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Bad To Be Good

10. Resolution

Overall, he wasn't entirely sure what was going on anymore. Somewhere between when he'd confessed and now, Megamind had lost his grasp of the situation. And the more he tried to make sense of it, the more it maddened him. In short, he didn't understand her.

They'd stood still for a long time (a little over twelve minutes; he was counting) before one or the other of them managed to get the suggestion across to sit instead of stand, but it was impossible to know whose idea it was. It baffled him that he couldn't figure it out. All he knew now was that someone made the intent clear and someone agreed. Maybe it was a joint effort; he didn't know for certain.

Now he was sitting against the metal wall between the command room and the kitchen, with Roxanne curled up against him, shielded on all sides by his arms and legs. Until now he hadn't known that she could make herself so small if she balled up like that. A small part of him was fascinated with the change. The rest of him, however, was stuck in a loop about how nice it felt to hold her just like this, replaying her words about comfort and feeling safe with him, and idly wondering if Minion had known this would happen too.

It was in his nature to keep his hands active doing something, and between that impulse and his unyielding desire to feel her, his hands roved over her. Despite how much she seemed to like it, though, he couldn't quite believe she was letting him. More than that, she would sometimes make little agreeable noises. So far, he'd learned that she enjoyed it when he ran his fingers through her hair — ear to the back of her head, specifically — or traced her jawline with a finger or stroked her neck. In fact she tended to angle her head in a silent request when her neck was involved.

Most of his confusion came from the alien feel of the situation, as he had literally no real experience with comfort (either in giving or receiving), and from the way her reactions seemed so at odds from the Roxanne he knew. He supposed this was only to be expected, though; she had gone through hell all alone and silent. He wasn't stupid enough to say he knew how she should be reacting, so he kept his mouth shut about it. But the fact remains that he'd never viewed her as someone who needed anyone's help for anything. Admitting that her situation was very extreme only soothed his confusion a small amount.

A little notion kept rising to the surface that he feared so much he beat it back down before he knew what it was. He didn't fear the notion itself so much as the fact that he knew the implications would probably ruin him. Thus it began a circular logic of knowing he was scared of that little thought, but being unable to let himself think it, he didn't know what it was. That, too, was beyond frustrating. He managed to ignore it completely by focusing on Roxanne and nothing more, though, so he kept his mind on her.

An easy — and highly enjoyable — task if there ever was one.

I love you, Roxanne. I always have.

He blushed every time he remembered saying those words. He didn't know what had driven him to say them, but he couldn't make himself regret them either. She seemed to accept them without complaint, so he supposed she didn't mind, at least. That comforted him a bit — the fact that she didn't run screaming from him like he'd been half-expecting her to do. Given his life experiences, he wouldn't have been surprised.

Hurt, yes, but not surprised. Which was possibly why he felt so shocked that she was willing to still be around him. You're the source of her torment. And, it seemed, the source of her recovery. How he could be both confounded him further. It was contradictory of everything he'd come to comprehend about human reactions. He couldn't even begin to pretend to understand this.

The problem now was that he was uncomfortable in his position. Having a huge head had its detrimental aspects, too. One being that he couldn't lean his back against something without turning his head left or right, or dropping his chin until it pinched his neck. The best he could do was hunch with the small of his back against the wall. Now he was stuck with either being uncomfortable to comfort her, or moving and possibly ruining whatever recovery she was going through right then.

The sacrifice to his neck was worth it, he supposed.

Almost as if she'd heard his thoughts (a disconcerting notion), she shifted, lifting her chin. He felt her lips brush his neck and heat flooded his cheeks. His jaw clenched as he struggled not to react. But then she straightened a bit more and her mouth slid up higher, to his jawline, down to his chin. . .

"Roxanne," he bit out, unsure whether he wanted her to stop or continue. He alternatively loved and hated it when she gave him affection like this; while it thrilled him to feel her touch him or see her smile at him, he also felt unworthy and shy about it.

