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This is the second drabble-ish thing! Enjoy!

Fluff? .

Hiroki had just gotten home form a overly stressful day at work, and he really didn't want to be bothered. Of course that wasn't going to happen. "Hiro-san! Hiro-san!"

"What?" Hiroki replied with his annoyed tsundere glare. Nowaki frowned. "I was just going to ask you a simple question Hiro-san…"

"I know. So what is it?" He said trying to avoid an inevitable headache.

"What's fluff?"

"What's what? FLUFF?" He asked in response. "It's a bunch of romantic sappy crap I think."

"Oh…" Nowaki smiled. "Do you think WE could try fluff sometime?"

"No way in hell!" Hiroki then walked away to and try to find something to eat. Nowaki bowed his head and sighed. Nowaki then walked over to Hiroki and wrapped his around his older lovers waist. "D-don't even TRY to guilt me into doing it!" Hiroki yelled, struggling to break free from Nowaki's hold. The said person just tightened his hold on Hiroki. "LET GO YOU BRAT!"

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