A little taste.

"Kieran what did you feel like when you first used your powers?" said my therapist . The middle aged man had a short jet black haircut with thin rimmed glasses that made him look quite attractive and dressed in a preppy kind of way. I looked up at him as he said this to me, my eyes glared because the sun was coming through the cheap blue blinds of his office.

"Well to be honest I was scared and excited at the same time"

He leaned forward in his soft brown armchair that look older than him and asked "Could you give me an example of what happened when your powers surfaced?" my eyes caught his and the sun shined on them like the shine of fire.

"I was in school and I was having an exam, all of a sudden all this knowledge came flooding into my head and I knew the answers to all the questions. I started to hear voices in my head of all my friends and it hurt so bad things started to float as this happened I felt my mind expand it was like it turned into its own universe and I could step into other people's heads" I explained.

leaned back into the chair with his legs crossed and his hands clenched together "and what happened after this event ? "

I looked down to the floor "well my so called friends were scared of me, they avoided me most of the time all of them a bunch of sheep following what everyone else did except Kerri-Anne she's a mutant to I guess we really are best friends till the end. Later on we got attacked by an anti-mutant mobs and we decided to leave town so somehow we ended up here in L.A and this is where we assembled the team"

his eyes widened "Team?"

I stood up and walked near the window. I pulled the blind up to look at the view "Yeah, there's a bunch of us, mutants and we created a team to stop crime 'The Protectors', but we actually haven't started, we're training our powers at the moment. I probably sound pathetic"

moved to the edge of his seat "no, not at all please tell me more" I looked at him "carry on" he proceeded to say.

"-" I started.

"Please call me harvey" he cut in saying with the cutest smile I've ever seen, I smiled back.

"Are you familiar with super hero powers like the names?" I asked and he nodded "well...um there's me, my codename is psych" I started to blush with embarrassment "I'm telepathic and telekinetic as you know. Kerri-anne is lily rain time, she's pretty much a tree hugger and her powers pretty much complement it she's terrakinestic, chlorokinetic, hydrokinetic and slite chronokinesis. jayy-dee is disruptor with the ability to create spheres of unstable energy," the look on -I mean Harvey's face was like a child's face on Christmas day, I pulled a confused face "am I rambling?"

Harvey sat up straight "no not at all, so is that all of them?"

"No there's 2 more" I looked out at the view again the sun shined brightly and birds past the window of this four story building "Leon, he's amazing to be honest" I said with a smile "he calls himself avenger. He has super strength, endurance, agility, levitation and is telepathic but nowhere near as powerful as me and there's Kaley she can fly and manipulate shock waves" I tuned round and looked at Harvey "that's it really"

"And there's that much power between you young people, it's astounding" he looked so amazed.

I looked at my watch and gasped, "I'm late for school " I picked up my black side bag and went to reach for the crystal door handle "same time next week?" I asked. Harvey nodded and gave me a wink I then opened the door and left.