Sitting up now, she leaned back to meet his gaze. His hands slid to her waist. Shoot. Now he had her attention and didn't have the foggiest idea what to do with it. Hoping the blush had subsided enough to be unnoticed in the dim incandescent false light of the sub, he offered a shaky kind of smile.

Her lovely blue eyes softened as she returned it. Then her eyes began sliding down and off to the side, and he realized she wasn't looking at anything in particular — she was in her own head right then. Unwilling to disturb her, he shifted to ease the burden to his neck a bit. When he turned his head, his neck popped in three places. Ow.

Then she spoke up. "Can I ask you to do something for me?"

That phrase sounded so familiar that it brought up memories of their time in the invisible car. Heat rose up to his face. "Yes. . ?" he agreed, though his uncertainty made the approval into a question. It didn't matter, really; he'd do whatever she wanted. Even if the request was for him to jump out of the sub and swim to shore.

Right when she opened her mouth, the sub was rocked. They both floundered and toppled over — somehow he managed to get his arms around her to lessen whatever impact she would get — and a number of mechanical objects fell from his various work stations, making a huge clamor as they hit the ground. Somewhere down the way, he heard Minion's cry of alarm. As they leveled out again, Minion's clang-clang-clang footfalls neared them, brainbots circled around the pair, and Megamind pushed to his feet.

"Are you all right?" he asked Roxanne, who looked dazed.

She nodded. "What was that?" she demanded. She accepted his offered hand to help her stand, and then all three of them were looking at the sonar.

"I don't see anything!" Minion blurted with frustration.

"Bring the periscope up," Megamind ordered, rushing to the aforementioned tool.

"Are you nuts?" Roxanne asked, though Minion obeyed and flipped the required switch. She followed Megamind. "We're five hundred feet below surface. If there's even any light out there, it's still too thick —"

"It's better than seeing nothing," he shot back as he looked through the eyeholes. He moved around, aiming the periscope, trying to spot anything. And with each second that passed, lacking any kind of visual answer for how they were just rocked, his worry grew. Don't let it be him, don't let it be him — we're nowhere near ready to deal with him!

She sounded harried as she went on, "Maybe it was a whale. You think?"

Minion answered before Megamind could. "A whale wouldn't have hit us unless it was trying to start a fight. And it would've shown up on the sonar when we looked. Sir," he said directly to his boss, "I don't like the look of this. It can't be a whale, it can't be an earthquake because we're not bottomed. . ."

"Turn on the active sonar," Megamind bit out. He backed up from the periscope, admitting that he could see nothing — which was a very bad thing.

Minion hurried to do just that, reporting that nothing was showing even after several seconds had passed. All three occupants looked between one another, worrying, coming to the same conclusions.

"He couldn't be underwater," Roxanne murmured, as if trying to convince herself.

Fear for what would happen to her slammed into Megamind, making him cross over to her and hug her tightly. The move seemed to worry the brainbots, causing a few of them to come over and grab onto Roxanne as well — pointedly the first one of the batch, which was still the most attached to her.

Though it was hard to say, Megamind managed to force the words out: "I don't have an escape plan for this. It was supposed to fullproof."

"Foolproof," Minion corrected automatically, sounding distraught.

After a moment, Roxanne took a deep breath, let it out, and replied, "Well, I do."

Megamind felt himself freeze on the inside. She couldn't mean — could she? She had an escape plan. For who? Herself? He was more anxious now than ever before, because he knew her history enough to know that she didn't ever worry about herself. She worried over others. She was selfless, and now he knew she even extended that part of herself to him, and probably Minion as well. What would she do to save them this time? What else could she do?

The memory of her, falling into Wayne's arms and accepting his kiss to protect Megamind from retribution, came back to him now. He burned with a need to tear Scott apart as it reemerged, wanting nothing more than to have that acid on hand to dissolve the hero from the inside out.

