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"Ivy! Come back here!" Matt yelled, chasing his stark naked daughter through the house. Ivy, now two, loved baths. However, she seemed to have a grudge against them today. Ivy had water dripping from her and 85% of her body was covered in bubbles. Her usually dark brown, wavy hair that reached her shoulders was pinned to her back in straight, black, strands. Her brown eyes were wide with the possibility of getting her dad into trouble. The water was making the floor slippery and Matt had to stretch his hands out every time he had to change direction. He slipped more than once, sliding on the floor and banging into something.

The door to Matt's flat opens and Emily steps in. she has just enough time to put her shopping down before Ivy launches herself and her mother. "Mummy!"

"Hey sweetheart." Emily smiled, kissing Ivy's cheek. "Don't you want a bath?" Ivy shook her head. "Well, I certainly need one." Emily transferred her daughter to one hip, while fishing in a shopping back with her spare hand. She drew out a large, yellow, rubber duck and Ivy squealed, reaching for it. "Ah ah ah! Not unless you get back in the bath."

"But its gone be cold!" Ivy pouted.

"'Going to be' darling. You're bath hasn't 'gone' anywhere. And it's your own fault isn't it." Ivy muttered something that Emily took as a yes. She handed her daughter the duck and set her down on the floor, watching as she skidded back to the bathroom. Matt had watched the whole scene from the sidelines, always amazed at how Emily could get Ivy to do anything. "A mother's touch." Emily told him smirking.

"Oh. So that's why you're soaked." Emily glanced down at her know dripping wet cardigan and grinned at Matt.

"I don't see you wet. Did you even get her near the bath water?"

"Yes! Hence why your wet!" Matt flicked her nose playfully. Emily's nose crinkled as Matt spattered her face with water. "My hands aren't dry though." he grinned at her and she stepped back, her back hitting the edge of the counter. Matt stepped closer, closing the gap. "Come, now. Anyone might think you were scared of me."

"What on Earth would give you that idea?" she smiled playfully.

"I would have no idea." Matt grinned in response, closing the gap completely and kissing her. Emily smiled against his lips, winding her arms around his neck.

They jumped apart when there was the sound of something heavy hitting the bathroom floor and Ivy's guilty 'oops' following closely behind. Emily and Matt rushed into the bathroom to find Ivy sat in the bath, the bubble bath bottle laying on the floor. The lid had rolled its way behind the toilet and the bottle was oozing its purple content all over the floor. "Me in trouble?" Ivy asked, sinking below the edge of the bath.

"Yes, Ivy. Yes you are." Emily sighed, not bothering to correct her daughter's poor language. "Out of the bath." she added in a firmer tone and Ivy scrambled out of the bath. Emily wrapped her daughter a towel as Matt stared to clean the floor. "Come on. Before I loose my temper."

"Sorry." Ivy muttered, creeping out of the bathroom and towards her room. Emily opened the door and her bare foot came into contact with a plastic dinosaur.

"God damn it, Ivy!" Emily's temper snapped and her famous 'dark side', as Connor had labelled it, cam out. "Get dressed and pick up your toys!"

"Why?" Ivy gazed up at her mother in wonder.

"Because I said so!" Emily screamed, close to hysterics. "And you do as I say because I am your mother!" Emily backed out of the room, slamming the door.

She stormed across the flat to her and Matt's bedroom, slamming the door and flopping onto the bed so her legs dangled over the edge. She pressed her hands into her eyes, trying to ignore the rumble of Matt's voice. She heard Ivy's door close softly and the sound of Mat's footsteps approach their bedroom door. "Emily?" Matt asked outside their door. Emily didn't reply. Matt pushed open the door, stepping into the room and closing it softly behind him. He crossed the room and Emily felt the bed move as Matt sat down on it.

His hands wrapped themselves around her arms, pulling Emily up to lay her head in Matt's lap. "I just don't know what to do." Emily sighed, keeping her eyes closed. "She just wont listen to me. She'll listen to you, but she question's everything that I say. She's not meant to be like this yet."

"I know. But she loves and trusts you. You're her mother and she respects that."

"Matt, she'd two." Emily pointed out, sitting up.

"I know, but I guess she'd like her mother in that way." Matt smiled. He kissed Emily's forehead as his mobile rang. "Hello? Okay, how long. Thanks, Jess. We'll meet him there. Okay, bye." Matt pushed him self from the bed. "There's an anomaly at a shop, Jess has called the sitter." Emily nodded.

Jayne Gregory was their baby sitter when they had to rush out. She never asked question's, just turned up. There was a knocking at the front door and Emily guessed it was here. "I'll go tell Ivy then." Emily sighed as Matt left to answer the door. "Ivy? Jayne's here." Emily stuck her head round her daughter's bedroom door. The floor was now free of plastic animals and Ivy was dressed.

"Okay." Ivy smiled, running past Emily. She stopped, turning round. "Sorry, mummy." she looked down at the floor, then up at Emily, opening her arms. Emily smiled and picked her up, kissing her cheek.

"I know sweetheart, so am I." Emily headed over to the kitchen where Jayne was making a cup of tea. "She's had her bath this morning so just give her the Spongebob Square Pants box set and she'll be fine."

"Okay, have fun." Jayne smiled, leading Ivy over to the sofa.

Emily nodded, grabbing Matt's hand. The two ran from the flat and into the car. "How far to the shop?"

"Five minute drive."

"Oh, you can guarantee that it's going to be Matalan." Emily sighed, checking the co-ordinates. "Yup."

Matt laughed. "Hm, at least you'll know your way around!" Emily gave him a playful shove, causing him to swerve slightly.

"Keep your mouth shut and we may get there in one piece!"

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