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Jill (Poland): Wow a non-Hetalia story…

Jill (England): We're growing up so fast :/

Jill (Poland): Not really. XP We just watch a lot of stuffs. :D


Jill (Poland): Yep! As soon as I finish it. ^^;

(This drabble is AUish so they're in high school… it's kind of crack-ish too.)


Misaki and Shinobu were sitting at their lunch table watching their semes (who had randomly shown up) get into an argument.

"Okay, I'm going to jump out the window now…" The extremely embarrassed Misaki said, "Shinobu, how high up is this window?"

Shinobu walked over to the window and looked down, "Not that far…" He looked back over at Miyagi and Usagi-san who were still arguing before looking through the window again, "Now that I think about it, I should jump too…"

Misaki looked out the next window over, "It's not as high from here because there's a ledge…" Misaki said, still trying to decide if it was better to jump or stay in the same room as an annoyed Usagi-san.

"Well the cars will stop our fall somewhat…" Shinobu replied.

"Alright then…" Misaki opened the window, "You know… I should have done this a while ago…"

Shinobu nodded, "I guess this is goodbye then."

"Nice knowing you…" Misaki then jumped out the window followed by Shinobu.

Usagi-san woke up in a full sweat, "…no more cigarettes before bed…" Then he went to do it with Misaki.

Meanwhile Miyagi woke up on the other side of town with similar thoughts. Shaking that feeling off he pulled out another pack of cigarettes.

Author's notes: One, we were bored in lunch. Two, we are not suicidal. Three, Garbage bitches are fun to make fun of (That's an inside joke.)

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Jill (England): For those of you who haven't read our other fanfictions or don't know what Hetalia IS. It's another manga that Jill and I read. Also, to make things less confusing then they probably already are England and Poland help people understand WHO we are…since we have the same name.