"No," he said now. "Whatever you're planning, the answer is no." He drew back to meet her gaze. "I won't have you sacrificing yourself for me anymore. It's not worth it."

She smiled. "I don't know who beat it into you that you're not worth it, or how, but they lied. Look, we're part of a team now. You do what you have to do, remember? And I'll do what I have to do."

"Not this," he stressed.

"Especially this. I can buy you time."

The sub rocked again, making them stumble, before he could reply. This time, Megamind managed to keep his grip on her and remain standing, though it used every shred of his balance to achieve. Minion slid out of the seat at the sonar and hit the ground with an audible clang, and a few of the brainbots ran into the walls, but otherwise the damage was less than before.

Now he was worried for an entirely different reason. "Brainbots!" he snapped, getting their attention. "Group A, head to the torpedo room, group B, to the engine room. If you find any leaks, patch them!" The bots split into their specific cells and hurried down the corridors.

Not a second had passed before another shudder hit them, this time from below. He couldn't stop himself from hitting his knees, and Roxanne all but collapsed with a yelp. The waves didn't stop, the rocking forcing them to slide from one side to the other, even as a sudden increase in gravity suggested they were rising. He shot glances at the depth gauge, watching as it rose higher and higher to sea level. With each line it passed, his hope fled. The brainbots returned during the rise, each one as dry as when they left, so he at least had the comfort of knowing they weren't going to sink after this.

When another rock slid him into captain's seat, he grabbed the railing with one hand, clinging to Roxanne with the other. She saw what he was doing and reached up to grasp the rail too, which successfully stopped their involuntary sliding. A glance at Minion showed his warden was standing again, gripping above and below him with hands and feet. Well, they'd managed to find stability, at least.

No one had to look to know when they broke the surface, because the rise slowed, making the two lighter occupants float for half a second before they descended again. There was an echoing sound of metal tearing in the next instant, coming from where Megamind knew the exit hatch was.

Roxanne backed off from him with a warning, "Trust me."

"What?" he snapped, following after her. "No — whatever you're planning, it's not —" He was cut off when a blur hit him, throwing him back and knocking the breath right out of him. He hit the metal floor and slid, and found to his surprise that he'd been thrown directly into Minion's path. The ichthyoid hauled him back to his feet as he coughed, his ribs exploding with pain.

There stood Metro Man, halfway in front of Roxanne. He was sopping wet, dripping, shaking, and his pupils were glowing. And Roxanne, ever the savior, was trying to get his attention, to forestall the explosion they could all see coming.

When calling out "Wayne" and tugging at his tassels didn't work — Scott started forward; Minion began half-dragging Megamind back — she darted in front of the intimidating alien, both hands out. "Wayne Eugene Scott!" she demanded.

A part of Megamind did a double-take at that. His middle name was Eugene? Megamind's inner evil laugh had never sounded so childish before.

And it grabbed Scott's attention. The glowing in his pupils faded completely as he looked down at the woman before him. With a quick move, he pulled her to him by the wrists, saying, "Roxie, are you hurt?" How the man could go from total angry obliteration to heartfelt concern so quickly was a mystery, but, Megamind had to admit, she had the same effect on both of them. Like some kind of all-powerful goddess, she could make either of them bi-polar in an instant.

At the grab, she hissed in a breath, wincing. Megamind saw red; Scott released her. "Until now, I was just fine," she replied, rubbing her wrists. "Self-control, Wayne."

Now the hero looked frustrated. As Megamind struggled to get free of Minion's grip and deck the idiot, Scott was speaking to her, as if it were just the two of them. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. . . But it was so hard to find you!" he said, throwing up his arms (Roxanne made a reflexive half-duck as if expecting it to be aimed at her). "And you've been gone so long. . ." He looked up and met Megamind's gaze, his expression hardening. "I told you never to kidnap her again." He took a step forward, but Roxanne stopped him.

