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Summary: A day in Wonderland is like a day in heaven until Alice has to be married to Lord Peter Olson. Now she is split between the world she loves and her duty to her family.

Act one

Scene I

It is Tea time at the Hatter's

Hatter: Alice?

Alice stares down at her cup of Tea

Alice: hmm?

Hatter: You seem gloomy… much gloomier than normal, but much the same as you have been lately. What seems to be the matter? You haven't even wished me a Happy Un-birthday yet.

Alice with no enthusiasm: Oh sorry. I was just thinking...but happy un-birthday.

Hatter frowns: Does it have anything to do with the news that Cat bastard or as I like to call him, fat bastard aka Chetty was talking about?

Alice Mind: News? OH God does he mean. That Cat, he can't keep his mouth shut about anything. It wasn't like I wasn't going to tell the Hatter; it was just that I was trying to find the right time to tell Hatter. Maybe he knows nothing. Maybe the news he is talking about is some random conspiracy theory in reference to the Queen of Heart's return. In any case it's always best to play dumb with the Hatter, quite frankly its best to play dumb all over Wonderland. Actually that's not totally true. I just always feel out of sorts here. Not all there. It's more like well maybe I am the dumb one.

Alice: What news?

Hatter: Don't be silly, you know, about you and Lord whatever his name is.

Alice Frowned: Lord Olson.

Alice mind: Damn Cat.

Hatter: Why are you so sad? You're getting married; don't you love that Lord fellow?

Alice: It's not about that, it's just I can't go back to Wonderland if I get married.
Hatter with his green eyes filled with wonder: Why not?

Alice: Well... it's just I will have to be a wife. I will have to run the house while my Lord Olson is at work, play hostess when we have parties. Then I will be expected to have children, preferably sons. I would not have time to disappear off into Wonderland like I do now.

Alice mind: The truth of the matter is you haven't been coming to Wonderland as often since you went to Finishing School when you were 13 and you're mother died.

Hatter: Well don't get married to Lord what's his name…If you don't want to. You are out of that horrible school and now you can do whatever you want. Remember you said once you got out you could stay in Wonderland as long as you wanted, without a care in the world.

Alice's voice cracked: You see it's not that simple. I need to grow up and leave this place.
Hatter eyes weld with tears: Well then I see you've made up your mind have a nice life.
Hatter gets up and exits and re-enters.

Hatter: Wait I live here. You leave; I will stay and watch you leave much as it should be.

Alice: Don't you want to finish celebrating your Un-birthday?
Hatter folded his arms like a child and decided to not look at her.

Alice: Well fine!

Alice Storms off

Alice mind: Well there you go; Alice you are starting to sound just like your sister.


In a fitting room in London's finest bridal shop Alice is on her last alteration of her Wedding Gown with her very pregnant sister Margaret, the Seamstress, and Seamstress assistant.
Margaret: Oh Alice you look like a beautiful white rose.
Alice mind: The roses in wonderland would disagree full heartily. Perhaps I would be better suited for a Lilly dress, instead of this ruffle monstrosity that makes me look like a marshmallow.

Margaret: If you don't like the dress we can get another. You there… the one who is doing nothing go get my sister a dress that will make her smile.
The poor Seamstress assistance jumps up with Margaret's roar.

Alice mind: The poor thing's only crime was to doze off while the Seamstress was poking me with pins. One should do all forms of dozing out of the site of sisters and seamstresses.
If there is a dress in this whole wide world that could make me smile it would not be a wedding dress.
Alice: No, I love this dress. I just have a lot on my mind with the upcoming wedding.
Seamstress: Oh dearie every bride goes through cold feet. I remember when I was you're age I had cold feet at my wedding it caused me to throw away the best thing that ever happen to me. You're so young and beautiful and right now. Everyone is knocking at your door, but when you're my age nobody will be knocking any more so take what you can get now.
Alice mind: Great now I am getting saged advice from the head seamstress about what I should do with my life. She is telling me if I don't marry now I will grow old and fat like her with no hopes of a future. Why would she choose to work at a bridal shop if she has bad memories of her almost wedding? I doubt it is even true. In fact she probably made all that up to keep me from getting nervous. It makes me mad that's what it does. If she is lying she does me no good. If she telling the truth it does this shop no good.

Alice: Of course.
Seamstress: So when is the big day?
Alice: April.
Margaret: No, March. Remember you and Lord Olson wanted to speed up the wedding to March 26 because April was too close to when the baby is due, and we wouldn't want the baby come to during the wedding now would we.

Alice: You're right. Three weeks from now on the 26th of March.
Margaret: Oh God, what time is it?
Seamstress: Half passed 3 my lady.
Margaret: We're late for an important date; we must get ready to greet your future in laws.


In the stuffy house of the Olson family with Peter Olson, Lady Olson, Lord Olson, Alice, Margaret, and Margaret's Husband Jacob.
Jacob: Lovely home Lord Olson, it's very modern.
Lord Olson: Why thank you Jacob, but the old ball and chain picked out everything.
Alice Mind: That explains a lot. I swear would rather be in a Jabberwocky belly than sitting here in this cold dark room another second. It's grey. Who in their right mind would paint their sun room grey?

