Mayumi Higurashi was staring up at the huge school building that stood before her, she just stood there looking at her shoes. She knew she would get in trouble if she was late, so she walked into the school building. The inside of the school was huge, and she heard nothing but the chatters of students talking and giggling.

The school went to pre-k all the way to the 12th grade.

Right now Mayumi was in the high school building and it was one of the largest building out of all three school buildings.

Mayumi looked for her locker which was encoded "2534" but that had to be on the second floor, so as she thought about her locker she wasn't looking where she was going and bumped into one of the younger students, the girl looked as if she was in the 7th grade. What was she doing in the high school building?

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry.'' Said the younger student, she wore the middle school uniforms which was an orange dress with a blue tie, and she also wore black knee socks with white sneakers.

"No, don't even worry about it. What are you doing in the high school building anyway?'' Mayumi asked as she put a hand on her hip while the other hand was holding her backpack.

"This is the high school building? I thought it was the middle school building.'' The girl tried to pretend as if she didn't know which building she was in.

"The middle school entrance says "Yoshidayama Middle school.'' written big as ever. How the hell did you mix it up with "Yoshidayama High school?'' Mayumi asked with a stern tone in her voice.

"Um…I wasn't paying attention?'' Mayumi didn't buy it; she just simply raised her eye brow and folded her arms.

"Ok you caught me, I'm actually trying to find my boyfriend.''

"Oh what grade is he in?''

"He's in the 9th grade'' she said, Mayumi nearly choked on her own spit.

"What the hell? How old are you and how old is he?'' The middle school girl put a hand to her chin while the other hand rested under her elbow.

"Kaito is 15 and I'm 12.'' Mayumi eyes widened in horror.

''That's disgusting….he's old enough to be your big brother.''

"But I love Kaito!'' the girl squealed.

'Gosh her voice is annoying,' Mayumi thought as she ran a hand through her hair moving her bangs out the way.

"Ok ok. I think you might wanna ask someone else for help because I'm still new to this school.''

"Oh so your Mayumi?'' the girl asked as she stared deeply into Mayumi's eyes.

"Yes, how did you know?''

"Everybody has been talking about the new student, they would always predict on how you would look.''

"I see. Well that's normal I guess.'' Mayumi looked at the watch on her wrist and gasped a bit.

"Listen I gotta go, can you show me where locker 2534 is?'' Mayumi soon regretted asking

'Nice Mayumi, this girl can't even find her boyfriend so how the hell is she going to help me find my locker?'

"Oh it's up on the second floor to the right, once you get to the "25's'' list you'll find it eventually.''

"Ok thank you, hey if I find this "Kaito" Person, I'll be sure to let him know you were looking for him.''

"Thankies, my name is Naomi Kisaragi.''

Mayumi soon ran to the second floor and looked to her right as instructed. Then she finally found her locker and it looked as if someone had already put their books on the top shelf.

Mayumi sighed as she soon found out she had to share a locker with one of the students.

'Great who's the asshole imma share a locker with?' Almost as if it was planned out, a female student came up behind her. The female had shoulder length hot pink hair and she was very attractive. She was holding a couple of books in her hands and she looked at Mayumi timidly.

"Um hello, are you my locker –mate?'' She asked kindly. Mayumi soon sat up and was a bit shorter than the other female.

"I guess I am, my name is Mayumi Higurashi. It's nice to meet you, whoever you are.'' Mayumi asked with a smile and held her hand out. The other female took Mayumi's hand and shook and smiled warmly as well.

"My name is Rika Kitsunami and it's a pleasure to meet you as well.'' Rika finally let go of Mayumi's hand and went back to holding her stack of books.

"Do you need help or were you just about to put your books in the locker?''

'Nice question dumbass.'

"I was about to put my books in the locker. You must have the same schedule as me since you're my locker-mate.''

"You never know, can I see your schedule list?''

"Sure.'' Rika gave Mayumi the schedule and Mayumi looked at her own while checking out Rika's schedule.

"Yep, our schedule is the same, well I guess you can be my partner for every class now, huh?'' Rika giggled and nodded. The bell soon rang and they hurried to their first class, Math.

One of the classes Mayumi loathed ever since she was a child.

They both went in and stood in line with the other students, it looks like it was time to take their seat attendance by pulling numbers out of a box.

Mayumi didn't really care who she was sitting next to, in front of, or behind of. Since she was still new to the school so who would really try to pick a bone with her anyway?

After several students got their numbers It was Mayumi's turn, she put her hand in the box and pulled out a piece of paper with the number "6" on it, she threw the piece of paper in the garbage and sat down in seat number "6". The person who was in front of her was Rika, fortunally. But the other students she was sitting by didn't really matter to her.

She looked up at the board and say "Mr. Kagami." written on the board.

"All right, I'm your new math class Mr. Kagami, so I have a few rules. Number 1. No gum chewing, if I catch you chewing gum, detention. Rule number 2. No talking. If you dare speak a word I will shove my pencil down your throat. Number 3. No talking back to me, if you do, then I'll shove a ruler down your throat. Are we clear?'' all the students said "yes sir" and he got started with the lesson.

Oh the irony for Mayumi since she didn't understand a single word the man was saying, then again she wasn't even paying attention. She figured since Rika looked like the smart type she would understand the lesson. She was too busy focusing how attractive a student was.

He looked about 5'4 and he had short sky blue hair. His eyes were emerald green.

He looked like the smart type but not the nerdy type as well.

The class was finally over and the male was the first to leave the classroom, he looked as if he wasn't very comfortable being there. Then again it was school so nobody was really comfortable.