She took up a stance in front of the hero as if she were a hero herself: strong, unflinching, merciless. Megamind saw the change in her and realized she was pulling on some inner reserve of power, making a stand.

She replied, "He didn't. I chose to go with him."

Scott's expression changed to confusion as he looked back at his beau. "Chose?" he echoed. "Let me get this straight — you decided to go with him? Why?"

She shrugged. "Vacation."

"At the bottom of the ocean?" he asked, incredulous. "Why here? With him, no less?" He gestured the blue alien.

"It was a vacation from you, Wayne," she explained.

Silence fell as if someone had flipped a light switch. Scott looked at her, torn between hurt and betrayal and bewilderment. At length, his expression changed to indignation. Megamind made an almost-successful leap out of Minion's grip to grab Roxanne and — he didn't know what. Hide her somewhere, he supposed.

"From me?" the hero bit out. "What are you talking about? You love me." That last wasn't spoken as an honest truth, or with confidence, but rather with a desperate bravado. Like he didn't quite believe it, but wanted it to be true with everything in him.

A part of Megamind could empathize with that. But the rest of him was focused on coming up with a way to kill Metro Ham with the tools available to him. Maybe if he made the engines overheat, loaded a few torpedoes into the engine room. . ? The resulting explosion wouldn't kill the other alien, of course, but it might provide a good enough chance to get a head start on escaping.

He couldn't see Roxanne's face from this angle, but her words were calm, controlled. "I used to love you, Wayne," she corrected. "As a friend. Until you crushed that friendship completely."

"What are you saying?" Scott demanded, fear flickering across his hard-angled face. "That you. . .never wanted me?"

"Yes, that's what I'm saying," she agreed. "I'm sorry, but I was never attracted to you romantically."

"Then why did you agree?" he snapped, thrusting his arm out and snapping a support pole in half in the process. "Why did you agree to go out with me?"

"Calm down," she urged with a matching gesture with her hands. "I refuse to argue with you about this."

He took a step closer; Roxanne held her ground. Megamind had the sudden urge to pray — because right then, she resembled a gilded angel facing down a raging devil. If he blinked, he could swear he saw pristine white wings on her back. A stupid, juvenile kind of a hallucination, but her fearless posture and relentless rectitude in this act of protection had him envisioning nothing else. She was some sort of righteous goddess, he was sure of it.

"Then come with me," Scott pressed in a much more controlled tone of voice. "If you're not going to fight me —"

Roxanne interrupted with a sharp, "That's not what I said. Wayne, listen to me now. This. . .is. . .over." Every word was spoken with emphasis, the pauses between them allowing for each syllable to be absorbed.

The hero was stunned for a full seven seconds before he visibly hardened. "No — we're not 'over'," he denied with a shake of his head. "You're mine — you said yes!" He reached for her.

Now Roxanne lifted her hands, though she still stood her ground, and rushed out, "Don't touch me, Wayne, you'll hurt me."

Scott froze, then made little jerks as if he were going to grab her, stopped himself, and tried to withdraw. Abruptly, he turned around with a yell of frustration and hit one of the consoles to the left. It crackled and fizzled as his arm went into the metal almost to the elbow before he jerked his arm free again. He was breathing hard; it seemed no one else was breathing.

Except for her: the angel in front of Megamind and Minion. Whether or not her heart was racing like Megamind's was, he couldn't say, but her breathing was still controlled. Around them, brainbots hummed — the extent of their "verbal" communication without the necessary parts to make them more talkative — unsure what they should be doing. They kept a careful distance from all sentients.

"Deep breaths, Wayne," Roxanne coached. In front of her, Scott straightened, and — amazingly — began controlling his ragged breaths. Megamind could only watch in fascination.

This great beast, clad in white but clearly darker than the villain had ever been, was bending to her will. The very same beast that'd turned her into a timid introvert except when she was in public, wearing false faces. She was displaying strength he hadn't seen in years. It was like the crescendo of all the confidence she'd been showing since the prison break had been reached. Once more, he saw the Roxanne Ritchi that had captivated him since high school almost fifteen years past.

