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AN: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking,"Governor's Pirate Girl, why the heck are you writing a story for Swindle?" Here's my answer: I read and loved the series a while back. Last month, I convinced my little sister to read it. She loved it, naturally. Now that she is out of material, I decided to write her this. This story is dedicated to my little sis!

Third person POV:

Why is it we're just a magnet to trouble? Ben thought. He had a point. First the baseball card. Then the monkey. Then that ring. Now, well, he doesn't know yet. He and his friends Griffin, Savanna, Pitch, Logan, and Melissa were sitting in the office. Darren was with them. Notice Darren was separated from his friend. Oh, great people in suits just walked in. The first was a lady with her hair in a bun high on her head. The next was a dude wearing shades.

"Maybe-they-are-nice?" Pitch hissed through clenched teeth, so the adults couldn't hear her. Griffin glanced at their stony expressions.

"Fat chance." He muttered. Both people were frowning, and Ben thought he heard one growl. Griffin was right. It might be safer trying to hit a hornet's nest with a bat.

Neither of the visitors acknowledged them. As if a room full with seven children was perfectly normal. They just went through the papers in their briefcases, occasionally picking a paper or two out and setting it on the principal's desk.

"Are we gonna sit here for the rest of the day, or are we gonna actually accomplish something?" Darren asked. Ben rolled his eyes. Darren thinks doing that is daring and cool, but everybody probably wants to punch him right about now. Including the businesspeople.

"Darren!" Savanna hissed. "What was that for?" She whispered.

""Well, I'm not gonna waste my day for nothing." Darren said semi-loudly.

"Do you realize they're staring at you?" Logan whisper-yelled. Logan was right. Both people were concentrating their gazes on Darren. It was like they were trying to burn a hole in Darren's head. Ben's gut told him this won't end well.

"My gut tells me this won't end well." Griffin whispered.

Well, that's it, we're doomed. Ben thought.

There! Exactly 300 words of story! (Not including declaimer & AN) I know, it's short but, I'll keep working on it. In the meantime, please x 20 review and read my other stories.

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