New story. I don't think it'll be that long, only time will tell. I'm gonna try to write this in Kendall's P.O.V. The P. might change around a little bit. It's about Kendall, Jo, and Jett Stetson. Jo haters you're really gonna like this story, Jo likers probably not so much unless you like Kendall angst.

"Jo and I have been going out for a year. I want surprise her with the best anniversary date ever. Can you help me?" I said to James. He was an expert at doing all the romantic stuff. He pondered for a second "Hmmm" he said "Maybe a romantic dinner, or a picnic in the PalmWoods Park. And get her a really nice necklace or earrings." James said. "Maybe Carlos, Logan, and I could go to make things more romantic. Yes! THAT'S IT! I'll set up a picnic in the park Logan can play his violin and me and Carlos can just help in some way"

"THAT'S PERFECT!" I shouted "but I thought Logan hated to play his violin." His parents forced him to play an instrument, one with culture; he was really good at playing though.

"He won't mind, it's for you and Jo." James said. I shrugged "Okay. Can you help me get her a gift too?"

"Yeah how much cash do you have?"

"Like 80 bucks I think"

James's face fell "Oh. I don't think that'll be enough for a nice necklace." Then his face lit up "I have 64 something dollars. We can put that together"

"Really James?" I was a little surprised that he'd do something like that. He normally wasted his money on hair spray, and action tans.

"Yeah man," he said "I know this awesome jewelry store a few blocks away, let's get Carlos and Logan and head on out."

A/N: Ya short chapter. It's only about 300 words but the rest should be longer-ish. This was just a chapter to get started. It's slightly important.