After long moments, the hero turned back to her, his face a mix of torture and fear and pain. Good. Let him take in some of the torment he'd been dishing out.

Roxanne looked to the right, where the large steering wheels for the sub were. She said, "Sit down, Wayne. We have a lot to talk through."

He looked at the seat, shook his head. "No. No — we can't talk about this," he denied. "You're just going to tell me it's over again, and explain everything away with that. . .undeniable logic of yours."

"I have questions for you," she argued, still in that almost infuriatingly calm voice. She moved to one seat, gesturing the other. "Sit with me," she commanded.

Scott sent her an incredulous look, then sent a searing glare at the pair of aliens across from him. "With him listening in, you want to talk?"

Megamind glared right back. "You heard the lady," he sneered.

"Megamind, don't provoke him," she warned. "Wayne, forget them right now. This is about you and me. We have to resolve this."

Although he could hardly believe he was doing it, Megamind half-pouted, obeying the woman. Who knew she could temper both of the enraged males at the same time? Especially so while they were mad at each other for completely different reasons — albeit the source was the same?

"Resolve?" Scott echoed, sending her an almost desperate look of hope. "No. Everything is fine the way it is. You — we can go back, pick up where we left off. I can make this up to you."

"No more denials, Wayne," she replied. "You know we're over. We've been over for years. You need to let go of me."

Now he came closer, standing near the seat but ignoring it. "Don't say that!" he demanded. "Without you — without you, I'd be nothing!"

"You don't need me," she told him.

"Yes I do! You made me what I am! If I lose you, I'll lose my purpose, I know it." At that, Megamind actually felt a microscopic amount of pity. He knew what it was like to believe his purpose hinged on another's involvement.

But this was wrong. Roxanne needed to part with the hero permanently; his involvement with her may be providing him purpose, but it was also slowly killing her. If Scott cared about her as much as he was professing, then he needed to let her go before he destroyed her. For her safety and her sanity, Scott had to let her go.

"Wayne, sit down," she said with more strength. She led him by performing the move first, sitting on one seat.

After a long moment, the man tussled his hair, as if expecting an answer to appear if he stalled the question. Then, seeing no other option, he sat down.

Roxanne leaned forward. "I need to know how this happened. What changed you, Wayne? When did you go from being an earnest hero to a controlling tyrant?"

"I was not —" Wayne started, then cut himself off. Megamind couldn't see very well from his place, but it appeared like Roxanne was giving the hero a hard look that brooked no argument.

She was going on. "Think about it. All I tried to do was steer you down the right path, nothing more. If I led you on at all, I apologize. That wasn't my intention. Like I said, I never viewed you with romantic interest. So what happened? At first you were. . .I guess happy to have me help you like I was. And then everything changed."

"That's a lot of questions," Scott muttered to himself. Roxanne made a sound like an annoyed sigh, clearly biting her tongue. Megamind was in much the same position. That wasn't a lot of questions; Scott was just an imbecile with half a brain.

"Let's start with the first," Roxanne was saying. "Why did you choose me?"

"That's a stupid question," Wayne returned, meeting her gaze. "Who else would I have chosen? Out of everyone in that school. . .out of everyone I knew the city over. . .you were the only one who ever saw me." Megamind perked up at that, a part of him growing angry that the hero was using his line. "I mean, remember the school? Everyone there followed me with their eyes closed! I was the leader without ever trying to be. And everyone kept telling me what a gift my powers were and how I had to use them to be a hero and never misuse them for my own benefit. . .because that's what heroes did!" He gestured wide, looking exasperated.

"They all gave me a wide berth to do whatever I wanted. And I never had any idea what the difference between justice and bullying was. No one ever told me I did something wrong, so I just kept assuming I was right. They encouraged me to right the wrongs, but never told me what the difference was." At that, he gave Roxanne an imploring look.