Alice: Perhaps a lovely yellow would open this space up. It might be brighter with flowers, I personally think flowers make a sun room sunnier… don't you?

Margaret gives Alice a disapproving glance: Yes I believe that this whole minimalist style will catch on.

Lord Olson: Alice you look like one who just died. Please tell us one of those fantastic stories of Wonderland. Your Father would tell us of all the wild stories you came up with when you played at the river. I said to him that is just the girl my Peter needs.
Peter rolls his eyes.
Alice: Wonderland has become nothing more than a distant memory.
Peter smirks: Pity the real world so boring next to your remarkable world of Wonder.
Lady Olson: I am proud of Alice it shows that she has become a balance woman who can place things of childhood to bed. Your mother would be proud to hear you say that of Wonderland.
Alice mind: You didn't know my mother she may have encouraged me to stay in wonderland and put to bed this nonsense of marriage. Oh God did I say that out loud. She looks around and confirms to herself that she indeed did not say that out loud. And sheepishly smiles into her empty cup of tea.

A Servant enters with tea.
Peter: How is your father?
Margaret grasps Alice's hand as they both stop breathing.
Lady Olson: Peter manners. You know that they wouldn't like to bring up their father just now.
Margaret: No, its fine we will all be family soon enough. Father has relapsed into his sickness.
Peter sneers: I am really sad to hear that dear. Perhaps when we are married he will be better.
Alice mind: Like you really think so. My father is a strong man. Who bailed yours Father out many time for his little transgressions. I am not very sure that a marriage will help him heal from his sickness.

Peter looked down and gave Alice a disproving stare as if they had been married for the last ten years.
Alice: My father sickness is nothing for you to sneer at or for anyone to look down at him for.
Lady Olson and Peter looked horrified at Alice's outburst, while poor Margaret put the palm of her hand to her face as Jacob and Lord Olson laughed.
Lord Olson: (Hahaha.) Alice I see you still have you're fire. Forgive my son. Peter is a rude boy from time to time, but he has a good heart. Perhaps the new spring air would do you both some good. Peter, please take Alice to the garden, do your best not to make an ass out of yourself.
Alice and Peter exit.
Margaret: I am sorry for my sister's outburst she has been taking my father sickness the hardest.
Lady Olson: It is forgiven already.
Lord Olson: No, it is us that should apologize. Someone needs to say something to my brat of a son from time to time.
Lady Olson glares at her husband's comment that says I whole heartedly disagree.


The Garden with Alice and Peter
Alice looks at the red roses smirking with memories of the Card soldiers that rushed around painting all white roses red.

Peter: I don't see why my mother must plant all these roses they're such a prissy flower. Not to mention high maintenance.
Alice's mind: If only you've seen the ones in Wonderland. Not only were they beautiful they are quite capable of maintaining themselves. No weed would be caught dead in their garden. That's not entirely true. They would kill any weed in their garden.
Alice: That we have in common.
Peter: Yes, it is like you expect them to start speaking. Saying things like, "Stand up straight, Make sure those thorns are sharp, and do you really call those Peddles" all the while you are looking down at them.

Alice represses a laugh. They walk without talking for a while until they got to the other side of the garden.
Peter: I am sorry about before. I don't know what came over me.
Alice: You should be.
Peter: Remember when we were kids.
Alice was curt: Yes.
Peter: Happier times.
Alice with a hint of sarcasm: Oh yes, like all those times you put frogs or other creepy things down my shirt or that one time you tried to dye my sweet Dinah tale with red ink. Other than finding new ways of torturing me I don't remember spending much time with you.
Peter blushes: Yes... well... you were no angel either. I remember you combated me quite nicely.
Alice laughs at the memory of beating the young lord Olson.

Peter: Then we would both get in trouble for getting our church clothes dirty.

They keep walking with meaningless chatter about their youth until they find a nice grassy hill and sit down.
Peter: Why do you want to get married?
Alice: Truthfully?
Peter: I would expect nothing less from you.
Alice: To start out with my father is sick. When he dies my brother in-law can't take care of me, Margaret, and the new baby because he is in debt from his countless vices. Besides if not you, who?
Peter smile's dryly: Aw well its better than telling me it's for my charming personality.
Alice couldn't help but giggle: ha- ha-ha well then that would be a lie.
They both laugh and it goes awkwardly quiet.
Alice: Why did you ask me to marry you?
Peter: Well you see there was this beautiful girl who would beat me up after I would tease her when I was a boy before church. Then at school she would often drive me nuts telling me of a world I couldn't follow her to. She left me and I realized that I loved her. Then I saw you and seeing how I couldn't have that imaginative girl of my dreams I decided you, her imposter would have to do, besides if not you, then who?

Alice blushes and Peter keeps talking.
Peter: That and my mother absolutely hate's you.
Alice: ha-ha-ha I am glad that I wasn't crazy on that one.

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