Dear Readers,

I have two problems at present which are devastating my will to continue this fic. The first is the lack of motivation to do so; I have run out of inspiration, on top of which my interest in Megamind itself has dwindled down into something not really worth calling "interest" anymore.

As if this weren't bad enough, I have a new computer, and this new computer has Windows 8 installed. You might not see this as a problem, so let me explain.

It came standard with just about every Windows program available, HOWEVER, it did not come with access to them. If I want to use MS Word, for instance, I need to buy it, which is priced ridiculously high at $109, which just feels like more Microsoft bullshit (Google: XboxOne). Buying it consists of buying the access code and nothing more, then using it. Basically I have to unlock any programs that I want to use.

I used to have a disc with Word 95 on it, and I would install this whenever I got a laptop/computer without it, but it has since vanished. The reason why this sets me back so hard is because every time I feel I want to write something, I'm held back because the previous program I used it for isn't there so I can't even open it properly. If you've ever tried to open an MS Word file with WordPad, you know what I'm talking about.

I would write using Fanfic's handy dandy Document program, but I don't know when I'll next actually work on it or if I'll finish it in one go (highly unlikely) and those documents have an expiration date. In fact this seems like my best option.

Right now (for those of you who might care), my interest is actually in Norse Mythology. On Gaia Online, I've engaged in RPs with a few others, and I have three profiles controlling a total of nine characters. It's gotten a little out of control like that, but it's quite fun. (We were previously RPing on Facebook, where you can have literally hundreds of pages linked with a single profile, but one of us kept getting her pages and profiles deleted for no known reason, so we switched.)

I do plan on still completing this fic and my others, but given I don't have access to my previous files, I'm a bit depressed. (One of the files I'm talking about is my own original story, and it's now at eleven chapters and all on one file, so if I lose that file, it'll be particularly devastating.) I started the next chapter Bad To Be Good several times, deleted it, wrote it again. . . My muse is being elusive. I like my latest one, but as stated, I can't work on it now.

In short: Microsoft is a douchey company and you should protest this.

I'm currently seeing two options of how I might continue my fics, the first being to just use my boyfriend's computer, which has Win 7 and actually has access to MS Word, or to upload the documents as-is to Fanfic, copy the text, paste it to Wordpad and save it. Alas, Wordpad has no spellcheck, so I have to be careful and aware of any typos I might make. Still better than Notepad though.

If any of you are feeling particularly generous, it would also be helpful if you sent me a registration code for MS Office so I might actually use it without having to shell out a hundred bucks for it. (This is technically illegal though, so I would advise against it. . .especially in reviews.) Other than that, motivational speeches might be handy. . .

In the future, I plan to leave this notice up, and delete it when I have the next chapter ready, so I can upload the new chapter and you'll all get alerts but this note will no longer be there. Just be aware that the next time you get an alert for this fic, it will be the next chapter! This I promise.

And believe me, I feel terrible for not updating, but. . .well, things keep happening in my life that distract me completely from writing. I haven't written a full chapter for anything since the last time I updated this fic, I believe. But I won't bore you with sad details of my pitiful life. Just be assured that I do plan to finish this fic. . . . . . . .eventually. XD;