He went on, "And then there was you. You, Roxanne," he pointed at her, "you saw me. You told me when I did something wrong and told me how to be a hero, how to be all about justice." Not revenge. "You had all the answers to my questions. All the reasons. All the guidelines to follow." He gave a laugh. "That's how it goes, right? The person who knows how gets a job; the person who knows why becomes the manager. That was us — all three of us," he added, with a look at Megamind. "Blue and me, we knew how to be the hero and the villain. You knew why.

"And. . . There's no one else like you, Roxanne," he told her, almost pleading. "If I let you go, that's it. So what else was I supposed to do but cling to you? There's no one else in the city who sees Wayne Eugene Scott. Everyone else just sees Metro Man. I. . .guess I was a little on the crazy side, desperate not to lose you. . . But don't you see? Without you, I lose the only person who knows me — and the person with all the answers, on top of it!"

She listened without interrupting, and now she shook her head. "The tighter you hold onto something, the more you crush it, Wayne. That's what you've been doing to me — crushing me, breaking me. The more you cling, the more I crumble. I'm sorry things turned out this way, I really am. But there's. . .no way around it. For a decade you've been hurting me and pushing me down. Everything about us has been wrong from the very beginning." She sighed. "We're just. . .not compatible."

"What would I do without you?" Wayne demanded. He looked terrified by the idea. "I'll never be 'seen' again, not like how you see me. The rest of the world accepts what I do without a complaint."

"There's other people out there like me —" she started to argue.

He cut her off, "There's only two kinds of people in the world, Roxanne. The villains who want me dead and the civilians who stare in awe when I'm around. You're unique. I've been around the entire world and not a single person ever asked me why I'm a hero or offered any answers to my questions about why I'm a hero."

"Try," she urged. "Give the world a chance. You'd be surprised."

He scoffed. "Yeah, what am I supposed to do? Walk around and hope some woman takes pity on me? Look at me!" He rose, gesturing himself. "Six foot eight, two hundred and forty-seven pounds of sheer muscle, with a slew of powers and no ability to plan ahead, and gray hairs!" He pointed at the lighter hairs for emphasis.

Roxanne flipped her hand in dismissal. "Oh, that. I told you not to worry about that. You're just maturing fast. My dad was the same way; had a full head of white hairs by thirty-five."

"It's ridiculous!" the hero insisted. "You don't look a day over seventeen, Roxanne."

"Neither do you," she pointed out, then sighed. "I think I made the wrong decision with you, Wayne."

Interest made him sit back down, waiting for the explanation that was bound to follow. Megamind managed to finally shove away from Minion, but he didn't try to interrupt. He was curious, too; where did Roxanne think she went wrong? As far as he was concerned, her only "mistake" was in dating Metro Idiot to begin with.

"What do you mean?" Wayne prompted.

She shook her head. "I did the same thing as everyone else. Only better, I suppose. I decided you had to be a hero. Regardless of whether or not I could 'answer your questions', I still made the decision for you. For that, Wayne, I'm sorry. I did a stupid thing by telling you what to be instead of asking what you wanted to be. I pushed you into this role, just like everyone else. . . The difference is that I succeeded where they didn't."

"So you're saying it's your fault I'm like this?" he checked.

". . .I guess if you looked at it a certain way, it's my fault we're all like this," she clarified. "I made you a hero, you made him a villain," she glanced at Megamind, "and he made me a victim. Now we're all stuck in our roles with no clue how to be anything else." She looked so sad about it that Megamind barely contained an urge to snatch her up and hold her until she felt better or the universe ended — whichever came second.

For a long moment, Wayne stared down at his feet, brows drawn in thought. Roxanne was little better, watching her hands as she twisted them in her lap. Megamind was at a loss for what to do now. Everything around him felt different all at once, with what Roxanne had just said. The world felt bigger, less confined. Her words had given Scott pause, but it had also done the same for Megamind. He was thinking deeply about his past and all his decisions now, every choice he'd made or had been made for him, everything that had led to him being a villain.

