Mr. Corny Collins with the latest, greatest Baltimore sound! So, every afternoon drop everything. Who needs to read and write when you can dance and sing? Forget about your algebra and calculus! You can always do your homework on the morning bus! Can't tell a verb from a noun, they're the nicest kids in town."

This was another part that I always tried not to laugh at. Although it was extremely well descriptive of some of the kids on council. Then I heard "R-r-r-role call!" and hurried to get in line I waited, calming myself. I always got nervous before I got personal camera time. But it was exhilarating, too. I focused, listening to the kids name off. It was almost my turn.




I stepped forward and smiled big. "Rachelle!" I cried, waving and pulling one side of my dress out in a mock-curtsy. I ran off as Link went up, doing his little dance. Then we went out again and Corny started singing.

"So if every night you're shaking as you lie in bed,"

"Pony, pony!"

"Shake it, baby! And the bass and drums are pounding in your head,"

"Pony, pony, ooh, pony, pony!"

"Who cares about sleep when you can snooze in school? You'll never get to college but you'll sure look cool! Don't need a cap or a gown when you're the nicest kids in town.

Nicest kids in,"

I turned and ran to the front, happy that this time my face was fully visible to the camera. After all, I couldn't become a crowd favorite if no one could see me, could I?

"Kids in town, wooh!"

I breathed deep as we all assembled for the new dance of the week. This time it was the Stricken Chicken. They came up with the most ridiculous names for these dances! But I kind of liked it, it was much easier than some of the dances they had us do. At least I hadn't gotten a sprained ankle learning this one. We finished and the buzzer went off. Mrs. Vantussle immediately went up to Corny, chiding him. Again. That happened every single day, and he never got in real trouble, so I didn't worry. Sometimes I did think about what I would do if Corny were forced off the show, but I didn't think it would ever really happen.

I took advantage of the break to massage my feet, although there was nowhere to sit down comfortably. The rest of the kids were talking or flirting, or both. Both Amber and Mrs. Vontussle walked around like queens, diminishing anyone in their way. Mrs. Vontussle was destroying images left and right, pulling out various… stuffings. Fortunately for me I didn't stuff anything, but when she saw me watching her she commented, "You might want to be careful with that makeup from now on." I blushed, then wondered if anyone could tell.

Fortunately for my ego, Amber was focusing her wrath on Tammy today, I assumed for the little push she'd given during the opening sequence. Of course, the second Link walked over she was all sugar, spice, and everything nice. Her mom stopped them before they got too revolting, fortunately. She walked off to her mirror.

I found a seat and sat happily, rubbing my ankles. Amber saw me as she walked back. She smiled sarcastically and said in a too-sweet voice, "Don't worry if you can't take it, Rachelle. Some people just aren't cut out for this life." I scowled. I would make it! I could dance at least as well as Amber! She would see.

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