Mayumi soon gathered her books and head to her next class which was science, Mayumi never had a problem with science. Lucky for her the pretty blue haired boy was also there.

After school, Mayumi went straight home. She ignored her mother's greetings and went straight into her room to change clothes. She took off her high school uniform and replaced it with a black and pink long sleeved shirt, a blue jean skirt and some black stockings.

She went to her living room and opened the door and left her house, she called her friend, Miharu to come pick her up. Miharu was the same age as her and he was an emo boy, but Mayumi didn't really care what kind of style he had. While sitting on a chair on her porch for a couple of minutes. Miharu finally arrived with a friend. Who was his friend?

Miharu walked up to Mayumi and gave her the formal greeting as usual.

"Who's that guy in your car?''

"Oh that's just a friend.''

"I know that but who is he?''

Miharu sighed and looked into his car staring at the guy,

"That's my boyfriend.'' Miharu finally answered.

"Then why did you say that was just a friend?'' Mayumi put both of her hands on her hips and waited for an answer. Silence was in the air until they heard the car door open and close. Mayumi got a closer look at the male; he was wearing a black shirt that had a shovel on it and there were annotations on the shovel, it said "Girls dig me", the shirt had black and white stripped long sleeves, and he was wearing black jeans and black boots. He didn't look the gay type he looked more like the bisexual type instead.

"Is everything ok?'' the male asked the two of them, Miharu just walked past the male and got back into the car, leaving Mayumi and the male dumb founded.

"What's his problem?'' Mayumi asked Miharu's boyfriend with a sad look on her face.

"He's still nervous to tell people about us, you know how there's homophobes who'll judge anybody with every chance they get.'' Mayumi looked hurt, Miharu would always tell her things and she would never judge him, she didn't care about his sexual orientation, she didn't care about his style. All she cared about was her friend himself. Miharu knew Mayumi was bisexual and it didn't bother him.

"I see, well to be honest I really don't care if your gay, straight or bisexual. And Miharu knows this.''

"You don't care?'' Miharu's boyfriend looked a bit shocked, like he just saw a ghost or something.

"Not at all, when Miharu told me that he was emo, I didn't care. So why would he think I would act all rude towards him if he was gay?''

"Because that's how everybody treats him.''

"His parents, classmates….everybody. It's like he can't even express himself true fully without people picking on him.'' The male walked back to the car and sat in the passenger's seat while Mayumi got in the back seat staring down at her finger nails, they were painted blue but the nail polish was starting to fade. Mayumi didn't speak the whole time while she was in the car neither did the Miharu.

Miharu's boyfriend on the other hand was trying to start a conversation with Miharu but Miharu continued ignoring him.

What was his name anyways? Mayumi thought as she continued staring at her nails.

When they arrived at the mall Mayumi finally spoke up and said "What's your name anyways?''

The male looked at her and smiled.

"Daisuke Hana.'' He said as he looked into Mayumi's eyes. His eyes were sea blue but her eyes were just plain old brown. They stopped staring at each other when Miharu spoke up and said

"Are you guys coming?'' His voice sounded irritated as if he didn't want to be in public at all. Mayumi and Daisuke followed Miharu into the mall and the first place they stopped at a shoe store called Orange Crate. They entered the store and Mayumi just sat on a bench and waited for the two males to get done shopping for shoes, Mayumi didn't really want anything in the mall, she just wanted to get out of the house away from her mother.
The two males were finally done with their shopping and all three of them headed out to the food court.

Once again, Mayumi didn't want anything she just wanted something to drink. So she sat down at a table and drank some soda.

She then spotted a male with long silver hair; he looked as if he was about 16 or 17 years old.

Mayumi couldn't get a better description of the male since he was running out of the food court.

Maybe he was in a rush, but who cared she was never going to see him anymore.

Miharu and Daisuke finally got their meals and sat at the same table Mayumi sat in.

"Ok Miharu, this has to stop. What's wrong with you today?'' Mayumi asked as she crossed her arms and legs. Miharu didn't look at her but only at his food.

"What do you mean what's wrong with me? I'm fine.'' He answered quietly.

"No you're not, you're so quiet and your usually talk active. Whenever you talk you sound irritated and you look irritated anyways.''

"I'm fine ok, just shut the hell up and leave me alone!" Miharu practically shouted causing a scene which made a lot of heads turn their direction. But it didn't really faze Mayumi at all when he shouted at her, it just made a little girl jump and shriek a bit.

"If your fine, why are you so defensive?'' This time Daisuke spoke up to his boyfriend, he sounded a bit hurt to.

"I'm not defensive; I'm just having a bad day today is all. Ok?'' Miharu looked into Mayumi's eyes and a single tear fell onto his right cheek.


"You don't know how it feels to have a father beat the hell out of you because your emo and gay, you don't know what it is like Mayumi. And you never will, so don't try to worm your way into my life like you know a thing about me.'' Miharu got up and left the food court, Mayumi knew what Miharu was going through, except not physical abuse.

"I'm so sorry for Miharu's behavior but he has a point, you don't know what it's like to be rejected by everybody in your life.''

"Yea I do. My father died when I was a little kid and my mother verbal abuses me. When I told my mother I was bisexual she didn't take it very well and pushed me down the stairs. I didn't go to the hospital because there was no point, and I healed up a couple days later. My mother is still trying to adjust to my orientation.''

"I see, I'm sorry to suddenly accuse you of something.''

"Don't worry about it ok? Let's just go find Miharu and go home.''

After 2 hours in the mall they found out Miharu was in his car waiting for the two of them.

They both opened the door and got in the car and the rest of the trip nobody said anything at all.