Chapter 30: The Seventh Year, Part Three

"What do you plan to do after graduating, Harry?" Dudley asked out of curiosity.

"I'm thinking about applying for the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Dudley." Harry answered. "That way I'll have a chance to see Scrimegour's face when he has me so close and yet so far."

"Good one, cousin." Dudley replied. "I'm thinking about following a career on Magical Law Enforcement."

"Why? Is Hermione thinking among the same lines?" Harry maliciously asked.

"Well, she did suggest this." Dudley conceded.

"I knew it!"

Meanwhile, at Hogwarts, the Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw Quidditch game was about to begin. Former Gryffindor Beaters Fred and George Weasley showed up for a pep talk to their youngest siblings Ron and Ginny. "Ronniekins, remember: this is your last Quidditch game before graduating Hogwarts." Fred said.

"Provided he graduates this year, brother of mine." George teased. "Maybe he'll take another year just to have another chance to be noticed by a professional team."

"Leave him alone." Ginny demanded. "He's already decided to apply for a position in the Chudley Cannons."

"Well, at least he knows no professional team will ever want him. Right, Gred?"

"Right, Forge."

"Hey!" Ron protested. "The Cannons are a professional team."

"Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best." Fred said, mocking the Chudley Cannon's current motto.

"Remember, Gin." George said. "Professor Slughorn might be a slimy git as it should be expected from a Slytherin, but he's on friendly terms with the Hollyhead Harpies. He can get you to join them. And perhaps could talk some of them into dating the two of us."

Meanwhile, the Slytherins were deciding who they should root for. "May we sing the original lyrics of 'Weasley is Out King'?" Asked Draco Malfoy.

"Are you kidding, Malfoy?" The Slytherin boy Prefect angrily replied. "With the current scoring, we'll have more chances of winning the Quidditch Cup if Gryffindor beats Ravenclaw."

"Welcome to another Hogwarts Quidditch game!" Zacharias Smith announced. "This time, it's Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. The Ravenclaws had better win so it'll be harder for those slimy Slytherins to win."


Back at Beauxbatons, all students were preparing for the final exams. "I hope Professor Dufarge won't be so picky." Gabrielle commented.

"Why are you worried about him?" Hermione asked in reply. "It's the N.E.W.T.s we should worry about."

"Point taken, Hermione." Gabrielle said. "Do you have plans for when you graduate?"

"Magical Law Enforcement." Hermione quickly answered. "I've even suggested Dudley to do the same."

"I'll probably work at the French Ministry of Magic." Gabrielle said. "When you said 'Magical Law Enforcement', did you mean the French Ministry of the British one?"

"I haven't thought about that." Hermione admitted. "I've only thinking about the British one but Dudley might prefer the French one."

A few months later, the year ended and all now former students went to face the world and look for employment. Harry did get to join the Department of International Magical Cooperation in the French Ministry of Magic. Dudley and Hermione applied for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The three of them plus Gabrielle Delacour agreed to a double wedding.

Several interesting conversations took place during the wedding ceremony. One of them was between Sirius Black and Monsieur Delacour. "Would your wife have some available sister?" Sirius asked. Knowing he should expect worse since he married a veela, Monsieur Delacour didn't get offended. Another conversation involved Harry Potter and Bill Weasley.

"Harry? Gabrielle? Remember my husband Bill?" Fleur asked.

"Oui." Gabrielle said.

"You're Ron's brother, right?" Harry asked. "Is he here?"

"Yes, he's right over there talking to Dudley and Hermione."

"Good. I want to congratulate him for his career in Quidditch." Harry explained. "Sure, it's the Cannons, but at least he's a noteworthy Keeper."

They then went to Ron's table to congratulate. "Hi, everyone."

"Hi, Harry!" They replied.

"Congratulations, man." Ron said to Harry.

"You too." Ron was confused. "Mr. Quidditch player. You're doing great for the Cannons. You caught the Quaffle every time the adversary tried to score the last game."

"Well, I do my best." Ron replied with false modesty.

The twins then interfered. "Now all they need is…"

"…a Chaser who doesn't drop the Quaffle,…"

"…a Beater that can hit a Bludger…"

"…and a Seeker who can spot the Golden Snitch…"

"…and then they might win for once."

"Well, I have until the end of the next Hogwarts school year to convince Ginny to join the Cannons instead of the Harpies." Ron replied.

"You could have the whole seven-year period and it wouldn't be enough, Ronald Weasley!" Ginny proclaimed.

Vernon and Petunia then approached the young group. Dudley couldn't help but notice the sickness look on his father's face. "What's wrong, Dad?"

It's that ruddy French food." Vernon complained. "I can put up with most of the typical stuff but I'm never going to get used to their habit of calling slugs a fine meal. I've even tried since I was trying to convince your parents-in-law to buy Grunnings drills but it's not worth it."

An owl then approached Harry with a letter. "It's from the British Ministry of Magic." He said.

"What does he want, Harry?" Petunia asked, worried about her nephew.

"It's probably another attempt to convince me to return to England." Harry answered and then pulled his wand. "Just in case." He then used some detection charms on the envelope. "Moody would be proud of him." Sirius Black, who approached Harry to know about the letter, whispered. Harry then read the letter. "Just another attempt. I hoped they'd give up by now."

"Maybe we should activate some mail wards until we return from our honeymoon, Harry." Gabrielle suggested.

One year later, Ron failed to convince Ginny to join the Chudley Cannons but his undying loyalty inspired others into joining. Against the Wimbourne Wasps, the Chudley Cannons had their first victory (160-0) ever since… well, they aren't exactly willing to get into details. Rumor said that, with a disguise, Ludovic Bagman won enough money from people who bet against the Cannons to repay the goblins.