And he realized that he'd chosen to be happy as a villain, when in truth, he'd never enjoyed terrorizing or rampaging or destroying. It was then that he decided Roxanne was the most powerful being on the planet, to be able to make him realize these things without ever speaking directly to him.

She went on, "I was young then, and apparently very stupid. I decided that this was how the world worked, that you were fit to be a hero, that I was fit to be your guide, and molded us into it. I never paused to think that maybe, on your planet, you were no different from anyone else. I just. . .believed that you were more than human, so you must be here to help us. Now I feel like a fool who's wasted the last decade of all our lives chasing a truth that never existed."

Silence reigned for a long time then. On his surface thoughts, Megamind was arguing with her. No, she wasn't stupid; why didn't she mention molding him; but maybe Scott was different on his planet, who knew; the man was stupid, clearly less than human; nothing is ever wasted. He knew the truth of failures and successes better than anyone else: everything carries a lesson, and the longer the lesson continues, the more you learn. If she looked at their situation again, she'd undoubtedly see that they'd all grown a lot since she first opened her mouth.

Epiphanies were a grand thing. And Roxanne was an extraordinary woman.

For years Megamind had known he was in love with this incredible being, but now he felt it more clearly than ever before. Scott had come here with the obvious intent of killing Megamind and taking Roxanne back with him to Metrosity, and not only had she calmed him, but it seemed she'd broken him. Scott was yet unmoving, contemplating his feet as he sat. If not for the expansion of his shoulders and chest with every breath, he might as well have died on the spot.

Finally, Scott spoke up, without moving or looking at anything in particular. "Everything about us was wrong, huh?" he echoed her words from before. He nodded. "You're right. Now that I look back on it. . .from your point of view. . ." He paused, gave a harsh laugh. "I guess I was a tyrant after all." Now he looked up, at Roxanne.

In that one look, Megamind knew his assumption was correct. Roxanne had truly broken the hero. He'd never seen Scott look so lost, so uncertain, ever before. And no amount of telling himself how much he hated Metro Ham could stem the beginnings of pity within the blue alien.

"I'm so sorry, Roxanne. For being stupid, for being controlling, for following everything you said down to the letter." Scott shook his head and sighed. "How ironic. I was the pillar for the entire city, and yet you were my pillar. Of course it was bound to crush you." He rose. "I'll head back, get things arranged so you'll have a different place to stay. You still mean a lot to me, so don't be surprised if I still come around and do my damnedest to keep you safe, all right?"

Roxanne rose, and though Megamind felt a sting of rage that Scott was still trying to keep her safe when that was officially Megamind's role now, he knew Roxanne would agree. Of course she would! In the end, she was too compassionate, even and especially towards her tormentors.

She replied, "All right. Just don't be surprised if I tell you off occasionally too, okay? That's how distance works, after all."

Scott's smile was strained and painful. He looked over at Megamind and added, "You too, Blue." Megamind jolted at the old name. "I'm sorry for the way I treated you. Especially after all this. . . You were trying to keep Roxie out of my hands, weren't you?"

"Not this whole time," Megamind shrugged, trying to play it off because he was rowing into unfamiliar waters at this point. "But recently, yes."

Scott gave one loud, barking laugh. "Well, you did a damned good job of it this time! A submarine! I guess Roxie told you about my hydrophobia then, huh?" He shook his head but seemed amused. "It took me two tries just to dive under, and then when I finally found the sub, I had to bail out before I could lift it."

"I remember," Megamind commented dryly.

Roxanne said, "I'm impressed with you, Wayne. Facing your fear like that."

Scott glanced at her, then down at one hand, which he lifted and fisted and then released. "Yeah," he sighed. "Faced my fear to save you, only to find out you didn't need to be saved."

