Okay, this chapter contains spoilers for series 5 episode 1.

"How did you manage to loose Ethan?" Emily asked, once they were on the road.

"He clubbed me and when I woke up he'd gone." Danny shrugged, turning his attention on Ivy. "She's adorable."

"Thank you." Ivy giggled.

"And can already talk." Danny grinned. "You jealous Abby?"

"Nope. Got my own on the way." Abby grinned back. "So's Jess."

"Congrats! Is there something in the water though?" Danny frowned. "Or rather, something in the males?"

"Danny!" Abby grinned. "You're in the presence of a toddler!"

"Aw, she doesn't know what I mean, do you?" Danny asked Ivy, who had her thumb in her mouth and was gazing out the window. On Emily's instructions, Matt gently prised the toddlers thumb out of her mouth. The remainder of the journey back was spent in silence once Abby had debriefed Danny on the Burton situation. When they arrived at the ARC, none of them were surprised to see Lester waiting for them.

"If you keep wandering off," he drawled. "then I'm going to have to invest in some child reigns. Ivy's easier to track than you."

"It's nice to see you too guv." Danny grinned, following Lester into the ARC. "What's happened since I left?"

"Diictodons in a shopping centre, Burton turning Anderson against his family, oh, and Helen turned up."

"Helen? I thought she was dead!" Danny protested, the frown line on his forehead increasing.

"A different end of the time line perhaps." Lester shrugged. "You lost Ethan?"

"Patrick clubbed me and got away. I'll find him though." Danny corrected Lester who rolled his eyes when he thought no one was looking. "Go and find Miss Parker and I'm sure she'll fill you in on the details. You can take Miss Anderson with you. Are you needed back at the anomaly?" Lester turned to Emily who nodded. "Very well. Get Abby to take you back. And stay out of trouble!" he added as the girls headed back towards the garage.

"He really is untrusting." Emily mused, climbing back into the vehicle.

"You should see him when a new member of staff starts. What with Leek, Christine Johnson, Helen Cutter and Philip Burton, he's going to be interrogating them until they plead for mercy!"


"You left Ivy with Danny?" the words seemed to amuse Connor.

"Why?" Emily asked, frowning.

"Well..." Connor trailed off as Abby his his arm.

"Ignore him." she mouthed. " wonder what will happen now then. We've got two team leaders, two clowns and three blokes set on ordering us about."

"Three?" this time it was Connor's turn to look confused.

"You don't count." Abby smiled, kissing Connor's cheek. "What happens then?"

"I think Danny will want to stand back for a little while." Becker suggested. "Or he'll want to throw himself back into the team." whilst the three were arguing about Danny, Emily pulled Matt aside.

"When do you think this apocalypse will happen?" Emily whispered quietly to Matt.

"I don't know, but I need to get back on track quickly. I'm apologising in advance for hurting you."

"Again. Apologising for hurting me again." Matt smiled at Emily practically repeating his words.

"Yeah. Again." Matt took Emily's hand as the trio opposite them finished their heated discussion. "I think we can leave this anomaly open." Matt decided, returning to face the group.

Good thing too. Jess' voice rippled down their coms. We have an incursion but no sign of an anomaly.

"Send us the coordinates Jess." Becker ordered, already moving from the museum. Connor, Abby, Matt and Emily followed, the guards remaining.

Sending them now. And hurry. There's been a fatality.


"This is one big hole." Connor muttered, staring at the hole in the pavement infront of him. Matt nodded in agreement before sliding down the ladder into the pit, Becker and Abby following. "I'll stay up here!" Connor called down to the others, clamping his mouth shut as Matt gestured for him to be quiet.

"Something's in here." Matt whispered. "Nobody make a sound." the trio creeped forwards, staying in the eyesight of Connor and Emily and in the light. There was a rumbling from infront of Matt and something moved in the shadows. Matt didn't have time to get out a warning as a giant bug charged at him. "Get back!" Matt ordered as a hail of EMD pulses rained down on the creature. It didn't seem phased, but the blasts appeared to make it uncomfortable as it retreated back into the tunnel. "Get up!" Matt ordered and they scrambled up the ladder. Once they were up they doubled over, panting at their sudden exercise. "We're going to need proper guns."

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