"Hate to break it to you, Wayne," she replied, "but I've never needed to be saved by you."

For a long moment, Scott looked at her in silence. Then he stepped back. "You're right. Saved from me, maybe, but never saved by me." Now he looked at Megamind again and pointed at him. "I'm serious now. You want her kept safe from me, you keep her safe from everything. Got me?"

Somehow it felt as if Scott was willingly giving Roxanne over to Megamind — but with the air of a father more than an ex. And now that Megamind had a sort of "green light" to continue his relationship with her (whatever it was), he wanted to prove himself capable of doing it right.

"Got you," he agreed. "And if you ever hurt her again, I will dissolve you from the inside out. Got me?"

Scott hesitated a moment, then smirked. "Got you, Blue."

"And stop calling me that," Megamind retorted.

"You have any other name?"

". . .No," Megamind admitted with difficulty.

"Then 'Blue' it is." Scott tossed one more glance around, even glancing at the brainbots, before heading to the exit shaft. He paused beneath it. "Did you guys really steal this submarine?" he checked.

"Yes," Megamind answered without shame.

Roxanne tossed him an annoyed look, proving that she still didn't agree with it.

Scott just shook his head. "I'll talk to my dad. See if I can get this smoothed over."

"Wait, what?" Roxanne said, taking a step closer to the hero. "You mean you'd get this theft from the US Navy. . .removed?"

"Smoothed over," he corrected. "My dad only has so much influence. . .but he does know a lot of incredible lawyers. They could make the case that this was an act of desperation. . .from me. I can't imagine they'd let either of you off the hook, but considering the situation, they might go easy on you."

For a moment, nobody moved nor spoke. Scott took the chance to zip out of the hatch and was gone. Then Roxanne looked over at Megamind, and slowly, the two of them smiled. Minion gave an incredulous laugh, which set off all three of them.

In one look, Megamind could see that the crushing weight that had been suffocating Roxanne was gone. By turns, that meant his own burden was relieved. For the next hour or so, the three of them cheered and laughed and were absolutely ecstatic at the turn of events. When he'd kidnapped Roxanne this time, when he'd stolen the submarine and began brainstorming ways to get rid of Scott for eternity, he'd never expected that with one stubborn talk, Roxanne would have been able to make the beast see reason.

The talk itself had its own effects on Megamind. If the hero could turn into a villain for even one person, if the villain could be a hero to that same person. . . Fate wasn't what made them who they were. Chance was. Chance — and one lovely woman who, at one time, had thought she knew everything. Now that she had admitted her mistake, Megamind's memory kept replaying all of the significant incidents that had made him who he was.

He began seeing that every choice he'd made had at least one other option. One violent, one complacent. One destructive, one reparative. One harsh, one forgiving.

If he could go back and change his decisions. . . Well, he supposed he wouldn't. His lesson had been learned, and it had taken the greater portion of twenty years to reach it. Maybe it had its problems, its hiccups and its harsh realities, but he wouldn't go back and change it.

. . .Well, he might. If it meant saving Roxanne from all her pain. That was worth it, wasn't it? But, as he watched her, he realized how selfish he was. He couldn't give up the way she smiled at him now, with how free her blue eyes looked. As he hugged her and laughed with her and listened to her happy words about how it was over, he knew that even if he found a way to turn back time, he wouldn't do it.

Though it shamed him, he comforted himself with the knowledge that she'd be against it anyway. She would tell him some great logical piece about how living in the past was silly and how you should only look to the future. Because she was great with words, better than he could ever hope to be. And he loved her for everything she was, everything she's always been. Changing the past would mean changing her, and that was something he couldn't allow.

How ironic that he had an entire debate between the two of them in his own head, and it was her logic that had won out in the end. She had quite the effect on him, it seemed.

Now all they had to do was get back to Metrosity and. . .get arrested again.

The ultimate conclusion was so predictable that he couldn't help but laugh even louder.

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